Pete Giorgio
U.S. Sports Practice Lead at Deloitte
Latest: “This coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for innovation,” says Pete Giorgio, a sports practice leader at the consulting firm Deloitte. “A lot of things that teams are doing right now that feel sh...
Martin Schrier
Chief Strategy Partner at Cozen O'Connor
Latest: Federal Courts in Florida are recognized for their efficient case management and scheduling, which has attracted parties involved in patent disputes seeking a speedy resolution.
Fredrik Palm
CEO at ContextVision
Latest: I am proud of the great performance by our outstanding multidisciplinary team in reaching this company milestone. Healthcare systems around the world are already under great stress due to heavy wor...
Veena Murthy
Principal at Crowe LLP
Latest: Changing the definition of employee would have opened a can of worms. To change how an employee or employer is defined would have been extremely disruptive for purposes far beyond Section 4960, and...
Mark Connely
Financial Advisor at Wealth Design Group
Latest: The pandemic has highlighted that you need to have a plan in place before market volatility arrives. When you change after the fact, that is the most dangerous strategy you could ever do. Once you ...
Daniele Busca
Creative Director at Scavolini USA
Latest: The most important and budget-friendly way to revamp your space is to get rid of unused or overused objects.
Hugh Tallents
Senior Partner at cg42
Latest: It’s much easier for major players to copy Lemonade’s technology than it is for Lemonade to build a strong distribution network and generate brand awareness. This is where Lemonade is going to stru...
Denise Graziano
CEO at Graziano Associates
Latest: If your employees and/or your customers are not hearing you, it may be time to listen better.
Kevin Fanning
Talent Acquisition Manager at Notarize
Latest: Candidates who can run video meetings without technical difficulty immediately set themselves apart. The candidates we've hired in the past few weeks were great on video. They were very prepared, e...
Clem Chambers
Chief Executive Officer at ADVFN
Latest: The “ultimate depression,” is on the way and I’m coining that phrase here and now. As such we can look no further than the midterm. In the midterm Ethereum is looking incredibly exciting. I’m buying.
Layla Yarjani
Founder and Co-Chair Unicef NEXTGen Europe at Unicef's Next Generation London
Latest: The world cares about what is happening in Syria and the most important thing is creating meaningful and valuable ways for people to contribute. This can manifest in many different shapes and sizes...
Dr. Bryan Bruno
Medical Director at Mid City TMS
Latest: Staying inside your house all the time can lead to feelings of depression and loneliness, so I recommend making time to go for a walk or to socialize with friends and family. If your partner tr...
Bill Callahan
Investment Strategist at Schroders
Latest: What we are looking for is the turning point where the more cyclical companies start to outperform. So when we see light at the end of the tunnel, you will start to see industrial, financials, mayb...
Adam Mahfouda
CEO at Oxford Property Group
Latest: It's not typically easy to just break a lease. Landlords usually require tenants to pay penalties or find a replacement tenant. You can be responsible for paying the full rent for the lease term in...
Greg Kefer
Chief Marketing Officer at LifeLink
Latest: There was a disruption taking place before covid. That was more about the industry trying to pivot to be more consumer centric. This is why the notion of patient engagement was talked about in a lo...
Alessio Lorusso
Founder and CEO at Roboze
Latest: Roboze 3D Parts is a key component of our vision to help manufacturers reduce their supply chain costs and time through digitalization of their inventory.
Atta Tarki
CEO & Managing Director at ECA
Latest: Private Equity investors have close to $1 trillion in dry powder. A number of these investors are telling us that they will be using those funds over the next few months to capitalize existing port...
Lucas Haldeman
Founder & CEO at SmartRent
Latest: We are honored to be included on this list of leading workplaces in Arizona. I'd like to personally thank our Arizona employees for their role in this prestigious designation. Their experiences and...
John Sears
Head of Fleet Data Science and Analytics at KeepTruckin
Latest: Since the ELD mandate went into effect, every truck now has this device in it with the ability to do compliance, but also can lead you into more safety monitoring, and can be used to help drive fle...
Swarun Kumar
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering
Latest: Ossia has received Federal Communications Commission approval to use the 2.4 GHz frequency. The downside of that approach is that it lacks the range and directionality of higher frequencies. On the...
Keith Trnka
Director of Data Science at 98point6
Latest: While we’re on the subject of technology, get there early and double-check the projector/TV. If you fumble with the connectors and setup, the audience may start talking amongst themselves and it ca...
Jeff Taylor
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Digital Risk
Latest: Today’s challenge for lenders is to harness technology to make the process safer, more convenient and faster without losing sight of the need for human touch. While they trust smartphone apps to fi...
Jared Leonard
Investment Specialist - International Equity at Hartford Funds
Latest: If you’re looking for outsized returns, leave it to people who have a research edge in emerging markets. Institutional investment strategies with local ‘boots on the ground’ analysts or sophisticat...
Andrew Alfano
CEO of Retro Fitness at Retro Fitness
Latest: Going outside, for us it was natural. We just said to everybody, ‘We’re just going to put everything on hold'. It’s been very well received. I think people are grateful to do what they’ve been allo...
David Maman
CEO and Founder of at
Latest: We are proud of the continuous proof of trust that our previous and current investors are offering us. We are poised more than ever to fulfill our vision and mission as we look forward to releasing...
Dr. Alan Fyall
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Visit Orlando Endowed Chair of Tourism Marketing; Professor at University of Central Florida
Latest: Social distancing is a new term in our culture, and we can expect hotels to support the concept of social distancing by altering the gathering spots on their properties. Expect redesign of queuing ...