Ksenia Yudina
Founder and CEO of U-Nest at U-Nest
Latest: We all know saving for college is hard – it’s a huge expense, which is why student debt is out of control (currently at $1.5 trillion) and still growing. This data shows how extreme the problem has...
Mary Baker
Government Affairs Counselor at K & L Gates
Latest: The purpose of the letter was to make clear for the Treasury what Congress members’ intent was when they sponsored the legislation in the first place.
Danielle Shay Gum
Director, Options Trading at Simpler Trading
Latest: Over the years I’ve focused on honing a strategy focusing on trading the top-rated products in the top sectors in an aggressive manner on a short-term basis.
Carla Padro
Senior IT Project Manager at DNB at DNB
Latest: You don’t actually need to have core systems integration right away, as you don’t need to have that much personalised information ready to get value for a customer. What is important is a seamless ...
Kati Gingold
Managing Director at Cartica Management
Latest: We agree with that. The fundamental drivers earning and valuations are both peaking out. Last year, we had about 20% earnings growth but now with slowing global and US economy, earnings growth will...
Charlotte C. Geletka, CRPC
Managing Partner at Silver Penny Financial Planning
Latest: If you’re contributing to a 401(k) or an individual retirement account through periodic contributions, then check to see how much you’ve contributed to date and how much you need to make the annual...
Yvonne Bernard
Head of Product Management at Hornetsecurity
Latest: Big data doesn’t mean storing everything and then looking at what you do with it: you have to think about data types in order to calculate efficiently and effectively on the basis of these data vol...
Catherine Banat
Managing Director, Responsible Investing at Royal Bank of Canada
Latest: Investors increasingly embrace environmental, social and governance measures as a potential source of superior risk-adjusted returns. And that leaves advisors with additional challenges: identifyin...
Carla Fredericks
Associate Clinical Professor at University of Colorado Law School
Latest: Across the board, this project was out of line with the existing principles outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other international standards for reso...
Kristine Batch
Senior Vice-President & Senior Regional Delivery Manager at UMB Bank
Latest: Tracking down and recording all of your income, holdings and recurring debt is the foundation of a financial review. Start by taking note of income – be sure to include your salary, any second jobs...
Rachel Gillette
Chair of the Cannabis Law practice at Greenspoon Marder
Latest: I think they understand how silly it is. It’s this big mess.
Katie Miller
Vice President of Savings at Navy Federal Credit Union
Latest: As a credit union, it’s part of our mission to give back to our member shareholders and our rates are intentionally set to lead the industry.
Annalise Durante
Portfolio Associate, ESG Analyst at Bailard
Latest: As a woman in finance, I don’t think I could feel more supported than I do here at Bailard.
Katherine Liola
Founder, CFP at Concentric Private Wealth
Latest: Young clients often make assumptions about their parents' finances that may not be accurate. Just as when parents help adult children, it is also important to judge the difference between what pare...
Christina Daves
Owner at PR for Anyone
Latest: PR and advertising are not the same thing. Advertising gives you control of your message, because you have paid to appear.
Kelly Regan
Senior Consultant at NEPC
Latest: Plan sponsors that want to consider incorporating ESG should remember that the concept is rooted in strategy and process, not investment products.
Ashley Longabaugh
Wealth Management Analyst, Senior Technical Product Consultant at Celent
Latest: The rise of more digitally nimble, low-cost platforms demonstrates an undeniable shift in the investment industry.
Brilene Faherty
Curriculum Director at Money Experience
Latest: Educating our youth on personal finance, and how decisions can impact their future financial health, dovetails perfectly with The Y's mission of teaching healthy living and social responsibility.
Nancy Davis
Chief Investment Officer at Quadratic Capital
Latest: This is an ‘access ETF. This is the first of its kind, period. It gives investors access to a brand new market.
Sarah Strauss
Senior Vice President & Head of Fraud at Capital One
Latest: Protecting customer and account information is a top priority at Capital One, and we take it very seriously.
Tosha Ellison
Director, Member Success at FINOS
Latest: There is so much software that doesn't confer a competitive advantage. Don't open-source the stuff that does, but there's a lot of boring stuff that your developers don't want to do, that's not int...
Quincy Krosby
Chief Market Strategist at Prudential Financial
Latest: The market (and the Fed) will have to untangle what was trade-related vs. generic slower growth.
Erin Wood
VP, Wealth Planning at Carson Group
Latest: Investments are table stakes now. Advisors have to help clients across a whole spectrum of needs and objectives.
Natasha Bansgopaul
Co-Founder & COO at DarcMatter
Latest: We’re thinking about taking that next step of fintech and using blockchain feed supplements that apply both broad and specific sectors of financial services. Knowing that this is where a lot of the...
Justin Culp
Financial and Regulatory Reporting, Consolidations and Governance at Western Union
Latest: Issuers have been able to file in Inline XBRL for about a year now, but adoption has been limited under the voluntary program.
Kate Starr
CIO at Flat World Partners
Latest: Portfolio managers and analysts must be able to understand, and importantly, measure, the social and environmental impact of each of their investments.
Anderson Lafontant
Senior Advisor Advanced Planning at Miracle Mile Advisors
Latest: If you invest in solar, the new tax laws allow you to mitigate capital gains and income taxes.
Mary Ann Ferreira
Financial Advisor at Viridian Advisors
Latest: Ideally, your monthly necessities should add up to 50 percent or less of your take-home pay, and your mortgage payment shouldn’t exceed 30 percent of your monthly income.
Emily Steinbarth
Quantitative Research Analyst at Russell Investments
Latest: We have found that understanding water-related risks is a vital component of evaluating the long-term sustainability risks and opportunities of an investment portfolio.