Ram Krishnna Rao
CEO at MarketOrders
Latest: Carol Roth - Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make, March 2020 "Ask Customers Feedback! A big mistake small businesses can make is not asking their customers what they want. Sometimes, it's to...
David Trainer
CEO at New Constructs
Latest: We are thrilled WisdomTree has collaborated with us to further democratize access to differentiated investment products based on superior data. No other firms can match the diligence of our earning...
Peter Messana
CEO at Searchspring
Latest: We are on a mission to give ecommerce merchandisers superpowers. That means constantly looking for new ways to expand the power of our platform. The merging of these two amazing teams, technologies...
Emma Follansbee
Attorney at Mintz
Latest: Communication is key for employers to reinforce sick leave policies, but the official details about the virus should come from government officials. We understand the scare, but they shouldn’t ...
Alex Kinnier
Co-founder & CEO at GetUpside
Latest: Merchants and consumers both win with GetUpside’s Partner Platform. For merchants, making GetUpside’s offer technology available to other apps and platforms increases reach and profitably drives mo...
Burton Goldfield
President & CEO at TriNet
Latest: We need the stimulus to help these small businesses. However, I believe this will be solved by the private sector, in supporting their employees. We had a healthy small business environment before ...
Leonard Samuels
Partner at Berger Singerman
Latest: Inevitably, employers will be fielding questions from employees regarding potential exposure to COVID-19 at the workplace, raising issues of confidentiality and open communication.
Seth Silverstein
EVP, Credit Analytics at Zest AI
Latest: Lenders can price more accurately for risk when they’re armed with more data to understand new and current customers.
Rosalind Wiggins
Lecturer at Yale School of Management
Latest: The Financial Crisis Archives is an adjunct to the other work that we do at YPFS. We’re collecting important primary and secondary documents relating to crises so that they will be available in on...
Taylor Tepper
Senior Writer at The Wirecutter
Latest: Gender inequality is a huge issue but it's not clear that is what's at play here. Too little is known about the particulars of the people involved or the factors Apple and Goldman used in the credi...
Sangram Vajre
Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus
Latest: There is a key similarity between ‘winning’ and ‘ABM’ and that is the mindset. When you want to win at something, you focus all your energy and resources on that one thing. Winning in business is s...
Lorna Borenstein
CEO at Grokker
Latest: We know this is a tricky time for everyone and the stress is mounting. In trying to find ways to offer support during the COVID-19 outbreak, last week we were able to drop our paywall and make Grok...
Ayesha Dillon
VP of Channel Sales at Unison Home Ownership Investors
Latest: Over the last years, we've homed in on segments of the population, but we found that millennial buyers are coming out with student debt and have a harder time with the down payment, so they are a n...
Ed Buthusiem
Managing Director, Health Analytics at Berkeley Research Group, LLC
Latest: It sounds like he had one great house of cards that, when the assets began to be distressed, they couldn’t finance the empire.
Haresh Patel
CEO at Mercatus
Latest: In the post-tsunami economy, Japan has been undergoing an epic energy transformation in an attempt to shift away from its reliance on Nuclear power generation. Almost overnight the market became ex...
AJ Loiacano
CEO at Capital Rx
Latest: Receiving the designation as Innovation Champion is a validation of our mission to change the way drugs are priced and administered, and it represents the broad support across the country to transf...
Ari Rastegar
CEO at Rastegar Property Company
Latest: Austin has cemented its status as one of America’s top cities for quality of life, economic growth, and job opportunity, as evidenced by the incredible pace at which people are moving here. Many of...
Jennifer Bisceglie
Founder and CEO at Interos
Latest: After a strong 2019, this funding shows Interos has already secured major support in 2020 from the world’s most successful investors. Like our customers, investors see the value of the Interos plat...
Ellen Remmer
Champion at Invest for Better & Senior Partner at The Philanthropic Initiative
Latest: If I had been able to join an Invest for Better Circle at the beginning of my journey, I would have stepped up much sooner and more confidently to invest my own assets for good. With the Toolkit, m...
Manuel Silva
Partner, Head of Investments at Santander Innoventures
Latest: The company has seen impressive growth since we originally invested in them last year, and the European mortgage lending market is ripe for the type of machine learning tools that Roostify offers.
Francis Dinha
CEO at OpenVPN
Latest: OpenVPN is incorporated in the US, and we pride ourselves on our transparency and that our open source protocol is the de facto standard used by almost all other providers. This new report that exp...
Renaud Laplanche
CEO and Co-Founder at Upgrade
Latest: If you only make the minimum payment on a credit card, it’s going to take you 25 years to pay it off. Credit cards don’t encourage that responsible behavior of paying down your balance every month....
Charlie Youakim
CEO at Sezzle
Latest: We are excited to report that we experienced tremendous growth across all our key operating metrics in 2019. Our team is committed to our mission of financially empowering the next generation of co...
Mike Hicks
Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at Igloo Software
Latest: What is severely lacking across many organizations today is a single digital destination that integrates with the key apps and systems employees need to be effective and to get real work done. When...
Bert Brenner
Director of Asset Allocation, People's United Advisors at People's United Advisors
Latest: The weaker the support, the weaker the economy will be in October. The bill before Congress right now is inadequate. The support it provides for individuals is too short—it should be four months, n...
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Chief Medical Officer and President of Virgin Pulse Institute at Virgin Pulse
Latest: It's a crowded ecosystem. Our clients have an average of 12 employee and wellbeing vendors in place. The number one reason people aren't engaged is they don't even know the programs exist.
Dr. Srini Pillay
CEO at NeuroBusiness Group
Latest: "Managing anxiety in the workplace requires us to look beyond conventional and traditional methods."
Kale Abrahamson
Founder at Nine University
Latest: Most people have never heard of competitive research. This will give you the metrics to tell you if your business will be successful or not. Why wouldn't you want to know ahead of time if your busi...
Michael Pappachristou
Wealth Advisor at RegentAtlantic Capital
Latest: These credits are added to your total service credit, but do not have an impact on your membership tier. Contributions using funds from a checking account will not be tax-deferred, however, they wi...
Nancy Reardon
Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Maestro Health at Maestro Health
Latest: The results of our survey point to everything that is wrong with the American healthcare experience. While people think they feel positively about their current experiences in the healthcare system...