Daniel Ives
Managing Director, Equity Research at Wedbush Securities
Latest: Cloud security may be the next major growth phase of the phase of the cloud business. In addition to a ramp in cloud security spending in the next tow to five years, I expect larger cloud players ...
Fiona Cincotta
Financial Market Analyst at Self-employed
Latest: EUR/GBP Corrects Lower After Hitting 10 year High EUR/GBP is moving lower after striking a decade high overnight. The euro is under pressure on Monday as Italian politics and concerns over th...
Mark Mahaney
Managing Director at RBC Capital
Latest: By our estimate, AMZN already accounts for roughly 20% of U.S. online retail sales, but the company's strong mobile positioning and infrastructure advantages facilitating next-day and SDD (Same-Day...
Helima Croft
Managing Director at RBC Investor & Treasury Services
Latest: To the degree to which the goal of the IPO was seen as providing more funding for the Public Investment Fund ... if you can do this with a bond offering, the question is do you need an IPO?
Karen Harding
Partner, Private Wealth Practice Group at NEPC
Latest: Where it tends to work out better than not is at the top tier. They’re going to spend a lot of money for the upkeep and maintenance.
Gary Beasley
CEO at Roofstock
Latest: The rent on a $1 million house isn’t 10 times the rent on a $100,000 house. Your yield tends to go down as the price goes up. Typically, the less expensive the home, the higher yield you can generate.
Gregor Watson
Co-Founder & Chairman at Roofstock
Latest: Given the levels of the stock market and recent volatility, SFR investments may provide some protection in the event of a down market, as rental homes have historically enjoyed rental demand even t...
Marguerita Cheng
Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth
Latest: If you have some extra capital, you have a long-time horizon and it’s consistent with your investment objective, this may be something that you may want to consider.
Ric Edelman
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Edelman Financial Services
Latest: It's inevitable that one of these big companies will enter the space in the next five years. There's too much money there. And as soon as one of them does, they all do.
Craig Erlam
Senior Market Analyst at OANDA
Latest: An extension looks the most likely outcome, with 90 days just not enough time to reach a comprehensive deal. Trump has indicated that he could support an extension despite claiming to like tariffs ...
Eric Souza
Senior Portfolio Manager at SVB Asset Management
Latest: The focus should be on the core inflationary readings, and they’re around the central bank’s 2% target. There is potential for it to grind higher. But for now, the current round of data just keeps ...
Michael O’Rourke
Chief Market Strategist at JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC
Latest: It does get tricky here as this quarter plays out if companies continue to see weakness. Then, there's going to be an issue and investors will become very concerned.
Gene Munster
Managing Partner at Loup Ventures
Latest: The number of original content shows outside the U.S., growth of subs outside of the U.S. and pricing increases outside of the U.S. will dominate the Netflix conversation — and it is a big opportun...
Steven Charlton
Partner, Director of Consulting Services at NEPC
Latest: For private foundations interested in being around for a long time, alternatives are an easy conversation for them, and for their sophisticated trustees.
Michael Manning
Managing Partner at NEPC
Latest: NEPC has had to adapt its investment consulting process for family offices to consider the tax efficiency of investments and generally avoid high-turnover strategies.
Max Gokhman
Head of Asset Allocation at Pacific Life Fund Advisors
Latest: Although the direct economic consequences of a hard Brexit would be primarily borne by the U.K., asset prices will still feel the contagion from greater discord in the region. Think of it as a ripp...
Joe Mecca
Vice President, Communication & Company Spokesperson at Coastal Credit Union
Latest: People don’t want a mortgage, they want a house. They don’t want an auto loan, they want a car to get to work. They don’t want a savings account, they want a way to buy the things they want.
Daniel Gimbel
Principal, Senior Consultant at NEPC
Latest: Dan’s expertise is in all aspects of client relationship management including asset allocation analysis, development of investment policy statements, portfolio construction, manager monitoring and ...
KC Connors
Partner, Philanthropic Practice and Private Wealth Director at NEPC
Latest: Attracting and retaining the best talent the industry has to offer is an essential component of NEPC’s business model and a key driver of our business success.
Albert Periu
Co-founder & CEO at NepFin
Latest: This market represents such a significant driver of the American economy, but hasn’t seen many technological advances in a long time. With commercial banks leaving the market, mid-sized American co...
Cynthia DiBartolo, Esq.
CEO of Certified Women Owned Investment Bank, Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor at Tigress Financial Partners
Latest: WOMEN strive to USE WEALTH TO PROMOTE POSITIVE CHANGE, not only for our own families and businesses, but also in support of broader initiatives and promote corporate SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. It is ...
Jeremy Siegel
Senior Investor Strategy Advisor at WisdomTree Investments Inc
Latest: There are challenges that we face now, including rising interest rates, the midterm elections and U.S.-China trade tensions.
Lex Sokolin
Partner & Global Director, Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research
Latest: The collapse of such a player would certainly crunch pricing and liquidity, but perhaps also clean up the activity to be more reflective of real demand.
David Gyori
Chief Executive Officer at Banking Reports
Latest: Banks all over the world are working on adjusting to the new age of DIGITAL. But digital is complex. It is complex because it is driven by a new segment of clients – the Millennials; it is dominate...