Dani Pascarella, CFP®
Founder at Invibed
Latest: It's an effect of people graduating with student loans, then they move to a city that's expensive, wages are stagnant so they're not making a ton of money -- and then a cycle of credit card debt wi...
Dr. Anne Peterson
MD, MPH, head of Global Programs for Americares, who has worked to combat Ebola, cholera, plague, anthrax, and dengue is also taking care of her 90 year old father. at Americares
Latest: Sen. Blumenthal has been a longtime friend of Americares and stood beside us on many of these previous disaster responses. Our life-changing programs, medicines and supplies reach millions every year.
Bobbi Rebell
Certified Financial Planner, Tally’s personal finance expert and brand ambassador at Tally
Latest: One warning is to those who might consider this ‘fun’ money. This is money that if not immediately needed should be added to your emergency fund and only used in an emergency. This is not a time to...
Kristine Chin
VP of Customer Experience at Twilio
Latest: Video can be important for communicating details that are difficult to form language around.
Denis Barrier
CEO and Co-founder at Cathay Innovation
Latest: We are proud to participate in this major step in Inato’s development. Our team was deeply impressed by Inato’s growing platform and capabilities. We believe that Inato’s approach is likely to revo...
Felena Hanson
Founder at Hera Hub
Latest: Like other major cities, coworking has exploded in San Diego. Five years ago, the region was only home to a handful of locally owned coworking spaces. This year, there are roughly 90 coworking venu...
Paul West, CFP®, CAP®
Managing Partner at Carson Wealth Management Group
Latest: Just look at the impeachment vote. The party lines were followed, and since each party is beating its respective drum about the direction of the economy, it’s not a surprise about the difference be...
Christopher Peel
Chief Investment Officer at Tavistock Investments
Latest: You cannot run a properly balanced ETF portfolio without fixed income products.
Andy Lerner
Managing Partner at IA Capital Group
Latest: "We invested in three early stage payments companies in the early days of our firm that went public, and our first fund is number one ranked in its category on Pitchbook in terms of returns, so we ...
Caroline Hoffmann
Head of PR & Communications at Budo Sport
Latest: Marketing during COVID-19: What’s the right strategy - Databird Business Journal, March 2020 “The coronavirus has definitely disturbed the economic climate and businesses better adapt the way th...
Tariye Gbadegesin
Managing Director and CIO at ARM Harith Infrastructure Fund Managers
Latest: We are proud to have succeeded in structuring a long-term capital solution for an established industrial operator in Africa. Through this transaction, AFC has mobilised global capital sources towar...
Amy Kartheiser
Founder and Principal at Amy Kartheiser Design
Latest: We coordinate everything with the vendors, contractors, architects, artisans and so on, so the client doesn’t have to. We’re available to answer any questions that pop up, down to the details, and ...
Michael A. Church
Founder and CEO at NestEgg
Latest: As Chief Distribution Officer, Steve will utilize his wealth of knowledge and experience to help target institutions that are looking to leverage technology and provide advice to more clients. The ...
Lisa Cini
Owner at Mosaic Design Studio
Latest: Every year I travel the globe to discover the latest and greatest in assistive technologies. The things that we take for granted in our youth can become difficult as we age, like balancing while we...
Christa Huffstickler
License Partner, Engel & Völkers Atlanta at Engel & Völkers
Latest: With the addition of three firms associated with our band of international powerhouses, we are thrilled to continue pushing the envelope with a fine-tuned team of experts who will elevate our suite...
Dr. Stuart Titus
Chief Executive Officer at MJNA
Latest: The FDA has mistakenly substituted the adverse effects of Epidiolex, a refined, isolated and semi-synthetic form of CBD, as being the same form of CBD that is being sold by those in the nutritional...
David Pfeffer
Real Estate Partner, Chair of Construction Group at Tarter Krinsky
Latest: Although many companies require drug testing before finalizing an employment offer and some do random testing, drug tests on a jobsite can be complicated. As an owner or developer, you’re often dea...
Matt Hamilton
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Hamilton Capital
Latest: While coronavirus and oil prices have served as catalysts, we have been concerned for some time that stretched valuations and flat earnings could eventually lead to the major declines many investor...
Jon Pasternak
Partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron
Latest: I think it’s just the best of a bad situation. There’s a lot at stake here: the shopping mall industry, which really has the most to lose at this point; the manufacturers and overseas shippers to s...
Mike DeGiorgio
CEO and co-founder at CREXi
Latest: Stock market volatility is creating an environment of uncertainty. That said, in many ways, this could benefit commercial real estate in that rate cuts have made the cost of debt capital cheaper an...
Marco Fava
Managing Director at CleverAdvice
Latest: The average revenue per commercial card used to be 3-4 times higher than revenue per consumer card due to higher spend, annual fees, and most of all interchange fees. Interchange Fee Regulation cap...
Jud Mackrill
Chief Marketing Officer at Carson Group
Latest: It’s obvious from where I sit that big tech will want to make the jump. A managed account solution is going to come along with one of these product launches.
Andrew Szczurowski
Portfolio Manager, Global Income Team at Eaton Vance
Latest: Earnings growth seems to be slowing from last year, but let’s keep in mind how strong of a year 2018 was ... I think now we know we have central banks on the side of risk markets, and after kind of...
Khalil Zahar
CEO and founder at FightCamp
Latest: It’s an interactive home boxing gym. It provides everything you need to work out.
Jay Bregman
CEO and Founder at Thimble
Latest: The main effect of COVID-19 that we're seeing on jobs is volatility.
Tim Maurer
Director of Advisor Development at Buckingham Strategic Wealth
Latest: In investing, you can only stay the course if you have one.
Brendon O’Connor
Associate Professor at United States Studies Centre
Expert on
Teaching Politics
Latest: Former Vice President Joe Biden had an amazing turnaround in the Democratic presidential primary and is the clear frontrunner to win his party's nomination.
Derek Horstmeyer
Associate Professor at George Mason University School of Business
Latest: IRAs are phenomenal vehicles to shield your investments from capital gains and other taxes.