Prateek Dayal
Chief Strategy Officer at Aqilliz
Latest: Helping to solve real-world problems that are affecting an array of industries while working hand-in-hand with a world-class team, is something that I am genuinely looking forward to. The marketing...
Brad Eckhart
Partner at Columbus Consulting
Latest: The challenging part for Nike is convincing people they need to measure their feet in the first place. Most think they already know what their shoe size is.
Paul Hague
Founder & CEO at BlackDice
Latest: We have the opportunity to help operators build trust between themselves and their customers. Ensuring that networks and devices remain prepared for the increase in attack surfaces and the increase...
Peter Halprin, Esq.
Member, Reserve Panel of Arbitrators at Singapore International Arbitration Centre
Latest: The fact that these businesses are facing a double whammy is tragic. They were finally starting to reopen in New York City and get people back on their feet, and to now get hit with vandalism and t...
Kevin Lee
Trust & Safety Architect at Sift
Latest: Online businesses have come to accept customer insults as a cost of fighting fraud – but it doesn’t have to be this way. We developed Insult Monitor to meet a clear market need for a solution that ...
Nathan Capone
Senior Lawyer at Fieldfisher LLP
Latest: Given its specific purpose as a 'people reviewer. A defamed individual may find it difficult to take down any defamatory reviews. Although Peeple has made reassuring overtones that abusive users wi...
Marwan Forzley
CEO and Co-Founder at Veem
Latest: This modest dip doesn’t come as a major surprise as we are living in very volatile times with heightened uncertainty, which is bound to make some consumers cautious when it comes to spending money....
Denise Cody
COO at Cellar Angels
Latest: By investing time visiting the small vineyards in the Napa and Sonoma Valley’s, we’re able to cultivate relationships with the owners and uncover truly amazing wines to share with our customers – w...
Liz Tran
Founder & CEO at Reset
Latest: Employers need to be thoughtful when it comes to culture fit, and they are more aware of bias in a traditional interview process. Luckily, text interviews are easier than an in-person interview....
Rick Bloom
Partner at Bloom Asset Management
Latest: Well, I think it is a great time. I mean think about this, Wall Street is the store I know of that people run away from when it is on sale, usually we run to the store when it is on sale. The first...
Cyrus Shepard
SEO Strategist at MOZ
Latest: The ability to report on key metrics is fundamental and very important to almost every job in digital marketing today. Coming in with an understanding of your analytics, what keywords and pages are...
Luis Salazar
Data Privacy Attorney at Salazar Law
Latest: It’s been incredible. It’s gone from the TV to my front office door with a speed that I just never experienced.
Doug Rand
Co-founder / Former Obama Policy Director at Boundless Immigration
Latest: Before the COVID-19 pandemic upended the immigration system, and controlling for past anomalies driven by Congress, demand for U.S. citizenship this fiscal year was at its highest level in modern h...
Jody Padar
Vice President of Strategy at Botkeeper
Latest: Firms have been hearing about automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning for years, but few have paid attention to how it can impact what they do and how they serve their clients. Thi...
Andy Cease
Product Marketing Manager at Entrust Datacard
Latest: Entrust Datacard, a seller of instant card issuance hardware and software, has more than 1,000 bank and credit union clients in North America. Before the pandemic started, nearly all cards that wer...
Dr. Tonya Hansel
Program Director, Doctorate of Social Work at Tulane University
Latest: We performed similar studies after Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf (of Mexico) oil spill disaster to report needs back to state and municipal representatives. The Deepwater Horizon study [
Dr. Roni Sharon
Neurologist and Director of Headache and Facial Pain at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer
Latest: We are very proud of the two-year award granted to Elminda by the European Commission's prestigious Horizon 2020’s phase 2 Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) instrument.
Dr. Noah Kalman
Radiation Oncologist at Miami Cancer Institute
Latest: It takes HPV anywhere from five to seven years to develop into cancer. You could have contracted HPV years ago, but it may not have turned into cancer just yet.
William McKnight
President at McKnight Consulting Group
Latest: The cloud is creating the most massive change to technology careers.
David Eugene Williams
President at Health Business Group
Latest: From International Business Times: Questions Surround Russia's Ability to Deliver a Safe, Effective Coronavirus Vaccine, August 9, 2020 “It's obvious that the Russians are rushing the vaccine to...
Bernie Thompson
Founder at Plugable Technologies
Latest: We would have been fine if coronavirus hadn't happened - but with that extra delay, we won't get stock in time