Brian Drozdowicz
GM, Customer Acquisition and Growth Solutions at Bottomline Technologies
Youssef Zauaghi
Global Media Relations Manager, Mobility & Industrial Equipment at Accenture
Ben Ziomek
Co-founder and CPO at Actuate

Ben started his career at Microsoft, where he led teams of engineers and data scientists leveraging AI to identify high-potential startups globally, driving nine figures of cloud revenue. He has wo...

Melissa McKenzie
Content Strategist at Upright Position Communications
Michael Sjuggerud
Partner at Shutts & Bowen at Shutts & Bowen
nicole cueto
Head of Public Relations & Communications, Revolut US at Revolut
Holly Yarnell
Manager, Corporate at Golin
Karl Augenstein
Executive Director at Capco
Paul Josephsen
Chief Strategy Officer at Uproxx Media
Katherine Suberlak
Vice President of Clinical Programs at Oak Street Health
Sara Vinson
Vice President at DiGennaro Communications
Terry Renoux
Group President of Jack Henry Lending at Jack Henry & Associates
Stephen Meade
Founder at www.EAMS.Network
Peter Norden - CEO, Homebridge Mortgage
CEO at Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.

Homebridge is one of the largest independent mortgage lenders in the country, licensed nationwide, with more than 200 branches across the U.S. They offer some mortgages others do not, including "fi...

Danielle Dias Coutinho
Head of PR & Communications at Allianz X