Joel Bruckenstein, CFP
President at T3 Technology Tools for Today
Latest: Generally speaking, financial advisors and the firms that serve them have done a tremendous job of responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Although many of us are currently working from home, cloud-base...
Brian Walsh
Head at WIND Ventures
Latest: Thoughts on the Future of Retail: Frictionless, cashless & personalized are themes that will accelerate due to COVID-19 -In-store shopping for many sectors will return, especially for grocery, as...
Guy Tytunovich
Founder & CEO at CHEQ
Latest: Ad-driven e-commerce should be adopting cybersecurity technologies like behavioral analysis and bot-fingerprinting to allow third-party vendors to look directly at a request.
David Eugene Williams
President at Health Business Group
Latest: From US News & World Report: 1 Clear Winner of the Processed Meat Shortage David Williams, president of Health Business Group, expects the bottleneck at beef packing facilities to last for some ...
Dr. Ethan Halm
Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center
Latest: Some of the scrutiny of the highest of the highest paid will focus on overuse. If these small handful of eyeball surgeons are the highest paid, that could be a harbinger of overuse. But should we b...
Scott Harris
Founder and CEO at DeliverLean
Latest: It’s really important that if you have the ability and the wherewithal to share, please go to DeliverLean Care and donate some food to make sure no child and no family in Miami-Dade County goes hun...
Phil Duffy
Vice President of Product, Program & UX Design at Brain Corp
Latest: Together with our OEM partners, we combine proven AI software with industry-best cleaning equipment that businesses already know and trust. We believe the market is validating this approach compare...
Carlene Jackson
CEO at Cloud9 Insight
Latest: It allowed concerns around security to trump all other considerations. A sector that still relies on ink signatures and other anachronisms is struggling in lockdown. It is a sector that has been sl...
Lindsey Andrews
Co-Founder & CEO at Minibar Delivery
Latest: Yeah, we’re really happy to help small businesses. I wish we could do more because we know that it’s scary being out there. We have the luxury of working from home, so we couldn’t do it without the...
Ilia Kolochenko
Founder & CEO at ImmuniWeb
Latest: The new feature is an invaluable enhancement of a holistic cyber resilience and proactive defense amid an unprecedented complexity of the modern threat landscape.
Courtney Blanchard
Associate at Nilan Johnson Lewis
Latest: An isolated reduction in salary due to a slowdown, or even treating the time off as an unpaid furlough, generally does not run afoul of federal wage laws, but the Department of Labor is suspicious ...
Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: Are Stablecoins The Future? - E-Crypto News, May 2020 “We have seen more money being pumped into stable coins due to the economic uncertainty currently prevailing. These coins tend to have more ...
Dr. Moe Gelbart, Ph.D.
Director of Practice Development at Community Psychiatry
Latest: Make sure you are engaged in some independent activity, even at home, and be able to share what you have felt, learned and experienced — even if it is something small like an interesting article yo...
Max Elder
Research Director, Food Futures Lab at Institute for the Future
Latest: I worry most startups in the cultured meat space are overestimating their short-term timeline to get to market and underestimating their potential long-term impact on completely redesigning our foo...
Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch
founder and CEO at Remedy Health Media
Latest: We instantly connected with Santé's values. The relationships and expertise Santé brings as physicians, former chief executives of large healthcare systems and early and steadfast investors in comp...
Hugh Lawson
Partner, Global Head of ESG & Impact and Institutional Client Strategy (GSAM) at Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Latest: There is no question this was a negative shock brought to you by nature.
Nick Sky
Co-Founder at ChangEd App
Latest: He thought if we rounded up spare change from everyday purchases, we might be able to save something. I thought it had a lot of potential. A lot of people are struggling. I have student loans. All ...
Anthony Goonetilleke
Group President, Media, Network and Technology at Amdocs at Amdocs
Latest: Service providers like AT&T, Mexico are already starting to offer more flexible and innovative offerings that require an easy way to onboard OTT partners and simplify the subscription process for c...
Eddie Peloke
CEO at Workpath
Latest: We build technology that enables any healthcare organization to automate the process of organizing, dispatching, tracking, and managing its labor to perform important services. Along the way, our a...
Heidi A. Naasko
Member, National Pro Bono and Diversity Counsel at Dykema
Latest: Typically, these take several months to process because you have to do a background, you have to do a legal publication. You need to get your fingerprints done. You have to pay filing fees and with...
Christian Casazza
Associate at DeerCreek
Latest: Countries and companies are hesitant to go all-in on a technology if their partners [and colleagues] can use a slightly different version, and thus, cannot work with each other. While there have be...
Joel Burris
President & Managing Partner at GCG Wealth Management
Expert on
Wealth Management
Latest: Today's announcement shows that GCG Wealth Management has established itself as a top-tier destination for succession-minded advisors who want to ensure that their businesses will continue to grow ...
Caroline Hoffmann
Head of PR & Communications at Budo Sport
Latest: Trojan Condoms Release Erotic Bread Cookbook in a Bid to Battle Against Lockdown Sales Slump - Medium, May 2020 “In times of crisis, the only way to survive and thrive is to adapt your strategy ...
Lane Mendelsohn
President at Vantagepoint AI
Latest: Vantagepoint AI is the software company that developed the first artificial intelligence (AI) trading software in the world available to retail investors and traders.
Colin Sebastian
Internet / Interactive Entertainment Analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co
Latest: I think that management wanted to provide some transparency into a more robust pipeline given the light release slate this year.
Rob McGovern
CEO at Precise Target
Latest: I am thrilled to welcome Mitch, Andrew, and Brian to PreciseTarget's senior leadership team. Retailers are in rapid transition to an e-commerce-focused strategy. The higher-velocity online channel ...
Corey Giasson
CEO at MustGrow Biologics
Latest: We are looking forward to working with Midam to get our story out there. MustGrow is an Ag-Biotech company with a unique technology and a great story to tell, and with Midam’s help well be able to ...
Dr. Richard Cartledge
Chief of Cardiac Surgery and Medical Director of the Christine E. Lynn Heart and Vascular Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital at Neuvana
Latest: If today’s corporate America doesn’t even have time for vacation, how are we supposed to bake stress-relief into our daily lives? The last decade saw us 'busier' than ever at the expense of our hea...