Daniel Messeloff
Partner at Tucker Ellis
Latest: Companies should start now in assessing their own data privacy practices so as to comply with whatever the final product of the CCPA will be. The law -- in one way, shape or form -- is going to be ...
Kevin O'Brien
Co-Founder & CEO at GreatHorn
Latest: In one Global 1000 company, we found that a traditional gateway missed 40% of executive impersonations, and 15-20% of all threats, including business email compromise, credential theft, and malicio...
Emily Weis
Global Macro Strategist at State Street
Latest: Even if the Fed doesn't cut rates this year, China's recent wave of stimulus measures to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak are also likely to help buoy Mexico's bonds and currency.
Matthew Wesley
Director, Family Wealth Dynamics and Governance at Merrill Lynch
Latest: Culture eats structure for breakfast.
Stacy Allred
Managing Director, Center for Family Wealth Dynamics & Governance at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Latest: In the industry, we chuckle a little bit, because families want some sort of magic number … and the reality, of course, is that it's a lot more nuanced.
Rob Sobhani
Founder & CEO at Sparo Corporation
Latest: Sparo is changing the way donations are made to help charities. Our mission is to democratize venture philanthropy and through our latest game, https://vote4good.sparoprize.com we want to inspire t...
Scott Galit
CEO at Payoneer
Expert on
Latest: The freelancing economy has grown exponentially over the past decade, and I believe we can now firmly say that the future of work has arrived. Obstacles that could slow or hinder freelancers’ abili...
Jimmy Hinton
Senior Managing Director at Transwestern
Latest: WeWork committed to more than half the total space it has leased within the past two years, at a time when rent was rising nationwide. Notably, more than a quarter of that space remains ‘unsold,’ p...
Rachel Ernst
VP, Employee Success at Reflektive
Latest: Politics don’t make for ideal workplace conversation, but it’s natural for employees to want to share, discuss and process their feelings about current events.
Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: The 10 Pros & Cons of Crowdfunding That Businesses Should Consider - Fit Small Business, February 2020 “Crowdfunding has limited time frames in which to raise and run your campaign. This helps t...
Ankur Laroia
Managing Director & Client Executive at BDO Digital
Latest: “Once you have a litany of IoT-enabled devices in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, broadcasting telemetry, every one of those becomes a potential target for bad actors. In essence, we’v...
Troy Pospisil
Founder and CEO at InCloudCounsel
Latest: We’re thrilled to have someone of Mitch’s caliber join our team to lead our product function. His addition to the team helps to put us on track to expand our product capabilities to meet more needs...
Graciela Tiscareño-Sato
President and Founder at Gracefully Global Group LLC
Latest: You can’t be what you can’t see. Kids come here and they see with their own eyes these options for them in their lives, right there in front of them. For a lot of kids, today is the first time in t...
David C. Miller
Attorney at Bryant, Miller, Olive P.A
Latest: The new rule does have a few other tweaks. It raises the minimum salary for the “highly compensated” exemption from $100,000 to $107,432. It also allows certain bonuses and commissions to be counte...
Michael Aziz
Co-president at Canada Protection Plan
Latest: Our team is committed to offering quality products that are continuously evolving to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. The increase in coverage on our Express Elite and Guaranteed Acceptance p...
George Valiotis
CEO at Pace Glass
Latest: Especially in densely populated cities throughout the Northeast, the process of how glass is recycled has literally become broken. Through our innovative technology that is able to capture and repu...
David Newville
Vice President of Policy & Research at Prosperity Now
Latest: The House tax reform bill, however, would extend this from 60 days to the due date for filing your tax return for the taxable year in which the plan offset occurs. This is a positive proposal in ou...
Professor Amy Quarton
Associate Instructor at Maryville University in the Online Bachelor's Program for Organizational Leadership at Maryville University
Latest: Pessimistic thinking can become a bad habit and contribute to job burnout. Some people use meditation and yoga to help calm the mind. Write in a journal or make voice recordings on a smart device. ...
Joel Stevens
Senior Vice President/Senior Managing Director at Bernstein Private Wealth Management
Latest: We believe strongly that this role presents us a significant opportunity to attract and better serve investors in this fast-growing segment of the market. We’re thrilled to partner with diverse acc...
Matt Lyons
Partner at Shearman & Sterling LLP
Latest: We believe that Shearman & Sterling’s choice to be the first New York-based firm with a full-service Austin office marks a significant milestone in the maturation of the Central Texas economy.
Nadir Ali
CEO at Inpixon
Latest: Our customers are realizing significant real-world benefits from their Inpixon solutions, ranging from increased physical cyber security situational awareness and rogue device detection, to visitor...
Ronald Colombo
Visiting Associate Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School
Latest: The only winners in the Madoff scandal are the lawyers. But that's the nature of the beast.
Jean Hamon
Founder and CEO at Hivebrite
Latest: We’ve learned two major lessons after working with hundreds of customers these past few years. The first one is that people create communities for a number of different reasons. You may start a com...
Joel Litman
CEO & Chief Investment Strategist at Valens Research
Latest: The price to earnings multiples of Corporate India as measured by Uniform Earnings is at a 10-year low, signaling markets have room to run.
Dr. George Calhoun
Professor and Leader, Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens Institute of Technology
Latest: Like many other U.S. companies, Walmart has set up a robust supply chain over many years in China.
Anton Korinek
Associate Professor of Business Administration at University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Latest: I believe that, by the second half of this century, AI – robots and programs – will be better than us humans at nearly everything. The fundamental question becomes, ‘What will happen to humans if w...
Chanan Greenberg
SVP and GM High Tech at Model N
Latest: Model N is a company which started out in Silicon Valley about 16 years ago. We’re a software company, publicly traded on the NYSE, with just over 800 employees. Our HQ is in Redwood City, not far ...