Adrian Lowcock
Head of Personal Investing at Willis Owen Limited
Latest: The inclusion of dividends in the equation blows the sell in May adage out of the water. They transform what might appear at first sight to be a negative performance into a positive one.
Fiona Cincotta
Financial Market Analyst at Self-employed
Latest: EUR/GBP Corrects Lower After Hitting 10 year High EUR/GBP is moving lower after striking a decade high overnight. The euro is under pressure on Monday as Italian politics and concerns over th...
Mark Mahaney
Managing Director at RBC Capital
Latest: By our estimate, AMZN already accounts for roughly 20% of U.S. online retail sales, but the company's strong mobile positioning and infrastructure advantages facilitating next-day and SDD (Same-Day...
Lori Calvasina
Head of US Equity Strategy at RBC Capital
Latest: Despite the slippage, EPS beats are still near the high end of their historical range, and both EPS and sales beats are still tracking well above the 1Q19 reporting season.
Gary Beasley
CEO at Roofstock
Latest: The rent on a $1 million house isn’t 10 times the rent on a $100,000 house. Your yield tends to go down as the price goes up. Typically, the less expensive the home, the higher yield you can generate.
Marguerita Cheng
Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth
Latest: If you have some extra capital, you have a long-time horizon and it’s consistent with your investment objective, this may be something that you may want to consider.
Kristina Hooper
Chief Global Market Strategist at
Latest: Since the beginning, I haven’t found any compelling reason why China would want to make major concessions to the U.S.,. I always expected that either the U.S. would accept minor concessions around ...
Alex Pettee
CEO, Portfolio Manager at Hoya Capital Real Estate
Latest: The simple reality is that the U.S. has not been building enough homes over the last 10 years to keep up with population growth.
Greg McBride
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Analyst at Bankrate
Latest: Cash was the lone investment class to generate positive returns in 2018. Anytime markets are volatile, it's the money you have tucked away that helps you sleep at night.
Craig Erlam
Senior Market Analyst at OANDA
Latest: An extension looks the most likely outcome, with 90 days just not enough time to reach a comprehensive deal. Trump has indicated that he could support an extension despite claiming to like tariffs ...
Douglas Boneparth
President & Financial Advisor at Bone Fide Wealth
Latest: It's limiting to have a perfect socially responsible ETF or portfolio. Cutting out entire industries and removing portfolio diversity can hurt performance.
Lukman Otunuga
Research Analyst at ForexTime Limited
Latest: With concerns over slowing global growth on the mind of many investors, Brexit drama, China slowdown fears and many other negative themes floating in the air, gold bulls are safe.
Chris Zaccarelli
Chief Investment Officer at Independent Advisor Alliance
Latest: Any government interference within the capital markets, and changes that they want to make, investors are always a little bit cautious about, and clearly this is a change which would cause addition...
Kim Forrest
Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Bokeh Capital Partners
Latest: Happiness is a low bar. The Street would just like to see America and China continue to talk because the problems that separate the two sides are so profound, but we think as long as they’re talkin...
Gene Munster
Managing Partner at Loup Ventures
Latest: The number of original content shows outside the U.S., growth of subs outside of the U.S. and pricing increases outside of the U.S. will dominate the Netflix conversation — and it is a big opportun...
Naeem Aslam
Chief Market Analyst at ThinkMarkets
Latest: The biggest qualm is the trade war escalating and this is haunting the markets. It is arduous to find bulls in the market and it seems to me that this game is about to become uglier.
Jay Hatfield
Co-Founder, CEO & Portfolio Manager at Infrastructure Capital Advisors
Latest: The commodity market can get out of whack in low-volume times, and stocks aren't necessarily going to follow, because it's completely irrational.
David Gyori
Chief Executive Officer at Banking Reports
Latest: Banks all over the world are working on adjusting to the new age of DIGITAL. But digital is complex. It is complex because it is driven by a new segment of clients – the Millennials; it is dominate...
Jennifer McKay
Communication Manager at Aronson LLC
Latest: Passionate about connecting a team of audit, tax and consulting SMEs with reporters. Available in an instant via email or phone.
Clint Walkner
Founding Partner | Financial Advisor at Walkner Condon Financial Advisors
Latest: It is especially important to know your interest rate if you have an adjustable rate mortgage. After the fixed period of term and rate, your rate will float and you will want to know the maximum it...
Michael Hewson
Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets
Latest: It's not been a particularly good week thus far for European markets, as concerns about rising yields, and continued disagreements between the Italian government and EU authorities undermine invest...
Avi Gilburt
Founder at ElliottWaveTrader
Latest: Sometimes you have to take a step back and question the common thinking of market participants. And, when you pull back that curtain it may come as a surprise as to what you may find.
Brett Crosby
Co-Founder & COO at PeerStreet
Latest: "A lot of people want exposure to real estate without that equity-style risk, we made it accessible and some people are much more comfortable with this level of risk."
David Gewant
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Pure Portfolios
Latest: Conducting a manager search for an investment advisor can be a daunting endeavor. Trust, personality, services, investment approach, technology, fees, firm structure, potential conflict of interes...
Gene Inger
Owner at The Inger Letter
Latest: And of course, the emerging markets are still in submerging market mode outlined all year long. What’s unclear in various ways, and with varying perspectives on China’s resolve, whether or not it’s...