David Cahn
Director Global Marketing at Elemica
Latest: Tracking and tracing food from farm to fork is fast becoming a requirement of food/beverage manufacturers to better keep track of products in the various stages from beginning to end to minimize ri...
Rodney Fernandes
Managing Director at Datamaran
Latest: We are seeing exponential growth in client demand for ESG products. And there is performance data to back it up, including in the MENA region.
Jared Kaplan
Member at YPO
Latest: Chicago loves a three-peat—and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver! It’s difficult to achieve the type of growth that will earn a company an Inc. 500 spot and to do it three years in a row is a sp...
Yo-Jud Cheng
Assistant Professor of Business Administration at University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Latest: I don’t want to discount the day-to-day concerns board members deal with, but they don’t seem to match up with the critical issues we see covered in the popular press.
Latest: Today, information is so pervasive, and markets are evolving so quickly that the benefits of knowledge hoarding have diminished. Instead, competitive advantage accrues to organizations that evolve ...
Kevin Brown
VP, Marketing + Product, Wirecard at Wirecard
Latest: The goal is to really inform the retailer and their orientation to the customer. For the consumer experience, the desired end state is for payments to recede into the background.
Dave Fisch
CEO at Shopkick
Latest: We are looking forward to expanding our reach through television. Marketing Architects’ initial ad campaign really captures the elation our customers experience when using the Shopkick app.
Hannes Helenius
Head of Investment and Trading Desk at Sampo Bank (now Danske Bank)
Latest: During the year we have delivered our solution many other buy side investors with more than three billion EUR of assets. We have worked more than 200.000 hours with the product and the industry – w...
Erin Klepaski
Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships at Ally Financial
Latest: It doesn’t hurt to get pre-approved or look at financing options in advance.
Arnold Kim
Chief Operating Officer at Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF)
Expert on
Latest: Every day, we coordinate with local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and system integrators throughout the country to design and deploy Fire/Life Safety code-compliant yet cost effective solut...
Latest: “We’ve probably spent $100 billion in the past four or five years developing technology for fully autonomous go-anywhere cars that can now be used in more intelligent ways, in more intelligent busi...
Len Covello
Official Member at Forbes Technology Council
Latest: Program sponsors are aware of the risks and prevalence of fraud as it relates to loyalty, however Engage still finds itself educating a number of partners with industry specific data.
Alison Gutterman
President & CEO at Jelmar
Latest: We're thrilled to bring in the ESPRO brand of sports cleaning products under our ownership. We believe they align with and complement Jelmar's offerings perfectly.
Rick Ricart
President/Dealer at Ricart Automotive
Latest: We’re beyond thrilled to be growing the Ricart brand with A.D. Farrow Co. Harley Davidson. Harley is one of the oldest and strongest brands in our country, and the Ricart family has been avid Harle...
Kathleen Stewart
Wealth Strategist at BNY Mellon
Latest: BNY Mellon has always operated as a fiduciary. But there’s definitely a recent trend throughout the broader industry toward the fiduciary standard.
Robert Durak
Director at AICPA
Latest: In today’s environment, local and regional firms are maneuvering through a growing galaxy of professional standards and they need direction, guidance and best practices.
Dmitriy Ioselevich
CEO & Founder at 17 Communications
Latest: Build trust with stakeholders. The financial community must rebuild trust through transparency and collaboration.
Mike Lynch
Managing Director at Hartford Funds
Latest: Advisers’ role is getting bigger and bigger. It’s not just managing investments, but managing their lifestyle.
Kim Kushmerick
Associate Director - Accounting Standards at American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
Latest: The AICPA is committed to helping insurers with implementation of both the Long-Duration Targeted Improvements and Credit Loss standards. This is an extensive effort for the many volunteers involve...
Pete WIlliams
Founder at Functional Medicine Associates
Latest: The talk about weight training making women big and bulky is physiologically impossible. Your body’s hormonal make‑up will not allow you to do so.
Svein Floden
Head of Intermediary Distribution at Insight Investment
Latest: Providing product specialist support to our distribution partners is key to developing our intermediary franchise in the U.S., including our actively managed multi-sector Core Plus bond strategy. L...
Vamshi Vangapally
Senior UI Consultant at Genuine Parts Company
Latest: The restriction of not allowing banks and other financial entities to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges could [have been] started with an intention to help the national economy and avoid bad actor...
Joseph J. Luzinski
Sr. Managing Director at Development Specialists Inc.
Latest: Because the locations are so far-flung and beyond its owners’ ability to efficiently distribute to them, Lucky’s might have other plans. Either the owners are keeping the stores as a going concern ...
Elea Carey
Owner at My own consultancy
Latest: Market imperatives pressure us to not just make more money but to look like we are making money in order to attract the people and opportunities that might help us make more money. I suspect that’s...
Chris Smyth
EY US-Central Region Transaction Advisory Services Leader at Ernst & Young
Latest: We’ve gone through a period where most companies have been very focused on the cost and operational efficiency side and now they’re focused on growth.
Mark Wasilefsky
Head Retail Restaurant Finance Group at TD Bank
Latest: Many franchise restaurants find that value meals are expected by consumers and are necessary to generate traffic vital to their business, even though they can be a source of frustration for busines...
Maureen Stockton
Owner & Inventor at Formé
Latest: Being here puts us in elite company and it’s a thrilling testament that our product truly works and resonates with a much larger audience than we could have imagined.
Ana Novais
Deputy Director at State of Rhode Island Department of Health
Latest: We are doing really well from a policy perspective in the very lowest percentage of uninsured women. We are doing extremely well in the high percentage of women who have initiated prenatal care.
Dan Stockdale
CEO at RingMastered
Latest: Entrepreneurs, Private equity firms and managers from all industries will benefit from the tips, keynotes and our robust social media community.