Lauren Herring
Latest: It's important for managers to learn the work preferences of the people on their team. That way, to the best extent possible, their people can work on the things that are most interesting and excit...
Hunter Merghart
Head of U.S. Operations at Bitstamp
Latest: In general, we see large buys and sells all the time. We don’t know why people buy and sell, but it’s probably the news of coins moving.
Wade Symons
National Leader, Regulatory Resources Group at Mercer LLC
Latest: Final rules on HRAs and congressional action on HSA expansion will create a lot of buzz in 2019, but the complexity of the rules, administrative challenges and delayed effective dates will push rea...
Brenda Bazan
President at EPSoft
Latest: Ultimately, our goal at EPSoft™ is to elevate human potential. We deliver on that end by supporting the workforce at every juncture – not just with technology, but with the strategy and support our...
Hugh Murray
Partner at McCarter & English
Latest: There’s not a clear answer and not likely to be a clear answer to the question of which party is responsible for ensuring delivery orders are safely handled. I think [they] will be driven more by t...
Hannah Disselbeck
Senior Associate at Fieldfisher
Latest: The bigger question for employers is: how do you keep workforce productivity up? How do you ensure your employees’ wellbeing without putting the profitability of the business at risk? If this becom...
Mike Scarborough
President and CEO at Oak Wealth Partners, Inc.
Latest: The move to get individual annuities out of 403(b) plans may seem contradictory to the present push to get annuities into 401(k) plans, but the issue is cost. “The real issue becomes that many of t...
Timothy W. Wyman, CFP, JD
Managing Partner at Center for Financial Planning
Latest: “Advisors are in the unique position where as revenue goes down, service needs to be at its highest. So keeping our team in place is really important,” said Timothy Wyman, managing partner at the C...
Erica Groshen
Senior Extension Faculty at Cornell University ILR School
Latest: The strength of the rebound will depend partially on the balance between temporary and permanent changes to the economy. All else equal, the more permanent the changes, the more attenuated the reco...
Katia Iervasi
Insurance Writer at
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David Carmell
Founder at DealRockit
Latest: There is no better time than now to expedite business development and financial inclusion to grow both small and big businesses.
Vanessa Matsis-McCready
Assistant General Counsel and Human Resources Consultant at Engage PEO
Latest: It’s imperative that employers stay on top of the latest guidance as it’s changing constantly, including industry-specific rules that may apply.
Kay Van Wey
Attorney at Kay Van Wey
Latest: If an employee in an office setting, for example, was furloughed, they left everything right where it was and it will take time for them to catch up and get back on track.
Dr. Richard Pan
Senator & Pediatrician at Dr. Richard Pan
Latest: These communities are dangerous. With fewer parents vaccinating during the pandemic, the possibility of an outbreak of measles or other diseases occurring in these schools can only rise.
Adam Traidman
CEO at SBI Mining / BRD / Ripple Asia
Latest: I expected with the pandemic people would want to pull money back, especially if they are losing their jobs.
Dr. Neal Mills
Chief Medical Officer at Aon PLC at Aon plc
Latest: Imagine a large manufacturer, maybe there's 20,000 employees showing up. That might be nearly impossible to do but if you begin with a randomized approach. Use the other screening methods and then ...
Clem Chambers
Chief Executive Officer at ADVFN
Latest: (Will there be inflation or deflation?) "But what is an investor to do? I can only say what I’m doing: 50% in cash, 25% in special situation stocks and 25% in inflation hedges. That is a 50/...
Erica Sietsma
COO at Digital Air Strike
Latest: We are thrilled that Review Surge 4.0 was honored by the American Business Awards judges and by voters nationwide. Our goal is to create innovative new products that benefit our clients and their c...
Peter Akbar
Global Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Fashion - SAP at SAP
Latest: While it’s impossible to predict what the future holds, consumers need to support every corner of retail to ensure their favorite private-label brands stick around.
Sandeep Dahiya
Associate Professor of Finance at Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business
Latest: If there is a big retail bankruptcy or liquidation with a lot of job losses and P.E. is involved. That would be like catnip to politicians, because retail is something that touches you and me — unl...
Guy Hirsch
US Managing Director at eToro
Latest: Ever since December, we’ve seen a 300-400% increase in trading volume in the US [for cryptocurrencies], and an 800% increase since May 2019. We see [legitimization] across the board. The entire...
Amber Atherton
Founder & CEO at Zyper
Latest: All the sponsored content that’s being generated by influencers is boring consumers to distraction, and they’re looking instead to the niche communities they’re part of to learn about products and ...
Joseph Hernandez
Partner, Chair of Real Estate Group at Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman
Latest: When possible, a short-term pause allows parties in transactions to avoid making decisions with long-term consequences based on the events of the last few days.
Tim Costello
Founder and CEO at Builders Digital Experience (BDX)
Latest: “I don’t think you will see any perceptible change in construction soon. However, on the design side, you may see builders add or highlight new design features. In particular, you may see changes t...