Tim Costello
Founder and CEO at Builders Digital Experience (BDX)
Latest: “I don’t think you will see any perceptible change in construction soon. However, on the design side, you may see builders add or highlight new design features. In particular, you may see changes t...
Tom Thimot
CEO at Socure
Latest: By utilizing advanced data science and machine learning techniques, we are able to improve the overall identity verification performance and user experience for banking and other financial institut...
Steve Pilloff
Assistant Professor of Finance at George Mason University School of Business
Latest: Saving money is possible by carpooling with just one person, which essentially splits your costs in half.
Tom Kozlik
Head of Municipal Strategy and Credit at HilltopSecurities
Latest: Tom is Head of Municipal Strategy and Credit at HilltopSecurities, a financial services firm known for its municipal advisory practice. His expertise includes fixed income, municipal credit and res...
Anna Serio
Loans Writer at finder.com
Latest: "The coronavirus outbreak has completely changed the small business marketplace. The majority of businesses are concerned about meeting basic expenses like rent and businesses don’t have enough cer...
Craig Kirsner, MBA
Nationally-Recognized Author, Speaker & President, licensed for 27 years at Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors
Latest: I do believe we are in the middle of a stock market mania. It’s important to recognize this. And like all manias I believe it will end badly. Since the Covid-19 stock market and economic crash, ...
Gabe Beukinga
President, Government Guaranteed Lending at Radius Bank
Latest: This is a great opportunity for commercial real estate brokers and consultants who may have been sidelined during the coronavirus outbreak to be a valuable resource for their clients. The small bus...
Mark Lee
CEO and Founder at Splashtop
Latest: By partnering with JumpCloud and their Directory-as-a-Service, we can leverage their cloud directory to provide authentication via SSO for our remote access platform. Many enterprises want to mass ...
Carla Tardif
CEO at Family Reach
Latest: When you get a cancer diagnosis, you’re not thinking about your finances. You’re thinking about survival, so finances are a topic that often gets pushed to the back burner. A family will stop at no...
Becky Mehr MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, LDN
Director of Outpatient Nutrition at The Renfrew Center
Latest: For some, the process needs to be slow by first introducing foods they deem safe, then introducing more challenging foods.
Randell Leach
CEO at Beneficial State Bank
Latest: All too often the balance of power is tipped unfairly toward the employer, and, as we have seen time and time again, organizations that are primarily focused on maximizing shareholder value may pur...
Russell P. Reeder
CEO at Infrascale
Latest: The latest results from our survey are quite surprising, as they suggest that most SMBs think they are prepared to recover their data and be back up and running after a disaster. Yet more than one ...
Tushar Garg
CEO at Flyhomes
Latest: As we went through this process we’re like, ‘Yeah, the home buying experience itself is not quite where it needs to be. So then the journey became in terms of how do you improve the home buying pro...
Jacob Haar
Managing Partner at Community Investment Management
Expert on
Investments Finance
Latest: Ingenuity and hard work are defining characteristics of small business owners. If we give them the tools to rebuild — a New Deal for small business — they will create jobs and economic activity on ...
Mike Whitmire
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FloQast
Latest: In uncertain times, every dollar counts. One size does not fit all and for many organizations, the complexity of legacy close management software leads to poor user adoption and the promised benefi...
Anna Helhoski
Student Loans Expert at NerdWallet
Latest: What college will look like in the fall and beyond is uncertain, but one thing is clear: Students will still need to take loans to pay for higher education.
Patrick Haddad
Chief Product and Technology Officer at Disinfect & Shield
Latest: Now, more than ever, including when stay-at-home orders are lifted and business resumes, organizations need to take every precaution to make sure employers, customers and visitors are safe and conf...
Christopher Marich
Co-Founder at MySky
Latest: We are committed to making a positive change in the highly unregulated private jet industry. As we approach a market downturn due to recent world events, we are able provide our clients with the to...
Maureen Gillan-Myer
Head of Human Resources, HSBC USA at HSBC
Latest: VE is unique in its way of preparing today’s youth for jobs of the future - some of which have yet to be invented. While technological skills are important for those careers, the higher cognitive s...
Jonathan Curtis
Portfolio Manager at Franklin Templeton Investments
Expert on
Latest: As organizations shift to a multi-cloud operating model, HashiCorp is well-positioned to partner with and enable enterprises to realize the full benefits of their multi-cloud strategy. This is why ...
Kim Hoffman
Director, Talent Acquisition at Intuit Inc.
Latest: When job hunting during this difficult time, remember that this is a very unique situation that no one could have ever anticipated.
Aleida Martinez Molina
Bankruptcy and insolvency attorney at Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman
Latest: The nation’s largest mall operator may be positioned to facilitate the transition of traditional malls from almost exclusive retail shopping venues to places with more ‘experience/entertainment’ te...
Dyan Hes
Founder & Medical Director at Gramercy Pediatrics
Latest: We have zero tests for children. We have zero swabs. I've had patients whose parents have COVID, child has a 102.5 fever. At the beginning when we were doing this, we were sending them to the ER. T...
Russell E Carr
President at Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC
Latest: “According to recent studies, COVID-19 can ‘live’ on contaminated surfaces for up to four to five days depending on the surface type,” Carr said. “In order to account for this potential exposure, r...