Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: How Small Businesses Can Attract and Retain Talent In a Tight Labor Market - Carol Roth, February 2020 "Effective 2-way Communication Communicating often with the team helps to ensure that ever...
David Cahn
Director Global Marketing at Elemica
Latest: Tracking and tracing food from farm to fork is fast becoming a requirement of food/beverage manufacturers to better keep track of products in the various stages from beginning to end to minimize ri...
Mark Wasilefsky
Head Retail Restaurant Finance Group at TD Bank
Latest: Many franchise restaurants find that value meals are expected by consumers and are necessary to generate traffic vital to their business, even though they can be a source of frustration for busines...
Julie Song
CEO at Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF)
Latest: Our partnership with Ranplan as a preferred OEM-Partner will benefit our new and existing partners in both the in-building and ODAS markets. ADRF continually updates our existing products and devel...
Dan Hays
Principal (Partner) at PwC
Latest: But many people are starting to look at 5G today, looking at it as a more future-proof strategy than adopting 4G. 4G LTE has been around for a little over a decade. They are not yet at the mass-pro...
Arpan Sura
Counsel at Hogan Lovells
Latest: Any lack of certainty for businesses operating in this space is going to have an effect on what they are going to do in terms of outreach.
Herve Utheza
Head of Telco and Chief Data Strategy for the Americas at HERE Technologies
Latest: Our integrated partnership offers a greater understanding of location and patterns of movement for more effective OOH and DOOH advertising. Together, we will help brands and advertisers harness the...
Dale Carey
CEO at Eco-Site
Latest: The onset of 5G will usher in a technology shift with decades-long effects. Our financial backing, proven processes and scale have positioned Eco-Site as a well-tailored match to support the needs ...
Paula Vissing
SVP International at Little Caesar's Pizza
Latest: As we continue to expand our global footprint, we are thrilled to bring Little Caesars Pizza's high quality, great-tasting pizza at an everyday value to India. India is an incredibly important new ...
Timothy Sykes
CEO at TLC Media
Latest: If you look at industry statistics 90% of people who trade stocks lose money. I turned my 12,000 Bar Mitzvah money into 5 million dollars and I did it on my own.
Kevin Smith, CFP®
Vice President at Wealthspire Advisors
Latest: At Wealthspire Advisors, we seek to leverage the best technology to optimize the client experience and support the trust-based relationships we form and maintain with our clients. I look forward to...
Eric Requenez
Partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Latest: I’ve long known Stroock as a brand-name law firm in the private funds space. It has a well-established practice and an exceptional client base, all of which make it a great fit for the next chapte...
Sean McGrath
Managing Editor at ProPrivacy
Latest: The government believes that any such mechanism to access an iPhone’s data would be limited to these use cases, but the truth is there is no way to guarantee such control.
Bogdan Botezatu
Director of Threat Research and Reporting at Bitdefender
Latest: Organizations placing more emphasis on training are better at detecting attacks quickly, and more efficient at isolating them.
Larry Harding
Head of North America, TMF Group at TMF Group
Latest: The survey reflects a generally more optimistic outlook in the United States about the global economy and trade. The U.S. economy has been resilient despite the trade war with China.
Brian Andrew
Chief Investment Officer at Johnson Financial Group
Latest: The presidential campaign could result in more noise. That volatility, though, could be an opportunity for investors.
Dory Wiley
President and CEO at Commerce Street Holdings
Latest: Bank of America (BAC) looks like the best value for money center banks for next few years.
Susan Choe
Founder & Managing Partner at Katalyst Ventures
Latest: Women aren’t only leading an explosion of female-focused startups, they’re driving deep technological evolution by investing directly in tech enriching our lives—and more women are leading those pr...
Ted Grannatt
Partner at McCarter & English
Latest: Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors, as well as the carriers and third-party logistics providers that service them, all need sophisticated legal and business counseling, and Ron ...
Brian Jarosinski
Senior Advisor at NFP
Latest: Children that move back home can help your own retirement in a few ways. The main one is charging them rent (and thus teaching financial responsibility) once they move back home. Others include doi...
Jay Gurudevan
Principal Product Manager AI/ML at Twilio
Latest: This will enable authentic two-way conversations between companies and customers – a direct result of a larger trend we’re seeing, customers who expect multichannel communications to be standard.
John San Filippo
Co-Founder at Your Choice Advisors
Latest: As an experienced financial advisor I look at my integration into the Fortis Lux platform as a better way to service my clients and provide financial stability for those that seek financial advice ...
Jim Murray
Chair, Insurance Recovery Group at Blank Rome LLP
Latest: In less than two years at Blank Rome, our insurance recovery team has had the opportunity to solidify our position as one of the leading practices in big law in terms of size, experience, and capab...