Holly Glowaty
Co-Founder at Flourish: The Growth of Branded Currency Conference
Expert on: Sports Payments Branded Currency Digital Payments Fintech
Latest: We want people to actually understand the value of their program and how to make it is going to grow.
Carolyn Howard
Founder & Managing Member at SeaCure Advisors
Expert on: Certified Financial Planner Estate planning Retirement planning Wealth Management Markets
Latest: What I figured out was that I really liked financial planning, which was not unlike doing a lab experiment. You have a lot of data, you look at that data and work with the issues within the data, a...
Cary Carbonaro
Managing Director at United Capital Financial Advisors
Expert on: Wealth Management Certified Financial Planner investment planning Financial Planning
Latest: Coordinating the best strategy for an individual, and their spouse, if relevant — requires expertise. It’s a big decision, and I think people take it lightly. They don’t realize it’s going to impac...
Helima Croft
Managing Director at RBC
Expert on: investing energy Commodities market strategy Economics
Latest: Trump has sanctioned two OPEC countries and is calling on OPEC now to dig him out of the hole he helped dig.
Arielle Patrick
Senior Vice President at Edelman Financial Services
Expert on: Edelman Financial Services Restructuring Bankruptcy Crisis Management Mergers & Acquisitions
Latest: I truly believe that the key to success is building strong relationships and credibility at one place when you’re young.
April Rudin
Founder & CEO at The Rudin Group
Expert on: Market Strategist Asset management Fintech Wealth Management Markets
Latest: Analog solutions won’t cut it in a digitized world, especially when it comes to luring talent away from Silicon Valley.
Mayra Rodriguez Valladares
Managing Principal at MRV Associates
Expert on: emerging market Equities Fixed Income Trading & Inve... Foreign exchange market Banking Regulation
Latest: The banks have known for a while that this day was coming; they got so beat up during the financial crisis, and all these non-banks didn’t have the same regulations to comply with. From 2008 to now...
constance hubbell
CEO at The Hubbell Group, Inc
Expert on: Litigation PR Employee Communications Content Develpment Crisis Management Corporate Restructurings Su...
Latest: Crisis preparedness should include up-to-date contact lists to ensure that you can reach every investor and key stakeholders such as institutional consultants and platform gatekeepers in a timely m...
Wendy Harrington
Chief Marketing Officer at Figure Technologies
Expert on: Blockchain Technologies Home equity loan Home equity line of credit Home equity Consumer Lending
Latest: As we were looking at what’s going on for retirees and how we could help, there’s not a lot of options today. Reverse mortgages don’t have a good reputation, and can’t help a lot of people because ...
Ashley Petersen
Lead Oil Market Analyst at Stratas Advisors
Expert on: investing Commodities Market Analyst Oil Economics
Latest: A squeeze could be short-lived. Long-term, heavy crudes are still facing an uphill battle for value.
Keren Nadel Orian
Managing Director at Saga Foundation
Expert on: product management Startups Research Digital marketing Brand Building
Latest: At this point, SGA value comes in full from the reserve held in major fiat currencies in a mixture replicating the International Monetary Fund’s SDR.
Kim Forrest
Vice President, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager at Fort Pitt Capital Group
Expert on: investing Portfolio Management Stock market investment analysis Equity Research
Latest: Happiness is a low bar. The Street would just like to see America and China continue to talk because the problems that separate the two sides are so profound, but we think as long as they’re talkin...
Elise Hamdon
Communications Manager at Zcash Company
Expert on: Twitter Regulatory compliance Financial regulation Zcash privacy coins
Latest: Whether the market is on a furious bull run up or a seemingly unstoppable bear slide down, ultimately it’s all taking us in the same direction — the future!
Melissa Brown
Managing Director, Applied Research at Axioma
Expert on: Financial risk management Equity Markets Portfolio Construction Quantitative Analysis Quantitative Investment Man...
Latest: Many managers have taken a beating since early November and some attribute the widespread losses to the unwinding of crowded trades by managers who tightly control their risk exposures. But there i...
Claire Roach
CEO / Owner / Blogger at Daily Deals UK
Expert on: Blog Blogging Seo Analyst SEO Web design
Latest: Make sure you’re making the right decision and try not to run head over heel into a deal that has too many conditions. You don’t want to be paying more than you bargained for.