Peter Winter
Managing Director, Equity Research at Wedbush Securities
Latest: “Of all the regional banks pass with no dividend cuts (which is what we expect), this would represent a vote of confidence by the Fed reinforcing the view that banks are well-positioned to handle t...
Joel Kulina
Head of Technology & Media Trading at Wedbush Securities
Latest: “Look at the FAANG plus Microsoft and Nvidia, they’ve added about $1.7 trillion in market cap over this quarter alone. Collectively up about 36%, so clearly it’s a rising tide, any one of those com...
James Hardiman
Managing Director at Wedbush Securities
Latest: With respect to SeaWorld, there’s two issues here; one, their return to normality might be limited to the fact that they have more fly-in traffic than the other two. If you think about it Cedar Fai...
Joseph Stornelli
Principal at JS Technology Group
Latest: With a traditional wireless home network, your signal emanates from one location. But for a large home or a residence with concrete walls, certain areas will have low signal strength. These access ...
Keca Ward
Global Sr. Director of Talent Experience at Phenom People
Latest: The best way to do this is to lead by example. It comes back to C-suite living your core values and being a beacon of inspiration to your employees.
Jeff Olin
President, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Vision Capital Corporation
Latest: We think the management team and platform that BSR has is broad and deep. They have very solid fundamentals and we believe the growth opportunities with BSR are significant.
Michael Heffner
VP of Global Industries at Appian Corporation
Latest: The CBILS and CLBILS are massive and unprecedented schemes to help businesses across the UK during this challenging time. Appian’s low-code automation platform gives accredited lenders in the UK th...
Dr. Pavan Madan, M.D.
Psychiatrist at Community Psychiatry
Expert on
Mental health
Latest: Many people had to come to terms with their difficult and complicated emotions during this very trying and unprecedented time. Humans are social animals. Research has shown that good social support...
Matthew Cowan
Partner at Next47
Latest: [When] you focus on revenue growth to the exclusion of all other key metrics, you might be building a broken company.
Ali Fawaz
Head of Global Automotive Strategy at
Latest: The dealership needs to have a significant volume of reviews out there, on the positive side. Managing the reputation of a dealership has become a critical piece for OE and large dealership groups....
Michael Klein
CEO at cannabisMD
Latest: There is so much clutter and confusion about CBD. Misinformation and products that make claims that are untrue or contain everything from mold to e. coli only adds to this confusion. And generate f...
Mehmet Erdem
Professor of Hotel Operations and Technology at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
Latest: Hoteliers are trying their best to drive business back by effectively communicating the precautionary measures they are deploying and removing or reducing friction points, such as paid parking, res...
Josh Dienstag
Chief Investment Officer at Artist Capital Management
Latest: Similar to the evolution of other internet verticals, we expect that a small number of esports companies will eventually win the lion’s share of industry revenue and market capitalization. We hope ...
Zach Supalla
CEO at Particle
Latest: Liz, Carlos and Sameer each bring a unique perspective informed by years of experience in their respective fields, so to have that combination of expertise joining our board is extremely exciting. ...
Andrew Wyatt
Founder/CEO at CALA
Latest: Today, many of the world's most creative individuals have an audience and a vision, but lack the access to infrastructure and working capital that is required to make them successful. Our vision is...
Henry Schuck
CEO & Co-Founder at ZoomInfo
Latest: It’s an exciting day for the region. It’s an exciting day to be a software company in the Portland metro area. It tells everyone outside this region you can build a great and thriving technology co...
Matthew Dibb
Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Stack Funds at Stack Fund
Latest: Bitcoin is currently trading as a ‘risk asset’ and will likely be subject to continued volatility as further US economic data is released in the coming days.
Josh Knauer
General Partner and Co-Founder at JumpScale
Latest: Many businesses may find they fail to meet SBA terms for forgiveness, which will leave banks with loans to service and customer issues to resolve.
Oz Waknin
Founder at Nuntiux
Latest: Banks are in the business of interest rates and bottom line, instead of mutual agreement and student success.
Will Lucas
CEO and Founder at Mint House
Latest: Almost 50% of our post-stay surveys in June indicate that our guests are traveling for work — we specifically ask that question.
Matthew Amsden
CEO at ProofPilot
Latest: Academic researchers are pulled in so many directions. They teach, see patients, write grants, manage staff ... and conduct research on top of all that. This collaboration focuses as much on study ...
Jim Radzicki
Global Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at TELUS International
Latest: In responding to these unprecedented challenges, we have seen first-hand how critical empathy, ingenuity and agility are when it comes to firms staying engaged with their employees and connected to...
Dr. Varun Choudary
Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and National Behavioral Chief Medical Officer at Magellan Health
Latest: People can go into grief overload. The grief builds and accumulates.
Henry Albrecht
Founder & CEO at Limeade
Latest: We've seen a major increase in the participation levels now that the old water cooler conversations are no more. While Zoom and Microsoft Teams and other similar resources have come into the fore ...
Michael J. Garry
CFP, JD, MBA at Yardley Wealth Management
Latest: I never really had a great process for going through tax returns before but these guys have created an extremely useful solution. The team at Holistiplan is constantly upgrading the software using ...
David Osborne
Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Pulse
Latest: The mental, physical and financial toll COVID-19 is taking on employers, employees, families and the world at large cannot be understated.
Marcus Wagner
Chief Executive Officer at AcctTwo
Latest: We have leveraged our collective experience working with nearly 200 software companies to design a solution that will meet your needs as you grow, eliminate the requirement to invest in accounting...
Kim Rivers
CEO at Trulieve
Latest: As we begin our celebration of Pride Month, we are glad to be working with groups that make Florida a safer, more inclusive place for LGBTQ+ people. This month's activities extend our long-term rel...
Lauren Winchester
Vice President of Smart Breach Response at Corvus Insurance
Latest: The Security Report on Healthcare Entities from Corvus shows that despite a significant and steady rise in ransomware attacks over the past few years, attacks on healthcare entities have actually s...
Tracy Craig
Partner and Chair of Trusts and Estates Group at Mirick O'Connell
Latest: Another drawback to a will is that it may not achieve your objectives. You may be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking you’re all set when you’re really not. The will does not control jo...