Alam Najiullah
President at
Latest: Physically, we are no longer in the business of apparels. A caterpillar dies to become a butterfly. Because of greedy landowners, we are forced to shut our business, which was the first chain of me...
Ginger Frank
Founder & CEO at Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn
Latest: I put everything that I possibly had into this business, and I was willing to take the risk. If I can do this, anyone can do it. I did not start with money in my pocket. I don’t have a big bank acc...
Melissa Nieves, LND, RD, MPH
Registered Dietitian at Kemtai
Latest: Eating crunchy foods such as nuts and seeds seems to help reduce tension in the jaw and neck, a common spot to hold stress. Packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and f...
Shlomo Chopp
Founder and CEO at Anchor Shops by ShopFulfill
Latest: Retail-to-industrial conversions aren’t anything new, says Shlomo Chopp, founder and CEO of New York City-based clicks-and-bricks hybrid ShopFulfill Corp. and managing partner of New York City-base...
Lori Calvasina
Head of US Equity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets
Latest: "U.S. equities admittedly look attractive vs. bonds, but this model is currently well below it’s post Financial Crisis average and points to limited upside from here." - Yahoo Finance
Mark Mahaney
Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets
Latest: “All in, fundamental trends were superb” cheered RBC Capital analyst Mark Mahaney following the report. “eBay reported clean Beat & Raise Q2 results, with 15-year high GMV growth & 5-year high Oper...
Michael Brauneis
Managing Director at Protiviti
Latest: One risk for borrowers going through bankruptcy is that if the SBA or bank investigates and find errors on the part of applicants in the initial application process, that could potentially put the ...
Dr. William Lang
Medical Director at WorldClinic
Latest: Simply assuming you will not get COVID-19 is not a good plan.
Shane Jackson
President, expert on moving temporary and permanent healthcare workers around country at Jackson Healthcare - top 3 healthcare staffing firm in US
Latest: “If you asked me two months ago, ‘Can you deploy 100 people to a hospital in a week?’” says Jackson. “I would have said, ‘No, that's not how our business works.’" And yet, his team pulled that off,...
Brett Crosby
Co-Founder & COO at PeerStreet
Latest: "We have incredible talent here at PeerStreet and our goal has always been to provide the best working environment we can for our employees. We expect a lot out of them and our talented team member...
Mark Silverman
Partner at Dykema
Latest: Cold storage facilities allow you to get produce from farmers to consumers’ porches, touching the fewest amount of hands. I can see that being a successful endeavor during this during this downturn.
Denise Broady
COO at WorkForce Software
Latest: People are volunteering to do work outside of their jobs. It’s having such a positive impact on the workforce—people are thinking about the collective whole, not just themselves.
Nancy Cox
Partner at The Bonadio Group
Latest: The consequences employers can face for an insufficient benefit plan audit are substantial, including substantial fines and penalties. Our firm works in partnership with the plan sponsor to ensure ...
Bob Cole
President & CEO at Private College 529 Plan
Latest: Prepaid plans aren’t just for families who can afford to pay for college simply by writing a check. We have families who save diligently and regularly for many years and are able to guarantee thous...
David Dynega
CEO at Detail Renovations
Latest: This year is all about bold monochromatics, if you have the nerve to do it.
Hugh Murray
Partner at McCarter & English
Latest: Pay attention to public health officials and follow their guidance as it evolves and changes.
Danny Kim
Head of Revenue at SFOX
Latest: We are delighted to partner with B2C2, the largest OTC liquidity provider whose streaming pricing and electronic trading capabilities are relied on by institutional market participants globally. SF...
Katherine M. Hertlein
Professor, Couple & Family Therapy Program at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
Latest: Be sensitive to what that experience might be like. There’s a natural part of us that wants to be a cheerleader, and to say things like, ‘It’s not so bad’ and, ‘You’ll get up on your feet.
Antonio Wedral
CEO & Co-founder at NOVOS
Latest: It’s really exciting that major brands like Bloom & Wild and Sofar Sounds are trusting us to grow their SEO traffic & revenues over other larger agencies. This stands as a testament to the way we w...
Terri Solomon
Shareholder at Littler Mendelson
Latest: Putting policies in place to increase awareness of workplace violence and ensure that employees understand how to report threats in the workplace are steps that all employers would be advised to ta...
Franco Zaro
Vice President of Business Development at Valid SA
Latest: We are thrilled to start this endeavor with CannaTrac and consolidate our Secure Services Hub platform to provide a complete set of solutions to the Fintech industry in the USA.
Stuart Aldridge
Principal at Columbus Consulting
Latest: I agree with that vision, the technology is there. The technology is there but it’s in its infancy.
Erika Dietrich
VP, Global Fraud Prevention Risk Services, ACI Worldwide at ACI Worldwide
Latest: Between May and June, we noticed another abrupt shift in the category of purchases, as airline and ticketing declined while increases in other areas like outdoor equipment and sports took over cons...
Marc Price
CTO at MATRIXX Software
Latest: mplementing Matrixx’s 5G-ready solution provides operators a head start on innovative packaging and pricing ahead of 5G standalone deployments. Matrixx is working with operators to plan 5G standalo...
Dr. Scott Ratzan
CUNY School of Public Health and Editor of the Journal of Health Communications at United States Council for International Business (USCIB)
Latest: Only a coronavirus vaccine can truly protect us from future outbreaks. But what if the effort succeeds and large numbers of people decide not to vaccinate themselves or their children?
Artur Kiulian
CEO and Founder at Artur Kiulian
Latest: We are observing a ‘data Renaissance’ period where previously unmotivated companies are forced to open up the channels of communication to establish meaningful cooperation.
Justin Williams
CEO at Noteworth
Latest: We are changing the way care is delivered by allowing the doctor to engage with you and leverage tools to monitor your condition. We want to put a doctor’s office on your phone.