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Submission deadline 8 Mar 2021 5:00pm UTC (7 months ago)
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Acquisition International are proud to once again host the 2021 Cyber Security Awards. Covid-19 has changed the working life for many, as remote work is the only option for some in such challenging times. We believe now more than ever it is essential for the very best of the industry to be able to showcase their last 12 months of work and any future plans they may have.

As the industry continues to grow and expand, the 2021 Cyber Security Awards will aim to recognise the upcoming innovations of the world’s most dedicated and talented experts. Our awards are strictly merit-driven, with the process aiming to reward the parties based on their excellence demonstrated in the industry rather than just focusing on the number of votes a company has received.

Here at Acquisition International, we welcome nominations from all businesses regardless of their size. This in turn, allows us to gain a wider range of candidates who have much to offer to the industry. Once a firm goes on to accept the nomination, they are carefully assessed by our in-house research team here at Acquisition International.

Winning an award provides you with the evidence you need to prove that beyond doubt, you stand out from the crowd. Enhancing your victory with visual reminders, allows for the promotion of your brand to extend even further, which in turn can attract new employees and new clients looking to work with the best in the industry. Receiving third-party recognition helps to boost the reputation of your brand and the trust in the products and services you offer.

Below is the previous year’s annual celebratory magazine, this will allow you to see our in-house branding style and a full list of 2020’s winners.

If you know of or belong to a business which you believe is deserving of recognition for their contributions to the Cyber Security sector, please follow the links below to take part in the 2021 Cyber Security Awards. If you have any questions regarding the awards programme, please feel free to contact awards coordinator Harwinder Pawar either through email, social media or telephone.

Past winners

2020 Winners

RegTech Specialists of the Year:
• 6clicks

Best Cyber Security Fund:
• Albany Investment Limited

Leading Legal Mind in Cyber Security:
• Alice M. Porch, P.A.

Best Managed IT Security Services Provider:
• Altinet LTD

Best Website Security Solutions Provider:
• Ambient Infotech

Best AI Speech Recognition Training Specialists:
• Atexto

Best AI Speech Recognition Training Specialists:
• Atexto

Best SME-Focused MSSP:
• Atlas Cybersecurity

Best Active Directory Security Solution:
• Attivo Networks

Best Password Compliance Specialist:
• Authlogics Limited

Most Pioneering Offensive Security Firm:
• Bishop Fox

Best Cyber Solutions News Media Platform:
• Bitness

Best Cloud & Infrastructure Services Provider:
• BlackStone Associates

Best Network Security Consultancy - London & the South East & Award for Excellence in Finance Information Security:
• Blue Boar Consulting

Best Managed Detection & Response Provider:
• bluedog Security Monitoring

Best Banking Security Officer - Egypt & CISO of the Year:
• Central Bank of Egypt – Dr. Sherif El-Gendy

Best Full-Service Software Company:
• Code Inspiration

Most Reliable Connectivity Innovator:
• CSL Group

Most Innovative Cyber Security Training Provider:
• Cyber Brain Academy

Best Automated Cyber Security Solution:
• Cyber Crucible

Leaders in Cyber Security Workforce Development:
• Cyber Florida: The Florida Center for Cybersecurity

Best Cyber Security News Platform:
• Cyber Security Intelligence Ltd

Best New Intrusion Detection Solution: CyberHive Trusted Cloud:
• Cyberhive

Most Innovative AI Fraud Detection & Risk Management Platform:
• Cybertonica Ltd

Best Cyber Security Consultancy Team 2020 & Most Innovative Security Web Intelligence Platform 2020:
• Deciphercyber Ltd

Best Cyber Security Software Company - Scotland & Best Self-Assessment Audit & Assurance Solution:
• Diddo Ltd

Best Business Cyber Security Package: DigitalXRaid Platinum Package:
• DigitalXRAID Ltd

Recognised Leaders in Cyber Security Training:

Most Secure Telecommunications Service Provider:
• Efani

Most Innovative Cyber Security Consultancy Firm - Mid-Atlantic USA & Recognised Leaders in Cyber Security Workforce Analysis - Mid-Atlantic USA:
• Eigenspace

Best IT Security Consultancy:
• Ejr Cyber Security

Most Secure Device Access Control Solution:
• Everykey

Best Data Loss Prevention Solution:
• GeoLang Ltd

Best for Cyber Security Infrastructure Solutions:
• Ghost Systems, Inc

Recognised Leaders in Cyber Security M&A:
• Globalis CAPITAL

Best DLP Solutions Provider:
• GTB Technologies, Inc.

Best Custom Cyber Security Training Providers:
• GTK Cyber

Best Cyber Security Executive Search Consultancy:
• Hawker Chase

Best for Privileged Access Management Solutions 2020 & Most Innovative Identity Administration & Access Governance Product: Hitachi ID Identity Manager:
• Hitachi ID Systems

Best Fraud Protection Agency:

Best Cyber Security Candidate Experience:
• Identifi Global

Most Pioneering Digital Transformation Company:
• insideCHAINS

Best International IoT Security Network:
• IoT Security Foundation

Recognised Leaders in Cyber Security Professional Development:

Most Innovative IT Infrastructure Company:
• ITCG Solutions Private Limited

Most Revolutionary Internet Security Company:
• Keypasco

Best Data Security Platform:
• Lepide

Best Cyber Security Technical Services Provider:
• London Security Solutions

Best Cyber Security Recruitment Company:
• LT Harper

Best IT Security Specialists:
• Lumina Technologies

Best Emerging IT & Cyber Security Recruitment Consultancy:
• Maxwell Bond

Most Secure Cyber Hybrid Cloud Platform:
• METCloud

Most Innovative Cyber Security Technology Firm:
• Momentum Z

Most Disruptive Cyber Vendor:
• Naoris

Best Technology & Communications Lawyer:
• Nicholls Legal

Most Comprehensive Internet Security Specialists:
• Offensive Hacking & Security Networks

Best Product Security Assessment Solutions Provider:
• Onward Security Corporation

Leading Innovators in Tech-Driven Security & Surveillance:
• P3

Best Cyber Security Awareness Training Provider:
• PhishFirewall

Best Identity Protection Solutions Company:
• Phoenici

Best Cyber Security & Data Protection Comparison Platform:
• ProtectBox Ltd

Best Data Protection & Network Security Specialists:

Cyber Security Educator of the Year:
• StationX

Best SOAR Platform:
• Swimlane

Best IT & Telecommunications Law Firm:
• Salloum & Partners LLC

Best Threat Detection Tool: SIEM & Most Innovative Patch Management Service Platform:

Best Cyber Security Assessments Consultancy:
• SBL Technology Services, LLC

Best Blockchain Encryption Firm:
• SEAcurIT-e Ltd

Recognised Leaders in Advanced Malware Protection:
• Secure Cyber Future

Fast-Growing Software Outsourcing Company:
• SegWitz Tech

Best International Enterprise Cyber Security Firm 2020 & Most Innovative Endpoint Security Firm 2020:
• Sequretek IT Solutions Private Limited

Best International Enterprise Cyber Security Firm 2020 & Most Innovative Endpoint Security Firm 2020:
• Sequretek IT Solutions Private Limited

Best Cyber Solutions News Media Platform:
• Tecnología 21

Best Web Security Services Provider:
• The Cyber Desk Ltd

Cyber Security Change Leader of the Year:
• The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Best Cyber Security Staffing Agency - California & Distinction Award for Security Consulting Services:
• Tiro Security

Best Cyber Security Solutions Provider:
• Torsion Information Security

Best Cyber Security Managed Service Provider:
• Trustwave, a Singtel Company

Best End-to-End IDAM Solution:
• Unifyed

Best Computer Science & Engineering School:
• UTC Reading

Best Information Security Compliance Management Platform:
• VigiTrust

Best Customer Data Protection Solutions Provider:
• White Hack Labs

Best International Cyber Security Consultancy Firm:
• Wolfberry

Most Innovative Cyber Security Company:
• YorCyberSec Limited

Best IT & Robot Law Firm:
• Younsi & Younsi International Law Firm

Cyber Security Firm of the Year:
• Zadar Cyber Security Response Centre

Best Business Process Automation Solution (UK): Zap Automation:
• ZappyAI