Kelli Haugh
Vice President of NCS Regulatory Compliance at Foreside
Latest: The custody rule is there to protect the client from the advisor misappropriating or taking client funds without authorization. Some regulators believe having access to that payment information and...
Marguerita Cheng
Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth
Latest: If you have some extra capital, you have a long-time horizon and it’s consistent with your investment objective, this may be something that you may want to consider.
Kristina Hooper
Chief Global Market Strategist at
Latest: Since the beginning, I haven’t found any compelling reason why China would want to make major concessions to the U.S.,. I always expected that either the U.S. would accept minor concessions around ...
Abigail Gunderson
Wealth Advisor at Tanglewood Total Wealth Management
Latest: Taking baby steps can help people who are overwhelmed by the process. And even if they see a financial planner or adviser for just an hour, or talk with their parents, it can help clear the confusion.
Vera Hanson
Public Relations Associate at Stash
Latest: Start by assessing your current financial situation: any debt you have, how much is coming in each month vs. how much you’re spending, upcoming expenses, and long-term savings goals.
Sukhi Jutla
Co-Founder & COO at MarketOrders
Latest: Cook is right to stress Apple's focus on data protection as this is what will help them stand out from the competition in the areas they are now looking to dominate. He has cleverly picked the one ...
Stephanie Genkin
Certified Financial Planner at My Financial Planner, LLC
Latest: Typically, an emergency account is for job loss, medical and dental emergencies, family emergencies, car repairs when you need it to commute to work, forced move on short notice, not cheap tickets ...
Elizabeth Norton
Managing Research Director - Mid-Atlantic Region at Transwestern
Latest: A slow first quarter is not a predictor for the upcoming year.
Shannon Saccocia
Chief Investment Officer at Boston Private
Latest: If China’s economy continues to slow even after a trade deal is reached, that malaise could inflame global economic fears once again.
Jonha Richman
Advisory Board Member at Litecoin Foundation
Latest: Success is relative for many people – for some, it’s about battling the inner demons that constantly try to distract us from achieving our goals. For others, it’s closing that much-coveted sale. Fo...
Sarah Lewis
Principal at Aequitas Wealth Management
Latest: Ultimately, the ability to be flexible with spending and portfolio withdrawals can cushion a retiree's financial security.
Sandra Bernardo
Communications Manager at Experian
Latest: A good credit rating is usually the gateway to obtain better financial opportunities. Unfortunately, today more than 100 million Americans do not have access to credit either because their credit s...
Rosemary Frank
Financial Advisor at Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC
Latest: Consumers who are stretched thin is the result of “their financial illiteracy combined with conspicuous consumption. They are living beyond their means because they never understood that their ‘mea...
Sarah Morgenstern
Principal, Investments at Flourish
Latest: They go above and beyond, not just being transparent about what they’re charging, but also emphasizing value clarity--showing folks how they’re better off.
Emmalyn Shaw
Managing Partner at Flourish
Latest: Most Americans are struggling. 40 percent of the country’s adults, if faced with an unexpected expense of $400, would either not be able to cover it or would cover it by selling something or borrow...
Morghan Richardson
Partner, Family Law at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron
Latest: You just want to travel with your child and to plan things in advance, and that becomes super difficult when you’re in the middle of a custody debate or contested divorce.
Judith Corprew
Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer at Patriot Bank, N.A.
Latest: Children who understand financial literacy will grow up to become adults who have their ability to handle their personal finances, from creating a monthly household budget to investing for retireme...
Pam Friedman
Partner at Silicon Hills Wealth Management
Latest: Start with your goals and objectives. Do you want to reduce debt, pay less taxes and save more for retirement, or simply understand your resources and debts?
Pamela Capalad
Founder & Financial Planner at Brunch & Budget
Latest: It’s a little extra administrative thing, but not having to owe that much money at tax time and not having to pay penalties is a big reason why it’s worth it.
Pam Hepp
Healthcare Attorney at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney
Latest: It is possible that patient information could be shared and used to train one of Amazon’s artificial intelligence algorithms. Again, it depends on the agreement. The HIPAA Privacy Rule does require...
Molly Hemmeter
President & CEO at Landec Corporation
Latest: We’re constantly seeing a rise in cost and labor. We’re constantly seeing a rise in cost in field cost and we’re always dealing with the volatility of mother nature. And what we need to do is consi...
Michele Dupre
Group Vice President at Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Latest: Targeted offers, unique experiences, convenient shipping options, and strong customer support in-store and on-line are expected year-round.
Alenka Grealish
Senior Analyst, Corporate Banking at Celent
Latest: Critical to blockchain's achieving economic viability is scalability.
Megan Gorman
Managing Partner at Chequers Financial Management
Latest: This is a big change, as previously you could deduct 50% of the cost. If you think about how the business world works, this will impact a lot of self-employed taxpayers, as you can no longer deduct...
Raghee Horner
Managing Director, Futures Trading at Simpler Trading
Latest: The Dow is a weighted average, designed to move higher and remove underperforming names in its self-interest.
Cheryl Aaron
Senior Counsel at Michael Best & Friedrich
Latest: Before businesses and online retailers accept cryptocurrency as payment, a thorough analysis is necessary to determine whether the potential benefits outweigh the inherent risks and costs, and what...
Jen Redding
Sr. Analyst, Equity Research at Wedbush Securities
Latest: “We see Lulu as positioned better than most, but also see less upside ahead as the retailer faces tough comparisons in a dynamic retail environment."
Nancy Perez
Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager at Boston Private
Latest: Royal Caribbean (NYSE:RCL), that’s one that we’ve held for a while. And I continue to think it’s one of the most attractive growth stocks at a reasonable price.