Courtney Horn
Financial Advisor at Minkoff & Associates
Latest: If someone's been out of work for a while and they have discretionary income to save, another option is to build non-qualified assets. It’ll help you maximize tax efficiency later on.
Frank Schuil
Host of The Safello Show at Safello
Latest: Over the past five years we have built up expertise in all areas of running a financial technology and cryptocurrency business. New entrants struggle to deal with the complexity of running a broker...
Eric Bacon
President at AMD Global Telemedicine
Latest: Whether you’re in a rural or metropolitan community, you can’t have telehealth without fast, reliable Internet access. What if you can’t afford broadband or it’s not fast enough to support video co...
Samuel Wilson
Chief Financial Officer at 8x8
Latest: The contact center is the lifeblood of any best-in-class customer experience strategy, but many companies just don’t have the in-house capabilities to manage it properly.
Michael Holmes
Partner at Vinson & Elkins
Latest: We were just at a hearing this morning in which a judge said that he had never been busier than he had been in the past two months despite the fact that the court is not having in-person hearings.
John Lore
Executive Director at Capital Fund Law Group
Latest: Right now, there’s a blend of optimism and uncertainty on the business side. Once the regulatory questions are answered, private equity’s real work begins: picking the individual projects that will...
Vivien Chua
Chief Technology Officer at Shenton Insurance
Latest: Digital transformation in the insurance industry has been long overdue. Customers are hungry for an online platform that can help them save time and money. We created a business model that simplifi...
Miyume McKinley
Owner at Epiphany Counseling, Consulting and Treatment Services
Latest: Practicing self-love boosts self-esteem. Make a list of why you love you, and why you should love you. Once that's done, remind yourself often.
Randy Pitchford
Co-founder, President at Gearbox Software
Latest: I’m sure we’re going to do all kinds of fun customizations like heads and skins, but we’re not doing any of that free-to-play junk. There’s not going to be any microtransactions, there’s not going ...
Mike Alfred
Co-Founder & CEO at Digital Assets Data Inc.
Latest: Rolling MRI (Miner's Rolling Inventory) has declined significantly since the halving, meaning that miners are holding onto more BTC than they are mining, despite the (presumed) increased costs of t...
Chad Sichello
CEO & Founder at Dojo Technology Corp
Latest: We are pleased with how nicely this Green Wall compliments this building. The unique design blends in with the natural surroundings of the area.
Stacie Waters
President at High Peaks Plant Based Sausage
Latest: We are thrilled to launch our first plant-based sausage as the trend towards meatless diets grows. Many plant-based sausages lack flavor, and High Peaks was created to offer a satisfying, meat alte...
Arcady Lapiro
Founder and CEO at Agora Services
Latest: Agora Services is uniquely positioned in its ability to bring banks and credit unions the fintech technology they need to compete with megabanks and challenger banks rather than to revamp legacy co...
Geoff Webb
VP of Strategy at PROS
Latest: Amazon is expanding into B2B purchasing with Amazon Business, utilizing their famed efficient global distribution for broad range B2B product shipping. However, B2B businesses shouldn’t worry yet -...
Dr. Britney Blair
Founder of the largest sex therapy clinic in Northern California, The Clinic, and behavioral medicine faculty at Stanford. She also recently launched, a new app that aims to be the Calm for sexual health at
Latest: Engaging your imagination rather than relying on visual porn for example helps to build, enhance and strengthen your erotic mind. You can bring that imagination to life when you want to prime the p...
Patrick Boyaggi
CEO & Co-Founder at Own Up
Latest: If unemployment stays high, a flood of foreclosures would hit home prices. So many people are unemployed, there’s so much uncertainty. Yet it feels like there’s so much optimism, especially in the ...
Denise M. Visconti
Employment Attorney and Shareholder at Littler Mendelson
Latest: Minimum wage hits a company’s bottom line. At the core, wages are going up, and you need to make sure you pay people correctly.
Jared Zola
Partner at Blank Rome LLP
Latest: What we've seen is the tip of the iceberg. People who were reluctant [to file a complaint] now feel like they have a voice to be heard. They are coming out of the shadows. That's why we'll see more.
Latest: As a branding coach, I care about my students and their success. Because I care about them, I ask myself what I can do to make sure their message reaches their core customer. But, the significant p...
Brian Labus
Epidemiologist, Infectious Disease Expert and Public Health Professor at UNLV School of Public Health
Latest: Every time somebody wears a mask, that is an opportunity to stop disease transmission. So the more people that do it, the better off we're going to be.
Craig Brandon
Co-Director of Municipal Investments at Eaton Vance
Latest: It comes from confidence that people have gained in the insurers after the defaults in January and July. The insurance companies made good on their policies.
Sovan Bin
Founder & CEO at Odaseva
Latest: Data integrity and availability for cloud mission-critical applications must be protected by both Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service.
Harlen Wheatley
Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace Distillery
Latest: Our focus has always been on making quality spirits, so this honor motivates us to continue the hard work and maintain the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. This is an ongoing team effort. We...
Chase Fisher
CEO and founder at Blenders Eyewear
Latest: Our thoughts are with the doctors, nurses, and medical staff coping with patient surge and putting themselves in harm's way for the sake of the greater good. As a community, we all have a responsib...
Ethan Beard
SVP of Xpring, Ripple's developer arm at Ripple
Latest: If sending a payment were as seamless as sending an email or text, we would all send more payments quickly and easily around the world.
Chane Steiner
CEO at Crediful
Latest: If I could go back to when I was first starting out, to offer myself one piece of advice, it would be about the importance of believing in what I sold. It’s not enough to just know the statistics—y...
Ravi Jain
Director of Risk and Derivatives at Sterling Trading Tech
Latest: The system’s design and architecture allow us to add new functionality quickly. Upcoming releases will include additional clearing firm house policy support, expanded concentration risk features an...