Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: WAYS TO MAKE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SUCCESSFUL WITH PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS - iFour Technolab, August 2020 “Break your product development into the smallest units/pieces and then only develop and lau...
Tom Porcelli
Chief U.S. Economist at RBC Capital Markets
Latest: “To be sure, we sympathize with the narrative that some economic activity could be lost for good. In other words, you don’t double up on certain services spending once the dust settles because you ...
Steve Parish
Managing Director, Co-Head of Capital Markets at ICR Capital
Latest: [Mr. Palihapitiya’s second SPAC, have both traded well above trust value since listing, opening the door for more to follow.] It’s not surprising considering the flurry of SPACs since the Social C...
Ivo Vlaev
Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School
Latest: We very much hope the rest of the country implements this revolutionary behavioural approach as soon as possible. Our study suggests that messages endorsed by a person's GP can be effective at incr...
Mitchell Gomez
Executive Director at DanceSafe
Latest: This is not a product we launched lightly, and we know how controversial it will almost certainly be. Hepatitis C is the leading cause of infectious disease related deaths in the United States, and...
Emil Davityan
CEO at Bluedot
Latest: In order to preserve their most reliable revenue source, brands are moving quickly to figure out how to adapt their mobile strategy, along with their drive-thru and pickup operations, to meet growi...
Chris Clements
VP of Solutions Architecture, Cerberus Security Officer at Cerberus Sentinel
Latest: The usual ransomware tactic by cybercriminals is to gain initial access to an organization, perform privilege escalation attacks to gain administrator access to the entire environment, find and del...
Dan Hanbury
Manager of ES R&M UK Equity Income fund at River and Mercantile
Latest: Gold has set a record high in almost every currency in the world, including sterling, during this crisis already and only the US dollar record remains to be broken. The gold price is usually quite ...
Dr. Gary Richter
Award-Winning Veterinary Health Expert with Rover at
Latest: For example, on the West coast are little plants called foxtails. The seeds can actually burrow into the skin in between their toes.
Rebecca Farrar
Archetypal Astrologer at Wild Witch of the West
Latest: I like to think of relationship timing as a tree and certain planets being fruit that become more ripe with certain transits.
Carol Faber
Partner & Co-Chair, Distressed Property Practice at Akerman Law Firm
Latest: You can’t just run in, buy distressed and make a billion dollars. You can’t just say, I can get it for X percent of what its value is, and I’m going to come in and I’m going to make a killing. You ...
Melanie Masarin
CEO & Founder at Ghia
Latest: We thought long and hard about holding the launch and waiting for the pandemic to subside, but instead used the pause to answer tough questions like: Is this a product people would benefit from rig...
Brian Swift
Web Manager at Live and Invest Overseas
Latest: Normally, I wake up around 7 and walk the dog for an hour. This morning, I went surfing instead.
Mohammad Raafi Hossain
CEO at Fasset
Latest: With climate change expected to cost the world economy US$7.9 trillion by 2050, impacting lives and communities, the need for sustainable infrastructure has never been more urgent. In addition, the...
Peter Molinari
Head of Meat & Seafood, Eataly North America at Eataly
Latest: We were very happy when we came across P.E.I. beef because they meet many of our standards. P.E.I. beef works with small, local family farms and the beef is 100 per cent traceable.
Lynne Berke
LPN at Stonybrook Medicine
Latest: "Face shields have been lauded by scores of physicians as one of the most effective ways to protect yourself. Some physicians are going as far as requesting the country to mandate them."
Nick Defenthaler
CFP®, RICP® Partner, Certified Financial Planner at Center for Financial Planning
Latest: “For folks where it’s on the bubble of whether their retirement plan is going to work, it can be worth it to work — and that doesn’t mean full time,” said Nick Defenthaler, a certified financial pl...
Brandy Baxter
Program Director at At Ease Texas
Latest: Make your principles the priority, then spend accordingly. For me, family is very important, so I’ll spend more on things for my family and less on other material possessions.
Shawn Cole
Contributor at CFO
Latest: 2019 was a boom year. However, most of the good ones (CFOs) are already taken. With 2020 shaping up to be a rush of IPOs, many CFOs are not leaving anytime soon.
Alam Najiullah
President at
Latest: Physically, we are no longer in the business of apparels. A caterpillar dies to become a butterfly. Because of greedy landowners, we are forced to shut our business, which was the first chain of me...
Ginger Frank
Founder & CEO at Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn
Latest: I put everything that I possibly had into this business, and I was willing to take the risk. If I can do this, anyone can do it. I did not start with money in my pocket. I don’t have a big bank acc...
Melissa Nieves, LND, RD, MPH
Registered Dietitian at Kemtai
Latest: Eating crunchy foods such as nuts and seeds seems to help reduce tension in the jaw and neck, a common spot to hold stress. Packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and f...
Shlomo Chopp
Founder and CEO at Anchor Shops by ShopFulfill
Latest: Retail-to-industrial conversions aren’t anything new, says Shlomo Chopp, founder and CEO of New York City-based clicks-and-bricks hybrid ShopFulfill Corp. and managing partner of New York City-base...
Lori Calvasina
Head of US Equity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets
Latest: "U.S. equities admittedly look attractive vs. bonds, but this model is currently well below it’s post Financial Crisis average and points to limited upside from here." - Yahoo Finance
Mark Mahaney
Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets
Latest: “All in, fundamental trends were superb” cheered RBC Capital analyst Mark Mahaney following the report. “eBay reported clean Beat & Raise Q2 results, with 15-year high GMV growth & 5-year high Oper...
Michael Brauneis
Managing Director at Protiviti
Latest: One risk for borrowers going through bankruptcy is that if the SBA or bank investigates and find errors on the part of applicants in the initial application process, that could potentially put the ...
Dr. William Lang
Medical Director at WorldClinic
Latest: Simply assuming you will not get COVID-19 is not a good plan.
Shane Jackson
President, expert on moving temporary and permanent healthcare workers around country at Jackson Healthcare - top 3 healthcare staffing firm in US
Latest: “If you asked me two months ago, ‘Can you deploy 100 people to a hospital in a week?’” says Jackson. “I would have said, ‘No, that's not how our business works.’" And yet, his team pulled that off,...