Stephen Akin
Registered Investment Advisor at Akin Investments
Latest: 5 Reasons why you should Add Beneficiaries to your Accounts Right Now by James Royal, Investing and wealth management reporter | You want the heirs of your choice to receive your asset...
Charles Maniace
Vice President - Regulatory Analysis & Design at Sovos
Latest: But states aren’t fully equipped to enforce the requirements for ecommerce sellers, said Charles Maniace, vice president of regulatory analysis and design at Sovos, a tax software company. “My gut...
Haohan Xu
CEO and Founder at Apifiny
Latest: "Using blockchain, Apifiny’s settlement network Roxe aims to settle a range of asset classes including the U.S. dollar (USD) and digital currencies. The technology uses smart contracts in the form ...
Tara Wolckenhauer
Division Vice President of Human Resources at ADP
Latest: Your solutions have to fit both of those methods, otherwise you’re not going to get the candidate. The competition is too high today.
M.V. Lee Badgett
Professor of Economics, UMass-Amherst at Center for Employment Equity - UMass Amherst
Latest: The economic case works. In the U.S. we’ve seen it help us move toward marriage equality.
Kellie Rastegar
Creative Director and Co-Founder at Rastegar Property Company
Latest: As we return to business as usual and many get back to work at the office, workplace health safety is a principal concern. How personnel utilize offices and collaborate within them is inherently ch...
Sylvain Perrier
President and CEO at Mercatus
Latest: COVID-19 has accelerated online grocery adoption at a rate the industry hadn’t expected to see for years.
Daniel Lee
Senior Wealth Manager at Plancorp
Latest: When time and money are scarce, even those of us who usually are good at managing our finances can make poor decisions. That’s why it’s more important than ever to review your goals and plan ahead ...
Matthew Pasts
CEO at BTS Asset Management
Latest: Historically, opportunities to “buy back” have been especially favorable in the periods following significant downturns, once an upward trend in risk assets has been reestablished.
Roberto Simon
CFO at WEX Inc.
Latest: Revenue was up 13% in the first quarter, driven by outperformance in our Corporate Payments and U.S. Health businesses, partially offset by lower travel and, to a lesser extent, fleet volumes in th...
Reid Thomas
EVP and GM at NES Financial
Latest: I think it would be helpful to extend that to give more people the opportunity to get the full seven-year benefit. We saw a big spike in investments at the end of December 2019.
Jon Cheney
CEO and co-founder at SeekXR
Latest: The fact that the US patent office agrees that the technology we have created is unique and novel, gives us substantial value in the market and further solidifies Seek as a leader in the augmented ...
Clinton Phillips
CEO and Founder at Medici Telehealth
Latest: Doctors went from saying, 'I'm thinking about doing telemedicine over the next few years,' to all of a sudden going, 'I have to do telemedicine, and I need to do it today. We've been telling doctor...
Sam Zietz
Latest: I’ll give you an analogy I used on somebody with restaurants. I think sports bars are back. People will go back to them pretty quickly. But high-end steak houses? Well, their demographic tends to s...
Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer
Chief Clinical Officer at SmileDirectClub
Latest: Telehealth has become more important than ever for continuity of care during this pandemic. As many patients find their treatment on hold due to interrupted supply or government-mandated closures, ...
Mark Durliat
Co-founder & CEO at Grace Bay Resorts
Latest: Turks and Caicos has captured the imagination of a well-heeled customer. We are seeing some very substantial activity we didn’t have before.
Raj Koneru
CEO at
Latest: Don Callahan is a transformative leader with broad experience in driving strategic change across large global organizations, as well as dealing with multiple stakeholders in local and national gove...
Michael Lippold
Founder & CEO, FreshRealm at FreshRealm
Latest: We're excited to expand our delivery service coast to coast, offering fresh and healthy meals that fit into everyone's busy lives. Shopping with FreshRealm is like having your own food advisor, mea...
Philip Bonoli
Partner at Brutzkus Gubner
Latest: Prohibits employees from doing immoral things and some of the consequences could be a deduction in pay or eliminating pay altogether. It’s very difficult for an employer to reclaim wages that have ...
Tim Ihlefeld
President and CEO at Harqen
Latest: Owning the room virtually can be difficult, simply because most physical cues are largely removed from gatherings via video. Many employees find it hard to exude their leadership qualities over vid...
Sheeva Ghassemi-Vanni
Employment Law Litigation Partner at Fenwick & West
Latest: Make sure you're not unintentionally, willy-nilly deciding who gets to work from home and who doesn't because then you open yourself up to discrimination claims.