Nate Baker
Founder and CEO at Qualia
Expert on
Latest: The exchange of post-closing trailing documents is an excellent use case for automation because the process is time-intensive, repetitive, and prone to human error. While most real estate technolog...
Sam Dawes
Senior Manager of Consumer and Industrial Products at West Monroe Partners
Latest: The rising prevalence of networked control systems (operational technology), industrial automation, IoT, and automation broadens the surface area for attacks. More connected technology means increa...
Ali Hasan R.
Co-Founder and CEO at ThroughPut Inc.
Latest: Even if we could source raw materials faster, we can't necessarily exceed the maximum throughput of the country's toilet paper manufacturing capacity. When no more can be done on the production sid...
Brad Brodigan
Chief Commercial Officer at BlueVine
Latest: I believe Dosh will completely disrupt the clearly broken retail advertising model. With my background in merchant offers, digital payments and building two-sided marketplaces, I see Dosh at the ce...
Simon Bolz
Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Klara
Latest: Health 2.0 conference in Silicon Valley is a catalyst for innovation in the health tech industry, and we're honored to be this year's winner for the professional facing solutions track. It's a true...
Peter Viltas
SVP of Airlines Relations at Travel Leaders Group - Leisure Travel
Latest: A stopover can either be an organized offer by an airline or the manipulation of your airfare to allow a stopover. You to make sure you receive your documents and you’re not walking around the airp...
Jared Epstein
Principal at Aurora Captial Associates
Latest: Meatpacking today is what I would call New York’s ‘it’ neighborhood.
Reese Stewart
President at Orlando Regional REALTOR Association
Latest: First off, Osceola County’s 25% increase in sales was by far the greatest of the four counties that make up the Orlando metropolitan statistical area. Secondly, sales of duplexes, townhomes, and vi...
Ross Buntrock
Co-founder and CEO at Generous
Latest: We are grateful that, even while recognizing the importance of social distancing, our community is able to bind together and support one another virtually. There are so many needs at a challenging ...
Praerit Garg
Chief Technology Officer at Smartsheet Blog
Latest: That said, the everyday knowledge worker is already overloaded with information, decisions and the number of people they need to collaborate with to get things done. Over the next decade, you’l...
Brodie Gay
VP of Research at Unison Home Ownership Investors
Latest: Diversification is the core principle of modern portfolio theory. We spend a lot of time and diligence on portfolio allocations spanning equities, fixed income securities, and alternative investmen...
Lior Elazary
Co-founder and CEO at inVia Robotics
Latest: Ecentria DC, the primary distribution center supporting OpticsPlanet, Inc., is the latest e-commerce business to benefit from inVia upgrading its warehouse operations to keep pace with the rapid in...
Kelly Roddy
CEO at Saladworks
Latest: The heart of the Saladworks brand is quite simply our people -- including our franchisees and team members as well as our valued guests and the communities we serve. During this unprecedented time ...
Katie DePaola
Co-Founder and CEO at Inner Glow Circle
Latest: If you are an entrepreneur, ask yourself, how can you turn your obstacles into opportunities? Better yet, find a business partner who fills your gaps and who is equally invested in the vision of th...
Alex Victor
Partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron
Expert on
administrative law
Latest: At this point, the advice I am giving to restaurants is to strictly follow the order to close the dining rooms and to assess whether it is worthwhile to remain open for just delivery and take-out s...
Jeanniey Mullen
Chief Innovation Officer at DailyPay
Latest: If everyone is waiting until the 15th to 30th, everyone is going at the same time to the store and a lot is sold out.
Alex Cleanhous
Co-Found, Director of Innovation + Strategy at Web Profits
Latest: COVID-19 is a global pandemic. Governments around the world are enforcing a range of measures from social distancing to lockdowns to stop it from getting worse and many businesses are struggling be...
Nithya Thadani
CEO at RAIN Agency
Latest: I often tell our employees that our biggest competitor in the space is not another voice company, it used to be brands. Brands were understanding that it was an emerging technology but were not qu...
Jeffrey Benowitz
CLU, ChFC at Certified Financial Services and Guardian
Stephen Akin
Registered Investment Advisor at Akin Investments
Latest: ‘The common theme is fear and panic’: These are the lessons learned from the past 3 bear markets BY ERIK SHERMAN | March 27, 2020 3:17 PM EST Stephen Akin, a registered investment adv...
AJ Titus
President at Signarama
Latest: Domestic manufacturing is critical to the United States because it not only creates local businesses and jobs, but also allows business owners to control their timeline when products are needed qui...
Robbie Fraser
Senior Commodity Analyst at Schneider Electric
Latest: For oil, the focus continues to rest on the demand side of the market, with global demand expected to extend its record decline in the weeks ahead as a growing number of countries implement lockdow...
John Lau
Head of Asian Equities at SEI
Latest: “Investors are trying to price in the worst case scenario and the biggest risk is what happens now in the United States and other major countries outside of Asia,”
Shlomo Khoudari
Managing Partner at Elion Partners
Latest: “With its capacity for growth and flexibility in terms of industry usage, this acquisition complements our aggregated South Florida portfolio well,” said Shlomo Khoudari, Managing Partner of Elion ...
Juan DeAngulo
Managing Partner at Elion Partners
Latest: Juan DeAngulo, Managing Partner of Elion Partners, said: “This acquisition is the first in a lineup of assets we have under contract. We anticipate closing on additional pipeline this quarter.” ...
Robert Elwood
Chief Operating Officer & Partner at Practus LLP
Latest: "To build true loyalty, you must invest yourself deeply in the well-being of the client."
Emily Weisgrau
President at Weiswood Strategies
Latest: ""I would love to see the formation of a liberal arts marketing consortium. Consortia exist for academic collaboration, but clearly there is a need for pooling resources and strategies for elevatin...