Nuno Fernandes
Professor of Financial Management at IESE Business School
Latest: "In very innovative and service-oriented industries, the key is the intangible human capital," says Prof Fernandes. “If part of the value of the deal is knowledge-sharing, you have to think about...
Gordy Marks
Managing Broker at RE/MAX Northwest
Latest: There are so many nonprofit organizations in our area that do amazing work and I wanted to share some love with those organizations.
Brian McGlynn
VP, Commerce at Coveo
Latest: Today’s organizations, whether B2C or B2B business models, are under immense competitive pressure and customer expectations. To survive and thrive, they must embrace AI and use it across multiple c...
Alex Edmans
Mercers' School Memorial Professor of Business at Gresham College
Latest: Exclusion does not work with ESG. A box ticking approach will not succeed as you penalise companies that perform badly on issues that are insignificant to that company. This approach considers one ...
Marc Wieder
Partner at Anchin, Block & Anchin
Latest: Cost segregation studies identify assets whose depreciable lives can be set at five, seven or 15 years, as opposed to the building they’re attached to, which would be depreciated over 27.5 or 39 ye...
Jennifer Brandt
Family Law Attorney at Cozen O'Connor
Latest: Misdemeanor charges, felony charges it depends on the condition of the child, it depends on the circumstances of the abandonment. If you're feeling desperate and you don't know what to do with your...
Shane Buckley
President & COO at Gigamon
Latest: Governments worldwide are targets of sophisticated attacks from nation-state actors and other nefarious users. As governments implement digital transformation to increase efficiency and effectivene...
Shehzad Merchant
Chief Technology Officer at Gigamon
Latest: The tools to monitor, secure and manage networks don't work in [the network overlay] world. They don't understand encapsulation. They don't understand multi-tenant networks.
Mary Ellen Stanek
Managing Director Chief Investment Officer at Robert W. Baird & Co
Latest: As our business continues to grow, we remain focused on strengthening our team to assure that we continue to deliver the results our clients expect. The opportunity to add an investment professiona...
Warren Pierson
Managing Director Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Robert W. Baird & Co
Latest: A lot of people have thrown in the towel and said, 'I don't know, maybe interest rates are never going to rise that much, so maybe yields that looked disappointing maybe aren't.
Matt Voda
CEO at OptiMine Software
Latest: Increased access to data is a tremendous gift modern marketers have at their disposal. A mistake, however, is to use data to the exclusion of their own knowledge and experience.
Frank Warnock
Professor of Business Administration at University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Latest: To characterize the current situation, we have historically low unemployment and the economy has been doing, on average, pretty well.
Sandy Galuppo
Managing Director at Boston Private
Latest: A 10b5 plan allows executives to have the ability to sell their company stock for their own financial goals and objectives. It's a personal plan for each individual; it's not a company-wide, static...
Gus Faucher
Chef Economist at PNC Financial Services Group
Latest: The economic fundamentals are very solid right now. Some of the downside risks that the Federal Reserve had been concerned about have faded now that we have a Phase 1 trade deal.
Jennifer Collins
Fellow-in-Residence at Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation
Latest: We strongly believe that continued community engagement can lead to both better investment decisions for investors and better outcomes for the residents of these Opportunity Zones. We hope that thi...
Jeff Fisher
Real estate agent at PropertySimple
Latest: For example, termites see wood in direct contact to the soil—like siding, stairs, or door frames—as a food source, an entryway into the home, and also as shelter.
Jonathan Klein
Chair, Mergers & Acquisitions Group at DLA Piper
Latest: We believe that this innovative technology will do for corporate transactional work what e-discovery has done for litigation.
Jon Gacek
Head of Government, Legal and Compliance at Veritone
Latest: I think what Clearview did was overreach. Certainly that’s a capability. Minority Report is possible, but it’s not a pragmatic use of the technology. It’s just using technology to do what police...
Omar Khan
CEO at Boardwalk Wealth
Latest: This is an extraordinarily compelling growth market for rental housing and is notable for the lack of new supply catering to the needs of the rapidly gentrifying population. Similar to our Texas st...
Gary Schlossberg
Global Strategist at Wells Fargo Investment Institute
Latest: 2019 has been a year for the record books. In our view, a low-inflation, low-interest-rate backdrop has supported ‘easy’ financial conditions this year and encouraged a rotation by many investors i...
Kate Ryan
Managing Director, US at Diffusion PR
Latest: As we enter 2020, the initial fascination with DTC brands has worn off, and they can't rest on their laurels. Both DTC and legacy brands must constantly continue reinventing themselves to exceed th...
Steve Sharkey
Partner (Real Estate & Tax law) at DLA Piper
Latest: I think these regs remove the cloud of doing it. In my assessment, this gives us something that can make this work and make investments happen.
Jonathon Hamburg
CEO & Founder at Berkeley Payment Solutions
Latest: This acquisition positions Berkeley to be one of the most innovative, fastest-growing FinTech companies globally. We are thrilled to join forces and welcome the Pungle team to our fold, as this wil...
Tugberk Duman
Biometrics Expert, Head Of Innovation at Futurice
Latest: We have a software vendor [unnamed] for the facial-conversion algorithm. We built the passenger experience and platform around it, so we didn't develop our own technology for recognizing people.
Meredith Stoddard
Experience Lead, Life Event Planning at Fidelity Investments
Latest: If you wait until you have a fall or an illness to make modifications to your home, it may be more costly and a bigger hassle than if you begin planning well in advance. Being self-aware is the...
Ash Madgavkar
Founder and CEO at Ceres Imaging
Latest: The collaboration between Climate FieldView and Ceres is a leap forward for agriculture. The availability of advanced high-resolution imagery from Ceres, coupled with powerful data analytics and fi...
Rory Joyce
Senior Director of Product Management at Credit Karma
Latest: We started to notice that many of our members have auto loans that were effectively mispriced. We found just bringing awareness of what the calculated APR is, versus what we think they deserve, is ...
Hope Neiman
Chief Marketing Officer at Tillster
Latest: With kiosks, we are able to be smart about what menu items to showcase, which makes it easier to upsell or cross-sell. When you get smarter about how to showcase your menu, you’re not just growing ...
Ken Elefant
Managing Director at Sorenson Capital
Latest: Vidya truly understands how to create value for startups because she has helped create product-market fit herself in her prior roles. As an investment mentor and adviser, she brings an impressive b...
Jim Poole
VP - Business Development at Equinix
Latest: Crosslake Fibre is a great addition to the list of network service providers available at Equinix and presents further connectivity options to our customer. By offering direct connectivity to the C...