Nadir Ali
CEO at Inpixon
Latest: Our customers are realizing significant real-world benefits from their Inpixon solutions, ranging from increased physical cyber security situational awareness and rogue device detection, to visitor...
James Borow
ex-Snap ad exec // now founder + CEO of Pepper Financial at Pepper Financial
Latest: All functionally impact a business’s all-in customer acquisition costs.
Katie Coleman
Financial Advisor & President at Coleman Financial Group
Latest: There is no magic number. Your retirement plan and withdrawal strategy should be as unique as you are.
Chris Bach
Senior VP, Wealth Advisor at RMB Capital
Latest: Boomerang kids often force you to revisit your budget, and that’s a good thing. The exercise of reassessing your spending and savings habits can uncover opportunities to cut expenses.
Raoul Parekh
Associate at GQ Littler
Latest: Many businesses facing an employment claim feel like they are operating under a cloud until that claim is dealt with. That's why it's important to get these claims dealt with quickly, but at curren...
Keith Pennachio
Latest: Given the rapidly changing landscape for telecommunications infrastructure, SQUAN sees great importance in its involvement in the CBRS Alliance. The opportunity for us to be a part of the process t...
Ryan Denehy
CEO at Electric AI
Latest: Getting a firm like Bessemer onboard is a huge vote of confidence and sets us up to execute on next steps.
Chad Wilkins
EVP, Head of HSA Bank at Webster Bank
Latest: We know healthcare can be a significant expense throughout a person's lifetime, especially in retirement, and that HSAs are an advantageous way to save for future healthcare costs. I believe this r...
Sabine H. Schoenberg
Founder & Host at Sabine's New House
Latest: It is often said that spaces with plants make you feel better when in fact there is actual scientific proof that this is so. At a time when indoor air quality should be a concern to all of us, it i...
Susan Tellem
Partner at Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc.
Latest: Boeing may be helped because people are used to airline travel having its ups and downs.
Jason Henrichs
CEO of Fintech Forge / co-Host of Breaking Bank / Biz Journal Influencer at American City Business Journals
Latest: Community and midsize banks play a critical, intimate role for their customers. Working as a consortium levels the technological playing field and helps banks improve both the depth and breadth of ...
Ray Kingman
CEO at Semcasting
Latest: This prestigious recognition is a testament to the need for Semcasting’s solutions as well as the commitment our team members have shown to their customers. Restructuring the company in 2017 to cre...
Lisa Seeger
Design Trend Expert at N-Hance Wood Refinishing
Expert on
Latest: Since islands take up a smaller portion of the kitchen in comparison to the entire cabinetry, adding a pop of color—such as sage, navy, or even a poppy orange color—is a great way to incorporate ch...
Linde Murphy
Managing Director at Argent Retirement Plan Advisors
Latest: Whether intended or not, FINRA is eradicating small firms through death by a thousand cuts delivered in the form of overwhelming regulation. Every week, we see more small firms shut their doors whi...
Dr. James Wantuck
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Offer of PlushCare at PlushCare
Latest: Patients can go on the website and find out if their symptoms are suggestive of allergies. They can order the testing and go in person to get the blood drawn. And then they have a visit with a Plus...
Michael Burdiek
CEO at CalAmp
Latest: As part of our goal to increase our global footprint, we've recently made three acquisitions with the additions of LoJack Mexico, Synovia Solutions and Tracker UK. These acquisitions are a stepping...
Marcia Mantell
Founder and President at Mantell Retirement Consulting
Latest: As for the divorced woman, not all will be eligible to receive benefits based on their ex-spouses’ work records.
Juho Sarvikas
Chief Product Officer of HMD Global at HMD Global
Latest: We see a particular opportunity for us in bringing 5G to a more affordable segment as we enter the market. I would say affordable in relation to what’s available today. I would love to see us at ha...
Max Smith
CEO at OjO Electric
Latest: The issue is, there’s nowhere to park, and if you’re making multiple stops in that van, you have to find ‘nowhere to park’ multiple times. You have to double-park, and then you get tickets.
Lisa Greene-Lewis
CPA and tax expert at TurboTax at TurboTax
Latest: There’s been a rise in the amounts of people investing. Taxpayers had a pain point of inserting all their info for transactions, like stock and cryptocurrency sales.
Bryan Rosenblatt
Principal at Craft Ventures
Latest: We are impressed with Soundstripe’s growth since its start in 2016. Their unique approach to helping creators source high-quality music for film, video, and gaming streams is simple to use, cost...
Leland Kim
Corporate Communications Director, Global Media Relations at AT&T
Latest: AT&T is building a one-of-a-kind, 24,000-square-foot retail store in the iconic One Powell building, in downtown San Francisco near Union Square. This three-level store will feature 2 floors of AT&...
Yanni Poulakos
Travel Expert at
Latest: Smart home devices like Amazon Alexa have forged partnerships with brands like Marriott, and allow for travelers to ask Alexa for extra toiletries or room service. This eliminates liaising with a f...
Bryan Ward
Managing Partner at ProCore Advisors
Latest: It will be tough to match the simplicity of the 529 with the amount you can front load into them. But other options that may be suitable include a Roth IRA.
Dr. Mariea Snell
Assistant Director of the Online Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Maryville University at Maryville University
Latest: Technology, of course, is changing the way hospitals treat all patients: Videoconferencing tools such as Skype, combined with wearables like Fitbits, are laying the foundation for virtual care to r...
Ofir Zemer
CEO at Cellwize
Latest: At Cellwize, 5G is not the future, it is now. Cellwize RAN automation and orchestration technology with VMware Smart Assurance can give CSPs end-to-end control of mobile services. We are excited to...
Dina Mayzlin
Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing at University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business
Latest: This celebrity strategy is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. But it might not make a big difference in companies’ long-term success. There’s a big debate about the extent to which any...
Nicole Avena
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Mount Sinai Hospital
Latest: When you can articulate that a craving exists, you can identify and define it, which means you can experience it. Having a definition means cravings are real, whereas if cravings aren’t well define...
Emily Weisgrau
President at Weiswood Strategies
Latest: "Customize your message to each audience. It's more work, but it's donor-centric, and it's worth it."