Yorgos Kleivokiotis

CMO at Blueground
On the record

I am CMO of Blueground. Between myself and my colleagues we can provide opinion around a number of subjects that have to do with flexible living, future of living and multi-family apartment rentals across the USA, London, Paris, Vienna, Dubai, Athens and Istanbul.

Blueground offers over beautiful furnished apartments that people love to call home. With over 3,600 apartments in 14 cities around world (from Los Angeles to Dubai), Blueground is the global leader in the flexible living space and its vision is to make everyone feel like home wherever the choose to live. With Blueground all you need is to #showupandstartliving.

At Blueground I am responsible for the organization's global marketing. I work with a group of incredible marketing professionals in the areas of performance marketing, branding, content, public relations and design.