Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: 20 Entrepreneurs Explain The Disruptions Happening In Their Industries - CEO Blog Nation, April 2020 "The jewellery industry tends to mimic what happens in the apparel industry and the key trend...
Ram Krishnna Rao
CEO at MarketOrders
Latest: Carol Roth - Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make, March 2020 "Ask Customers Feedback! A big mistake small businesses can make is not asking their customers what they want. Sometimes, it's to...
Dr. Iman Abuzeid
CEO at Incredible Health
Latest: We look at at least 40-50 different criteria, including location preferences, licenses and skills. We work with each hospital individually to understand their key needs so we can customize their al...
Maura Nevel Thomas
Trainer, Author, Speaker at Regain Your Time
Latest: From schedules to to-do lists, many of us plan our days around managing minutes and hours in an attempt to extract the most from each day. Focusing on time, however, is a flawed approach to product...
Dr. Russell Morfitt
Chief Psychology Officer at Learn to Live
Latest: Of course, since close to half the population is introverted, both social anxiety and introversion can exist in one person.
Panos Skliamis
CEO at SPIN Analytics
Latest: Managing credit risk models for banks in today's shifting regulatory environment is incredibly complex and expensive. Developing, maintaining and reporting on these models requires a host of specia...
Adrian Helfert
Senior Vice President, Director of Mulit-Asset Portfolios at Westwood Holdings Group
Latest: Recent upbeat data shows the housing market is stabilizing. But behind the positive trend lies an alarming reality: right now there is more government-backed housing debt than at any other point in...
Jay McKenzie
Director, Consumer Insights and Communication at Builders Digital Eexperience (BDX)
Latest: Another trend is generational, McKenzie comments: “The housing market is now driven by tech-native Millennials. Features that excite baby boomers are simply expected by younger (home) buyers. Build...
Eddie Perkin
Chief Equity Investment Officer at Eaton Vance
Latest: I don’t think we have seen enough of a pullback to warrant dip buying just yet. For investors with mandates to be fully invested, I favor non-U.S. stocks and quality cyclicals with strong balance s...
Jessica Bishop
Editor / Owner at The Budget Savvy Bride
Latest: Track your flights on Google Flights and be ready to pounce when they dip in price. Split costs with other guests or members of the wedding party. Rideshare, bunk up in a hotel for the night, or sp...
Francesco Castelli
Portfolio Manager at Banor Capital
Latest: If the dearth of wholesale issues we’re currently observing were to last for another three to six months it would become a real problem: regulators want banks to be able to tap markets whenever the...
Vishal Garg
Founder & CEO at
Latest: Similar to how Amazon upended the retail industry, is digitally disrupting the $15 trillion mortgage industry. The capital we’ve raised will enable us to accelerate our investment in pro...
Len Covello
Official Member at Forbes Technology Council
Latest: We are grateful to be acknowledged for our innovative work in the loyalty technology sector. This award is the reflection of a team effort and ethos at Engage to always strive to over-deliver again...
Patrick Hardy
Founder at Disaster Hawk
Latest: (Contactless delivery) prevents both drivers and customers from transmitting illnesses to one another. When families create disaster response plans, they should always include how they plan to acce...
Jim DeLoach
Managing Director at Protiviti
Latest: Nearly half of the top risks this year are related to culture and attracting and retaining top talent. This is happening at a time when organizations need to execute increasingly complex strategies...
Dr. Chaye Lamm Warburg,
Occupational Therapist at Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services
Latest: Kids now are overwhelmingly sedentary, spending endless hours with electronics at the expense of experiencing nature, challenging their motor skills and learning to navigate social relationships in...
Dr. Zlatin Ivanov
Psychiatrist at Psychiatrist NYC
Latest: The main tool of sociopathic men is the physical control and dominance. But don’t expect that from the female sociopath. Women are more likely to exploit your emotions, so they may resort to extrem...
Mabel Nunez
Founder, Chief Education Officer at Girl$ on The Money
Latest: “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” -Warren Buffett
Erica Mackey
CEO & Co-Founder at MyVillage
Latest: If you could imagine starting at the place where you don’t have anywhere safe and nurturing to send your child when you go to work, that means that you don’t go to work.
Deb Clarke
Global Head of Investment Research at MERCER
Latest: The investment industry is predisposed to viewing past success as an indicator of future success. Reasoning tells us that firms that have generated winning returns in the past have the talent, mind...
Latest: In the U.S., upwards of 50% of the population is deficient in magnesium. This makes it an important nutrient to supplement, even during pregnancy.
Dmitry Marinchenko
Senior Director at Fitch Ratings
Latest: Aramco is raising funds mainly by conventional borrowing while ADNOC is using more sophisticated forms of funding, including selling minority stakes in subsidiaries. ADNOC is more open to cooperati...
Michael Henry
CEO at Mind Rocket
Latest: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.