Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: 24 supply chain experts & business leaders reveal the #1 challenge of supply chain management (and how to solve it) - 6 River Systems, June 2020 "The management of data and records, especially w...
Russell E Carr
President at Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC
Latest: “According to recent studies, COVID-19 can ‘live’ on contaminated surfaces for up to four to five days depending on the surface type,” Carr said. “In order to account for this potential exposure, r...
Dana Radcliffe
Senior Lecturer of Business Ethics at Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
Latest: In emergencies where critical supplies are scarce, the conditions of a ‘free and fair market’ don’t exist—since the buyers don’t have options.
Sanjay Gupta
VP of Corporate Development and Product Management at Mitek Systems
Latest: The coronavirus was a wakeup call. Following the success seen in places like Taiwan and South Korea using biometrics to prevent the spread of the virus, countries around the world may look to repli...
Max Wessel
Chief Innovation Officer at SAP
Latest: SAP can help address customers’ short-term needs and mitigate long-term risks by offering lightweight products that automate their processes. Automation reduces dependency on domain expertise, whic...
Christopher Rim
CEO and Founder at Command Education
Latest: Almost all of my students who have been admitted to top-tier colleges are reconsidering their plans for this upcoming academic year, with some submitting gap year request forms to delay the start o...
Daniel Hochler
Managing Associate at Forest Hills Financial Group
Latest: Even if you do not get along with your former spouse, it is still important to protect the child or children you had with him or her. Taking out a life insurance on your former husband or wife, wil...
Christian Beedgen
Co-founder and CTO at Sumo Logic
Latest: Early in our development of Sumo Logic, we built a generic and unsupervised anomaly detection system to track how often different classifications of logs appeared, with the idea that this would hel...
Andrew Skafel
President + CEO at Edgewater Wireless
Latest: With the recent industry developments in the release of Wi-Fi6 products and the increasing focus on Wi-Fi density, our key messages of Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing are resonating. Commercial opportunitie...
Brad Deutser
Founder or Deutser and Deuster Clarity Institute at Deutser
Latest: We are pleased to have Rob joining the Deutser team. Rob has spent his career delivering transformation and driving growth globally. I believe his decisive, results-driven approach and his experien...
Eileen Iles
Partner at Crowe LLP
Latest: Directors also need to think about cybersecurity when hosting a remote meeting since sensitive information may be discussed. You have to monitor to make sure no one gets onto the meeting that shoul...
Mark Zyla
Managing Director at Zyla Valuation Advisors
Latest: The third, which isn’t used as broadly is called the cost approach. It’s important to be able to distinguish between goodwill that’s attached to the person and the business itself. These also show ...
Tom Livne
CEO and Founder at Verbit
Latest: We are extremely proud to have been able to turn Verbit into one of the market-leading companies in our industry three years after its inception. This latest financing round is an important milesto...
Alex Atzberger
CEO at Episerver
Latest: It is clear from our data and conversations with customers that digital transformation is being accelerated to address immediate needs due to COVID-19. Direct-to-consumer sales, for example, have b...
Lindsay Kaplan
Co-Founder at Chief
Latest: We’ve always described ourselves as a community that happens to have a space, not a space that a community is built around. This is especially evident right now. There has never been a more importa...
Carolyn Childers
CEO & Co-Founder at Chief
Latest: We always said we are a network that happens to have a clubhouse, not a space or clubhouse that then tries to build a community in it. As we’ve made this transition into a Covid-19 quarantine world...
Ruth Bernstein
CEO & Co-Founder at YARD NYC
Latest: Seeing so many moms leading the charge at work, carrying so much of the weight on the front lines and figuring out how to homeschool on the fly moved us to want to celebrate moms in a big way this ...
Faith Xue
Editorial Director at Byrdie
Latest: We had such an amazing turnout in New York and it definitely exceeded our expectations. We found that people really wanted to come in and not only try the samples but play around with the product. ...
Kevin Nicholson
Global Fixed Income Co-CIO at RiverFront Investment Group
Latest: Yields relative to Treasuries are elevated and offer an opportunity for price appreciation as the credit risk premium declines to more normal levels. Hence, in the RiverFront Moderate Growth and In...
Tom Shipley
CEO at Atlantic Coast Brands
Latest: This is an exciting time for the company. We've seen tremendous success building our brands while remaining true to our multi-channel approach to selling. We plan to continue this momentum as we f...
Mark Fratrik
SVP and Chief Economist at BIA Advisory Services
Latest: Local television stations, like all media, will see significant decreases in advertising from many business verticals like travel, leisure and retail. Political advertising will buffer those decrea...
Anita Rausch
Head of Capital Markets at WisdomTree Investments Inc
Latest: Trading is a sensitive topic. It’s not most advisors’ ‘space’; they didn’t get into this business to trade.
Scott Welch
Chief Investment Officer, Model Portfolios at WisdomTree Investments Inc
Latest: The dramatic market volatility over the past several months has many investors seeking, once again, to incorporate less-traditional or lower-correlation strategies into their portfolios.
Jeremy Schwartz
Executive Vice President & Global Head of Research at WisdomTree Investments Inc
Latest: Software has been moving to the cloud for its more agile operating environment. It has also allowed people to access things from anywhere, which is relevant in our current work-from-home environment.
Jarrett Lilien
President and Chief Operating Officer at WisdomTree Investments Inc
Latest: After more than a decade where growth in momentum have outperformed value, we are seeing early signs that a rotation is beginning.
Eric Balshin
CEO at Yesterday Wellness
Latest: A large portion of early CBD adopters were crossovers from THC who already had an existing comfort level with marijuana.
Kyle Schmitt
Vice President and Managing Director at J.D. Power at J.D. Power
Latest: You’ve got a group of people who just don’t think they’ll be using their car as much. Their premiums aren’t going down.
Rob Spivey
Director of Research at Valens Research
Latest: Even during the midst of the Great Recession, the firm was able to expand returns. But clearly CFO Walljasper’s communication with the market was effective, as the stock kept rising even as the com...
Robert Deshaies
President, Healthcare at WEX Inc.
Latest: The majority of Americans who can take advantage of an HSA aren’t doing so, and we want to help change that. As a spending account that offers a tax benefit—and oftentimes an employer match—an HSA ...
Todd Thomson
Chief operating and financial officer at Kairos Ventures
Latest: The investment environment for VCs has changed substantially. These are very uncertain times for business models and are challenging for fundraising. VCs need to re-evaluate everything in this cont...