Jen Redding
Sr. Analyst, Equity Research at Wedbush Securities
Latest: We see progress to 2023 targets as encouraging and see levers for continued growth including innovation, financial/channel flexibility, and continued strong cash flow, but remain Neutral given our ...
Marguerita Cheng
Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth
Latest: If you have some extra capital, you have a long-time horizon and it’s consistent with your investment objective, this may be something that you may want to consider.
Kristina Hooper
Chief Global Market Strategist at
Latest: Since the beginning, I haven’t found any compelling reason why China would want to make major concessions to the U.S.,. I always expected that either the U.S. would accept minor concessions around ...
Helima Croft
Managing Director at RBC Investor & Treasury Services
Latest: Trump has sanctioned two OPEC countries and is calling on OPEC now to dig him out of the hole he helped dig.
Ashley Petersen
Lead Oil Market Analyst at Stratas Advisors
Latest: A squeeze could be short-lived. Long-term, heavy crudes are still facing an uphill battle for value.
Amanda Agati
Managing Director & Co-Chief Investment Strategist at The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Latest: Even though we think we're in the later innings of the business cycle, we don't think we're in the later innings of the aerospace and defense cycle.
Kim Forrest
Vice President, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager at Fort Pitt Capital Group
Latest: Happiness is a low bar. The Street would just like to see America and China continue to talk because the problems that separate the two sides are so profound, but we think as long as they’re talkin...
Elise Hamdon
Communications Manager at Zcash Company
Latest: Whether the market is on a furious bull run up or a seemingly unstoppable bear slide down, ultimately it’s all taking us in the same direction — the future!
Erika Safran
Founder & Investment Advisor at Safran Wealth Advisors
Latest: I don’t think the cost is a distractor if it’s one of the few ways to meet your objective. But you have to look under the hood and make sure it represents what you’re trying to achieve.
Melissa Brown
Managing Director, Applied Research at Axioma
Latest: Many managers have taken a beating since early November and some attribute the widespread losses to the unwinding of crowded trades by managers who tightly control their risk exposures. But there i...
Claire Roach
CEO / Owner / Blogger at Daily Deals UK
Latest: Make sure you’re making the right decision and try not to run head over heel into a deal that has too many conditions. You don’t want to be paying more than you bargained for.
Katie Schoen
Manager of Private Wealth Management Equity and Fixed Income Research at Robert W. Baird & Co
Latest: It’s never a bad thing when you have a takeover offer at a price higher than your current per-share price.