Miami Beach Convention Center
Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

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Event Date Wed Apr 6 ADT - Sat Apr 9 ADT (3 months ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Tue Apr 5 11:00pm - Fri Apr 8 11:00pm
Location Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
Region Americas

Bitcoin is a shining light for millions around the world, now more than ever. Join us in Miami or streaming across the globe as we bring the Bitcoin community together under one roof.

Bitcoin 2021 changed the game. Bitcoin 2022 will change the world.
Bitcoin 2021 was the biggest Bitcoin event in history with a sold-out crowd of 12,000 attendees and thousands more throughout Miami. In 2022, we WILL bring together over 35,000 Bitcoiners from across the globe as we point the world's attention to BTC.


2022 Speakers

Adam Back
CEO, Blockstream

Alex Gladstein
Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation

Alyse Killeen
Founding Managing Partner, Stillmark

Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano
Investor, Pomp Investments

Cathie Wood
Founder and CEO, ARK

Cynthia Lummis
U.S. Senator

Jo Jorgensen
President of the Board of People For Liberty

Jordan Peterson
Professor, Psychologist and Author

Elaine Ou
Editor, The BTC Times

Elizabeth Stark
CEO, Lightning Labs

Eric Weinstein
Managing Director, Thiel Capita

Francis Ngannou
MMA World Heavyweight Champion

Jack Mallers
CEO & Founder, Strike

Jimmy Song
Instructor, Programming Blockchain

Lindsey Grossman
Head of Product, Marketing & Partnerships, Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Block

Matt Odell
Bitcoin & Privacy Advocate

Michael Saylor
Chairman & CEO, MicroStrategy

Mike Brock
Lead, TBD at Block

Neal Kumar Katyal
Partner, Hogan Lovells

Nic Carter
General Partner, Castle Island Ventures

Obi Nwosu
Bitcoin Advocate and Board Member, ₿trust

Odell Beckham Jr
Professional Athlete, Investor, Entrepreneur

Orlando Bravo
Founder and Managing Partner

Peter Thiel
Co-founder, PayPal and Palantir

Nayib Bukele
President, El Salvador

Ricardo B. Salinas
Founder and President, Grupo Salinas

Saifedean Ammous
Author, The Bitcoin Standard

Yeonmi Park
North Korean Defector & Human Rights Activist

Aaron van Wirdum
Author, Bitcoin Prehistorian, Technical Editor at Bitcoin Magazine

Abubakar Nur Khalil
CEO, Recursive Capital

Adam Reeds
CEO & Co-Founder Ledn

AJ Scalia
CEO, Cathedra Bitcoin

Alex Leishman
CEO & Co-Founder, River

Alex Mashinsky
CEO, Celsius

Alex Thorn
Head of Firmwide Research, Galaxy Digital

Amanda Cavaleri
CEO, Digital Reserve Energy

Amanda Fabiano
Head of Mining, Galaxy Digital.

American HODL

Andrew Poelstra
Director of Research, Blocsktream

Andrew Yang
Entrepreneur, Activist, Philanthropist

André Neves
Co-Founder and CTO, ZEBEDEE

Andy Long
CEO, White Rock Management

Aparna Chennapragada
Chief Product Officer Robinhood

Bitcoiner of Last Resort

Austin Storms
VP Bitcoin Mining Operations, Galaxy Digital

BTC Sessions

Co-Founder, RoninDojo

Ben Arc
Educator and Inventor

Ben Gagnon
Chief Mining Officer, Bitfarms

Ben Price
Founder, The Bitcoin Company and OpenSats

Benjamin Dichter
Freedom Convoy Spokesperson

Benoit Bosc
Global Head of Product, GSR

Bitcoin Developer

Bernard Parah
CEO, Bitnob

Bill Barhydt
Founder and CEO, Abra

Bob Burnett
CEO of Barefoot Mining

Bobby Zagotta
CEO, Bitstamp USA

Brian Estes
CEO & CIO, Off the Chain Capital

Bruce Mack
Founder, Platinum Trust Group

Bryan Bishop
Bitcoin Developer

Burak Keceli
Founder, Bitmatrix

Caitlin Long
Founder & CEO, Avanti

Carl Dong
Bitcoin Core Engineer

Cassie Clifton
Host, What's Halvening Podcast

Chad Barraford
Technical Lead, THORChain

Chad Harris
CEO, Whinstone US

Chief Meme Officer, BTC Media

Chance Barnett
Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, Jewel

Charles Cascarilla
CEO & Co-Founder, Paxos

Chase Perkins
Founder & CEO,

Lead On-chain Analyst, Glassnode

Chris Hunter
Co-Founder & President, Galoy

Chris Kuiper
Director of Research, Fidelity Digital Assets

Chris Stewart
Founder, Suredbits

Christian Decker
Lightning Protocol Engineer

Christian Keroles
Managing Director, Bitcoin Magazine

Christopher Calicott
Managing Director, Trammell Venture Partners

Chun Wang

Coin Heated
Maker of stuff, full time tinkerer

Co-Host of Simply Bitcoin

Conor Okus
Product Manager, Spiral

Courtney K. Robinson
Global Head of Financial Inclusion & Policy Development, Block

Craig Raw
Developer of Sparrow Wallet

Bitcoin Educator

Dan Held
Director of Growth Marketing, Kraken

Dan Morehead
CEO, Pantera Capital

Dan O'Prey
Chief Product Officer, Crypto at Bakkt

Dan Tapiero

Darin Feinstein
Co-Founder, Core Scientific

Darius Sit
Founder and CIO, QCP Capital

Dave Abner
Global Head of Business Development, Gemini

Dave Perrill
CEO & Co-Founder, Compute North

David Gan
Founder & General Partner, OP Crypto

David Janczewski
CEO, Coincover

David Ramirez
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, ForUsAll

Desiree Dickerson
CEO & Co-Founder, THNDR, Diego

Gutierrez Zaldivar
Cofounder, RSK

Dude Who Likes Bitcoin

Dr. Adam Lowe
Creator & Chief Innovation Officer, Arculus

Dr. Jeff Ross
Founder and CEO of Vailshire Capital Management LLC

Dylan LeClair
Head of Market Research, Bitcoin Magazine & Senior Market Analyst, UTXO Management

Privacy Advocate

Edward Lu
Senior Vice President. Canaan

Edward Rodriguez
CEO, BPN Capital Group

Shadowy Super Coder

Emma Todd
CEO, MMH Data Systems

Eric Gravengaard
CEO and co-founder, Athena Bitcoin Global

Eric Queathem
Global Head of Strategy and Go-to-Market, Worldpay

Erick Miller
Founder & CEO, CoinCircle

Ethan Vera
COO, Luxor

Evan Kaloudis
Founder, Zeus

Evgeny Gaevoy
Founder & CEO, Wintermute

Fadi Elsalameen
Senior Fellow, American Security Project

Farida Bemba Nabourema
Political Activist, Blogger and Writer

Ferdinando Ametrano
Founder and CEO, CheckSig

Fodé Diop
Founder at Bitcoin Developers Academy

Creator, Fully Noded

Francis Pouliot
Founder of Bull Bitcoin

Frank Chaparro
Director of News,The Block and Host, The Scoop podcast

Frank Holmes
Executive Chairman, Hive

Fred Thiel
Chief Executive Officer, Marathon

George Mekhail
Director of Marketing, BTC Inc

Giacomo Zucco
CEO, Zuxbux

Bitcoin Core Contributor

Graham Krizek
Founder & CEO, Voltage

Grant Gilliam
Co-founder & Managing Partner, Ten31

Greg Beard
CEO, President & Co-Chairman, Stronghold Digital Mining

Greg Carson
Managing Partner, XBTO Humla Ventures

Greg Foss
Executive Director - Strategic Initiatives, Validus Power Corp

Greg King
CFA, Founder and CEO, Osprey Funds

Chief Meme Officer, Strike

Guy Swann
Host, Bitcoin Audible

Hailey Lennon
Partner, Anderson Kill Law Firm

Hany Rashwan
CEO, 21Shares

Harry Sudock
VP, Strategy GRIID

Harsha Patwardhan
EVP & Chief Revenue Officer, SFS

Henson Orser
President, Komainu Holdings Ltd.

Igor Korsakov
Creator of BlueWallet

Ivan Soto-Wright
Co-founder & CEO, MoonPay

JP Baric
CEO, MiningStore

JP Sears
Comedian & Founding Creator, Zion

Jaime Leverton
CEO, Hut 8 Mining

James Putra
Vice President of Product Strategy, TradeStation Crypto

Jameson Lopp
Co-founder & CTO, Casa

Jan Van Eck
CEO, VanEck

Jan Čapek
Co-CEO, Slush Pool, Braiins

Jared Nusinoff
Founder & CEO, Mash

Jason Lau
COO, Okcoin

Jason Les
CEO, Riot Blockchain

Jay Beddict
VP, Research, Foundry

Jeff Booth
Author, The Price of Tomorrow

Jeff Howard
Head of North America Business Development and Institutional Sales, OSL

Jenna Wright
Managing Director, LMAX Digital

Jeremy Rubin
Trouble Maker & Problem Solver

João Almeida
CTO & Co-Founder, OpenNode

Joe Ziolkowski
CEO & Co-Founder, Relm Insurance

John Stefanopoulos
Founder, FutureBit

John Vallis
Host, Bitcoin Rapid-Fire Podcast, Closing the Loop Podcast

Johnny Ayers
Founder & CEO, Socure

Johns Beharry
Bitcoin Designer

Jon Najarian
Co-Founder, Market Rebellion

Jonas Nick
Cryptography Engineer, Blockstream

Jonathan Chester
Cofounder & CEO, Bitwage

Josh Young
Chief of Staff, New Story

Joshua Frank
Co-Founder & CEO, The TIE

Josip Rupena
Founder and CEO, Milo

Juri Bulovic
Head of Mining, Foundry

Justin Moon
Founder, Austin Bitdevs

Justin Newton
Founder & CEO, Netki

Justin Rezvani
Founder & CEO, Zion

Justin Wales
Head of Legal for North America,

Kalin Metodiev
CFA, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Nexo

Kanav Kariya
President, Jump Crypto

Keagan McClelland
Co-founder and Head of Research at Start9

Keith Mukai
Open-source Contributor, SeedSigner, Specter Desktop

Ken Kruger
Founder & CEO, Moon

Kevin Pan
Founder and CEO, Poolin

Kevin Zhang
SVP of Mining Strategy, Foundry

Ki Young Ju
CEO, CryptoQuant

Kirk Chapman
Head Of Strategy, Galileo Financial Technologies

Kristin Boggiano
Co-Founder & President, CrossTower

Lamar Wilson
Founder, Black Bitcoin Billionaires Club &

Leo Zhang
Founder at Anicca Research

Lucas Nuzzi
Head of R&D, CoinMetrics

Luke Dashjr
Bitcoin Core developer

Luke Rudkowski
Founder of We Are Change

Lule Demmissie
US CEO, eToro

Marcelo Claure
Entrepreneur & Investor

Margot Paez
CEO & Co-Founder, River

Mark Moss
Investor, Educator and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

Mark W. Yusko
CEO and CIO, Managing Partner, Morgan Creek Capital Management

Marshall Long
Head of Architecture, Rhodium Enterprises

Marty Bent
Founder of

Matt Barkley
NFL Quarterback

Matt Corallo
LDK + Lightning Dev

Matt Linghui Kong
CEO, Bitdeer Group

Matthew Pines
National Security Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute

Max Keiser
High Priest of Bitcoin

Max Webster
Founder, Hivemind Ventures

Micah Winkelspecht
Head of Product Strategy for Blockdaemon, Blockdaemon

Michael Bodley
Managing Editor, Blockworks

Michael J. Levitt
CEO, Co-Founder, and Co-Chairman, Core Scientific

Michael Moro
CEO, Genesis

Michael Peterson
Director, Bitcoin Beach

Michael Shaulov
CEO & Co-Founder, Fireblocks

Michael Tidwell
Head of System Operations, ZEBEDEE

Mike Belshe
CEO & Co-Founder, BitGo

Mike Francis
CEO, Distributed Ledger Inc

Mike Hamilton
Chief Research Officer, Griid

Mike Novogratz
Founder & CEO, Galaxy Digital

Mike Schmidt
Co-founder, Brink

Mikhaila Peterson
Podcaster, Author, CEO

Miles Fuller
Head of Government Solutions, TaxBit

Miles Paschini
CEO, FV Bank

Miles Suter
Bitcoin Product Lead, Cash App

Research Engineer, Chaincode Labs

Co-Founder & CEO, Coinkite

Nadav Kohen
Software Engineer, Suredbits

Natalie Brunell
Host, Coin Stories Podcast

Nathan McCauley
Co-Founder & CEO, Anchorage Digital

Nicholas Gregory
CEO CommerceBlock, building MercuryWallet

Nick Gillespie

Nick Hansen
CEO, Luxor Technologies

Nick Neuman
CEO, Casa

Nico ZM
Co-Host of Simply Bitcoin, CEO of Bitvolt

Nicolas Burtey
Co-Founder and CEO, Galoy

Noah Buxton
Partner, Practice Leader, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Armanino

Chaos Creator

Olaoluwa Osuntokun
Co-Founder & CTO, Lightning Labs

Parker Lewis
Head of Business Development, Unchained Capital

Pascal Gauthier
Chairman and CEO, Ledger

Patrick Baker
Co-Founder, Sphinx Bitcoin & Centaur Markets

Paul Prager
Founder, Chairman & CEO, TeraWulf

Paul Sztorc
Independent Bitcoiner

Pavol "Stick" Rusnák
CTO SatoshiLabs & Trezor

Perianne Boring
Chief Executive Officer, Chamber of Digital Commerce

Pete Najarian
Managing Partner, RW3 Ventures

Peter McCormack
Podcaster, Filmmaker & Real Bedford FC Chairman

Peter Todd

Peter Wall
Chief Executive Officer, Argo Blockchain

Philippe Bekhazi
CEO, XBTO and StableHouse

Pierre Rochard
Orthodox Bitcoiner

Preston Byrne
Partner, Anderson Kill, P.C.

Preston Pysh
Co-Founder, The Investors Podcast Network

Rachel Rybarczyk
VP of Tech, Mining Team, Galaxy Digital

Raj Dhamodharan
EVP Digital Asset/Blockchain Products & Partnerships Mastercard

Ray Youssef
Co-Founder & CEO, Paxful

Raymond Yuan
Founder & Chairman, Atlas

Ria Bhutoria
Partner, Castle Island Ventures

Pete Rizzo
Editor & Bitcoin Historian

Robert Breedlove
Freedom Maximalist, Host of “What is Money” Show

Rockstar Dev
Core Contributor, BTCPayServer & VP of Engineering, Strike

Rodolfo Andragnes
Founder NGO Bitcoin Argentina

Roman Martínez
Community Leader

Roy Sheinfeld
Co-founder & CEO, Breez

Ryan Leachman
Co-Founder, JAI Energy

Sam Abbassi
Founder & CEO, hoseki

Sam Rule
Market Analyst, Bitcoin Magazine

Sam V. Tabar
Chief Strategy Officer, Bit Digital

Sam Wang
North America General Manager, Easy2Mine

Samson Mow
CSO Blockstream

Creator and Leader of SeedSigner

Sergej Kotliar
CEO & Founder of Bitrefill

Sergii Gerasymovych
CEO & Co-Founder, EZ Blockchain

Seth Wilks
Director of SME & Gov Relations, TaxBit

Shachar Bialick
Founder & CEO, Curve

Shah Ramezani
CEO & Co-Founder, NOAH

Shehan Chandrasekera
Head of Strategy, Tax CoinTracker

Some Dude

Simon Douyer
COO, SheeldMarket

Spencer Marr
Founder, Sangha Systems

Stacy Herbert
Bitcoin Content Creator

Stephan Livera
Podcast Host & Managing Director, Swan Bitcoin International

Stephen Barbour
Master of Hash

Stephen DeLorme
Bitcoin UX Designer

Steve Lee
Lead, Spiral

Steven McClurg
Chief Investment Officer, Valkyrie Investments

Tadge Dryja
Bitcoin Researcher

Tatiana Metodieva, CFA
Head of Corporate Finance & Investments, Nexo

Todd Garland
Founder/CEO, Great American Mining

Tom Lee
Managing Partner, Fundstrat

Tom Pageler
CEO, Prime Trust

Tony Cai
Co-Founder and CEO, Atomic.Finance

Tony Gallippi
Co-founder, BitPay

Torbjørn Bull Jenssen
CEO, Arcane Crypto

Trey Lockerbie
Podcast Host

Tristan Thoma
Product Manager & Government Applications, AlphaPoint

Troy Cross
Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute

Trystine Payfer
Director of Communications, Riot Blockchain

Tuur Demeester
Founder, Adamant Capital

Tyler Evans
Managing Partner, UTXO Management

Corporate Development Manager, Blockstream

Vikash Singh
Principal Investor, Stillmark

Whitney Gibbs
CEO, Compass Mining

Will Cole
Chief Product Officer, Unchained Capital

Will Reeves
CEO, Fold

William Clemente
Lead Insights Analyst, Blockware Solutions

William Szamosszegi
CEO, Sazmining

Yao XianJun
VP Global Sales, Canaan INC

Chief Meme Officer, Strike

Yusuf Nessary
Co-founder & Director of Philanthropy, Built With Bitcoin

Zachary Cefaratti
Founder, Dalma Capital

Zachary K. Bradford
Chief Executive Officer, President and Director, CleanSpark

Zack Voell
Another Bitcoin Miner, Braiins

Lightning Protocol Engineer

Lead Developer, RaspiBlitz


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• Cash App

• Marathon Digital Holdings
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• Etoro
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