Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: 20 Entrepreneurs Explain The Disruptions Happening In Their Industries - CEO Blog Nation, April 2020 "The jewellery industry tends to mimic what happens in the apparel industry and the key trend...
Ram Palaniappan
CEO & Founder at Earnin
Latest: When no one can eat at the restaurant you work at, there are no tips ... Almost no one is traveling. Hotels don't need housekeeping. Casinos in Vegas are closed. The financial crisis will show up b...
Brian Deutsch
CEO at Pivotal Commware
Expert on
Latest: During live 5G field trials, the Echo 5G Subscriber reliably demonstrated Gigabit+ ubiquitous connectivity indoors (residential buildings, office spaces, retail stores, stadium skyboxes), showcasin...
Brandon Parris
Partner at Morrison & Foerster
Latest: I think they’re going to be very busy integrating the business, the networks and the employees. Whenever you have two huge industry giants it takes time, but they will go through the process of mak...
Cait Howerton, MBA, AFC®, CFP®
Senior Financial Coach and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional at SmartPath
Latest: "All people, truly ALL people, deserve access to honest, affordable, conflict-free financial advice. No matter what." - Cait Howerton, MBA, AFC®, CFP®
Vibhu Norby
Founder and CEO at B8ta
Latest: We've had to take some really difficult steps to give b8ta the possibility to reopen, provide employment to you and others in the future, and ultimately thrive.
Vincent Manier
Chief Financial Officer at ENGIE Impact
Latest: Right now, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures reporting is voluntary, but if heavy hitters like BlackRock systematically demand it, climate-related financial disclosures will q...
David Bagley
Managing Director at Carl Marks Advisors
Latest: Strategic buyers, usually restaurant groups that already own other brands, often get a good deal when purchasing a failing chain because they have existing operations like restaurant management to ...
Tom Ruggie, ChFCⓇ, CFPⓇ
Managing Director, Partner & Wealth Advisor at Carson Wealth Management Group
Latest: We’ve set a goal to grow by a factor of 10 in the next 10 years, and our affiliation with Carson Wealth will help us add to our bench strength in areas like marketing, investment management and sup...
Dan Orzech
General Manager at Oregon Clean Power Cooperative
Latest: What we offer is a unique possibility, a unique way for people to invest in renewable energy in their community and get their money back.
Dr. Kurt Jetta
Chief CPG Analyst at Tabs Analytics
Latest: The fact that prices can’t adjust to the market demand is bizarre. If they could price what the market demands, there wouldn’t be shortages. Introduce new products at a premium. Make a whole new pr...
Ted Roberts
Chief Style & Design Expert at Schlage
Latest: Consider taking a smaller, but detailed approach to room updates and renovations. Sometimes a little paint, new rug or even swapping out the metals and room finishes can go a long way to revamping ...
Tony Roth
Chief Investment Officer at Wilmington Trust
Latest: We're in a different economic environment than just a few years ago. We're seeing now that the upside on many investments is limited and the yield environment is challenged. As a result, we know in...
Derek Wang
Founder and CEO at Stratifyd
Latest: When you do prediction, you're looking for new behavior. Noise is always the enemy of machine-learning algorithms. Ideally, we would have a test to detect the novel coronavirus immediately and ...
Jaime Punishill
Chief Marketing Officer at Lionbridge
Latest: Midmarket and large companies face the same problem of integrating disparate cloud tools into marketing workflows. Adobe has made progress in solving that problem in Marketo. In a world where marke...
Fred Cate
Vice President for Research, Indiana University at Indiana University
Latest: Digital technologies from artificial intelligence to genetic engineering present new and challenging issues. This planning grant will provide critical support for IU to collaborate with our colleag...
Matt Hawkins
Managing Partner at Entourage Effect Capital
Latest: Having raised $100 million over the past five years, investor appetite for our established approach of capitalizing and bringing distinct companies together has compelled us to launch our largest f...
William A. Stack
Financial Advisor/Author at Stack Financial Services LLC
Latest: “Sometimes owning $1,000 worth of necessary items is more important than having $1,000 of emergency cash. Now is one of those times.”
Michelle P. King
Director of Inclusion at Netflix
Latest: "The Fix, subtitled Overcome The Invisible Barriers That Are Holding Women Back At Work, does for the office what Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women did for the world of data and design." – Da...
Katrina Jenkins
Dean of Religious & Spiritual Life at Rollins College
Latest: My experience with young adults today is that they are fluidly engaged activists. I say this in part because most of my students have grown-up with computers at their fingertips.
Maria Haggerty
CEO/Founder at Dotcom Distribution
Latest: Many small indie brands operate just one fulfillment and distribution center due to the high cost of keeping inventory in multiple locations.
Boren Novakovic
Managing Director and CEO at Edge by Ascential
Latest: We give our clients a holistic view of their performance compared to the wider ecommerce market. We also provide a clear plan of action to implement their strategies to drive their sales faster and...
Sandra Fathi
President & Founder at Affect
Latest: The upgrade in features or function of the latest version of the iPhone is not what is going to determine its success. The demand for Apple's products is just as much about the admiration and desir...
Alan Jacobson
Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Alteryx
Latest: Shortages are the signs and symptoms of a stressed supply chain. You might be able to make a different product if the facility that makes the supply might be shut down. There are many shortages in ...
Eli Friedman
Associate Professor at Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations
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Latest: What the central government wants to do is send elite people to elite cities and the low-end population to low-end cities.