Joel Voss
Assistant professor of political science at The University of Toledo
Latest: This year should serve as a wake-up call for these issues, but also other issues that average people, politicians, media, and technology elites have largely ignored.
Kuba Jewgieniew
CEO at Realty ONE Group
Latest: There’s lots of uncertainty in the world right now and people may need access to mental health care and mental support. We’re excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary in real estate, but even more...
Nicholas Ward
President at Koddi
Latest: We are thrilled to begin the decade by being recognized as one of America’s Best Startup Employers from Forbes. We owe every one of our teams a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for making this possible. Knowi...
Chaitanya Hiremath
CEO and Founder at Scanta Inc
Latest: An unprotected VA system can be responsible for significant business problems and can put companies back millions of dollars and sacrifice the integrity of their customer and company data. Unfortun...
Paul Polizzotto
CEO & Founder at Givewith
Latest: Across all industries, we need to reassess the presumption that corporate charitable giving is a financial sinkhole.
David Kong
President & CEO at Best Western Hotels & Resorts
Latest: Demand is going to be dominated by road trips. People prefer to drive in the safety of their cars than fly.
Alan Gurjic
Founder and CEO at All of Us
Latest: In a press release, Ashby Monk, Executive Director of Stanford’s Global Projects Center and All of Us Financial advisor, highlighted the need that the new trading platform would meet. “It seems obv...
Sarah George
Insurance Writer at
Latest: "As keyless-entry cars become more popular on the road, news stories have surfaced finding many car models are more susceptible to a simple type of theft using cheap technology. But there are sever...
Max Gokhman
Head of Asset Allocation at Pacific Life Fund Advisors
Latest: Three days before the stock market bottom on March 23, Pacific Life Fund Advisors upped its exposure to risk. The Newport Beach-based money manager has remained optimistic since, but is now growing...
Frank Weishaupt
CEO at Owl Labs
Latest: Increased demand from the Canadian marketplace coupled with the world beginning its return to work felt like the right time for us to offer our Meeting Owl Pro to this growing market.
James LaPalme
VP & GM of authentication at Entrust Datacard at Entrust Datacard
Latest: Digital transformation is driving the demand for authentication that is both incredibly easy and highly secure – features once thought incompatible.
Brett Diamond
Chief Operating Officer at Minnesota Rokkr
Latest: We didn’t want something that could be a high school mascot. At the same time, we didn’t want to try to get too cute with it and think that we were going to come up with the next OpTic Gaming or an...
Steve Sanders
Professor of Law at Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Latest: So the law has carved out certain areas where we say you can’t refuse to do business just on the basis of their race or on the basis of their religion.
Chris Baker
Founder at Totem Media
Latest: "Far too often, social managers prepare a rotation of too many topics in their social calendars. This frequent rotation between topics creates confusion to new audiences, with potential followers s...
Jerry Chan
Latest: I think the most valuable lessons that I have learned from my days in Wall Street are the fundamentals of meritocracy, and a focus on pragmatism over idealism. Also, a healthy appreciation of the p...
Dyann Heward-Mills
Ethics expert at European Commission
Latest: Dyann Heward-Mills, ethics expert for the European Commission and CEO of  HewardMills, global data protection office, explains, "Progressive regulators and businesses will recognise that - now more...
Charles Cherington
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Ara Partners
Latest: We seek near-term, tangible carbon reductions and profitable growth through rapid adoption of sustainable industrial products and services. These products are critical building blocks in the transi...
Dr. Scott Guerin
Adjunct professor in psychology at Kean University
Latest: "If you follow your passion, you will have a north star to guide you, the strength to carry on, and a whole lot of fun." - Scott Guerin
Juan Paublo Villamarin, CFA, CAIA
Senior Investment Advisor at Intercontinental Wealth Advisors LLC
Latest: Private equity is one asset class that many advisers say could be a good bet right now. One reason is that “shocks always bring long-lasting economic shifts,” says Juan Pablo Villamarin, senior res...
Sam Brownell, CFA, CVA
Founder at Stratus Wealth Advisors
Latest: Business owners should also make sure legal documents such as buy-sell agreements and operating agreements have been updated to reflect the potential for disability, death, divorce, or a forced ear...