Dr. Marc Fleury
CEO and Co-founder at Two Prime
Latest: The current halving is the third in Bitcoin’s history and every halving has witnessed similarities and differences.
Joe Fuca
CEO at Reputation.com
Latest: Some of the biggest brands in the world already use Reputation Score X and Feedback Anywhere to be where their customers are. From social media to reviews to surveys, we make it easy to understand ...
Scott Burroughs
President & Chief Innovation Officer at Sense Photonics
Latest: The show naturally coincided with our timeline for Osprey’s availability, but we’re pleased we get to capitalize on the thousands of visitors the show attracts each year to the desert. There is a g...
Nigel Carter
Global Financial Services Industry Leader at Mercer LLC
Latest: People are definitely stressed and facing mental health issues. Employee assistance programs are a key weapon in the arsenal, and use of those programs has gone up dramatically since the coronaviru...
Shiv Rao
CEO and Co-Founder at Abridge
Latest: When you’re stressed and anxious — as many of us are during the coronavirus pandemic — it’s easy to forget the many small details that are crucial to maintaining our health and well-being. We hope ...
Seth Earley
CEO and author of "The AI Powered Enterprise" at Earley Information Science
Latest: There's No AI (Artificial Intelligence) without IA (Information Architecture)
Kent Swig
President at Swig Equities
Latest: If there is no liability on the part of employers without a set of rules by which employers have to abide by, then that means you can have a wild wild West. You have to have a balance, and you have...
Michael Becce
CEO at MRB Public Relations
Latest: Each augmented reality pitch from the Hall of Fame will end with a way to contact the fundraising arm of the hall directly.
Dr William A. Stack
Pastor at Salem Full Gospel Church
Latest: It's never the wrong time to do the right thing.
Dr. Gregg Feinerman
Chief Medical Office at Feinerman Vision Center
Latest: We reached a whole new demographic who otherwise wouldn't find us. It's a better way to market.
Jeff Ketner
Chief Executive Officer at Ketner Group Communications
Latest: New York City is an exciting hub of business and culture, which is why we selected it for our firm’s next strategic move. It’s the center of innovation and business, and our existing clients are fr...
Shelley Vinyard
Boreal (Forest) Corporate Campaign Manager & Co-Author, "The Issue with Tissue" report at Natural Resources Defense Council
Latest: This is not a link that people make easily. When they’re walking down the grocery aisle and looking at buying toilet paper, they don’t think, ‘Oh, this roll here was made from a beautiful forest th...
Byna Elliott
Senior Vice President, Chief Enterprise Responsibilty Officer at Fifth Third Bank
Latest: Byna Elliott is in the perfect position to do what she does best and loves the most – helping people find a better quality of life, build wealth, and strengthen communities through inclusive lendin...
Tara Wolckenhauer
Division Vice President of Human Resources at ADP
Latest: [The candidate] has only 15 minutes because not only are they employed, 42 other companies are after them.
Jennifer Sireklove
Managing Director of Investment Strategy at Parametric Portfolio Associates
Latest: No manager can guarantee a 100% green portfolio any more than they can guarantee big returns.
Nilay Gandhi
Senior Financial Analyst and CFP at Vanguard Personal Advisor
Latest: It's always important to consider your time horizon — exposure to stock markets is generally not advisable if you are planning to use the money within a few months or even a couple of years.
Dr. Eric Dusseux
CEO at BIONIK Laboratories
Latest: We are thrilled to receive approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for our InMotion® ARM robotic systems. This entry into the South Korean market is significant for our Company as we con...
Michael Wystrach
Founder and CEO at Freshly
Latest: We’ve seen a huge demand from employers who want to provide their teams with healthy and affordable food options right now, especially those with frontline employees. We’re all adapting in this cur...
Garin Hobbs
Director Deal Strategy at iterable
Latest: However, the priority needs to quickly shift to evolving the customer experience [to an] engagement and retention strategy, which is key to ensuring the longevity of the brand. Customers are often ...
Howard Meitiner
Managing Director at Carl Marks Advisors
Latest: This inconsistent brand experience, coupled with increased competition and the general decline in customer traffic visiting traditional shopping locations and malls, resulted in less traffic at the...
Christina Bottis
Chief Marketing Officer at Coyote Logistics
Latest: At Coyote, we know that the supply chain of the future requires a blend of both technology and human support – not one or the other. As an authority in the logistics industry and a leading develope...
Scott Zigler
General Manager at Zona Rosa
Latest: Although a lot of us are going through these trying times, I think it's important to have compassion for people who don't have the ability to put food on the table. And so we think that's our civic...
Barry Lapides
Partner in the Business, Finance & Tax Team at Berger Singerman
Latest: I think the primary reason [to form a new entity] is to limit liability and to shield assets.
Colin House
CEO at Intellibed
Latest: In recent years, the adjustable base business has been viewed as a fast and furious race to the bottom. As a champion for innovation and technology, we're on a mission to change this by providing c...
David Tuyo
CEO at University Credit Union (CA)
Latest: We believe the cooperative is stronger from 2,600 new members.
Rutger van Faassen
Vice President of Consumer Lending at Informa Financial Intelligence
Latest: People with lots of equity in their home, but no income—the typical bank is not set up for that. And then there’s challenges like, ‘How do I verify someone’s income?’ or, ‘How do I send an appraise...
Bill Van Law
Founder and CEO at WVL Group
Latest: Consolidation in Wealth Management Advisors will retire in greater numbers in the postpandemic period, predicts Bill Van Law, founder and CEO of the WVL Group in St. Petersburg, Fla. “Many advis...
Dave Clott
Senior Portfolio Manager at Westwood Holdings Group
Latest: "A lot of this financing is to fill the gap. In 2021, hopefully things will normalize," said Dave Clott, portfolio manager at Westwood.
Mike Scarborough
President and CEO at Oak Wealth Partners, Inc.
Latest: Maintain a broad view of all of your holdings as you reallocate assets. It’s not enough to focus on just the 401(k). Take all of your investments into account. If you leave an employer, make sure ...