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Join us as we bring together current and future leaders to discuss the issues they are facing as procurement and supply chain professionals. The summit is the most innovative leadership event for the procurement profession! Join us virtually as we make a difference!

The future is for sale!

And it’s ongoing ….. you can buy any future you want. In fact, everyday you’re at work in procurement, you can decide what future you buy.

So beyond the cost you achieve, what’s the price you’ll pay?

Working in procurement in 2022, we all have the opportunity to make an impact, and for some, it could be a career-defining impact. No, we’re not talking about a big promotion or a pay rise.

We’re talking about your personal impact on ethical sourcing.

Will you contribute to better working conditions or modern slavery? Will you invest in greener solutions or continue on your present journey?

As a procurement leader of the future, it’s up to you. But in light of the new standards forged by shareholders, consumers, employees, your children and you - a renewed (and more urgent) sense of responsibility begs several questions:
• Can you yourself buy a better world?
• How much power do you really have?
• And what legacy will you leave through your actions in procurement?
• You’ve got questions, and we’ve got a dazzling array of exciting experts to answer all of your questions.
• Hear from global business leaders and subject matter experts. Learn precisely what future is on the market and how you can secure it.
• Join us for career-shaping conversations, exceptional networking, and a chance to begin making the impact you’ve always dreamt about.


2022 Speakers

Lars-Johan Jarnheimer
Chairman of IKEA Group, Former President and CEO of Tele2 AB

Sally Guyer
Global CEO, World Commerce & Contracting

Simon Thompson
Sales Director, Jaggaer

Pete Davison
Head of Supply Chain Services Operations, NatWest Group

Greg Holt
Product Marketing Director, Interos

Oliver Hurrey
Chair, the Sustainable Procurement Pledge & Founder, Galvanised

John M. Gabriel
Global Supply Chain: Social Responsibility, Blockchain and Responsible Minerals, IBM Corporation

Jim Leung
Former Ethical Sourcing Management Executive

Isabel Ross
Organic and Ethical Sourcing Manager, Pukka Herbs

Paul Polizzotto
Founder & CEO, Givewith

Tania Seary
Founder and CEO, Procurious