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Event Date Tue Aug 30 EDT (over 1 year ago)
Location Virtual
Region Americas

This full-day seminar brings you information you need to keep on top of the latest changes in the field of ACH processing. Presented in an easy-to-understand, one-day format, this seminar reviews the basis and structure of all ACH processing - the NACHA Rules. This seminar includes discussion on both receiving and origination. Recent and upcoming changes to the Rules including: Third-Party Senders and “Nested” Third-Party Senders; increased dollar limit on Same-Day ACH Entries; operational benefits from Meaningful Modernization; and Supplementing Data Security Requirements – 2022 Impacts are discussed in detail. Recent proposed Rules changes including Account Information Improvements, and a possible proposal arising from the RFI on Risk of Early Funds Availability are reviewed. The annual expansion of and enhancements to the ACH “self-audit” are thoroughly discussed, and the federal ACH examination is highlighted.

Treasury’s Green Book - A Guide to Federal Government ACH Payments and Collections is discussed with a focus on the reclamation process, and the 2022 modifications to the Green Book. An update is also provided on Treasury’s ongoing efforts to expand direct deposit and the utilization of “Go Direct®”.

Compliance issues including OFAC impacts to ACH processing, suspicious activity reporting (SAR), the federal focus on ACH as part of the annual Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) examination efforts, and the standardization of the garnishment of exempt federal benefits payment processing, are all highlighted. Major areas of ACH risk are addressed, including methods and procedures to minimize risk exposure. This seminar provides attendees with the opportunity to network with other professionals interested in ACH processing and compliance.

New and Recent NACHA Rules:
• Third-Party Senders and “Nested” Third-Party Senders.
• Expanded Same-Day ACH – increased dollar limit.
• Supplementing Data Security Requirements – 2022 Impact.
• ACH Contact Registry – 2022 Impact.
• Meaningful Modernization – operational benefits.
• Account Information Improvements (proposed).
• Risk of Early Funds Availability (possible proposed Rule).

The Latest on Federal Government Payments & Processing:
• The Green Book – On-Line PDFs – 2022 Update.
• 31 CFR Part 210.
• Reclamation Process / EIP, UI, and IRS Tax Refund Processing.
• Direct Deposit and “Go Direct®” updates.

2022 Audit and Examination Guidelines:
• Annual Self-Audit Procedures – 2022 Focus Points.
• Federal Audit Guidelines on ACH.

Processing Risks:
• Fraud.
• Operational.
• Credit.
• Systemic.
• Synthetic Identity Fraud.
• Compliance.
• Reputational.
• Strategic.
• Terminated Originator Database (TOD).

Regulatory Impacts:
• BSA Examination impacts to ACH Processing.
• Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) – Impacts to ACH Operations.
• OFAC – Updated Impacts to ACH Operations.
• Garnishment of Exempt Federal Benefit Payments – Impacts to ACH Operations.

Individuals with operational, product management, compliance, risk management and audit responsibilities will benefit from this program. As a result of this program, attendees will have the basic framework needed to better understand ACH processing and compliance.


2022 Presenter

Mark W. Dever
Vice President, ProBank Austin