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Event Date Wed Oct 20 +08 - Thu Oct 21 +08 (5 days ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Wed Oct 20 1:00am - Thu Oct 21 3:00am
Location Virtual
Region APAC

Cisco DevNet Create provides a great opportunity to learn from others in the community on a wide range of topics in the software development, cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure automation space. Learn more about leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts into your day-to-day projects. Watch your peers in the community share their challenges and solutions.

What will you gain at DevNet Create?
Mad Skills. You'll get hands-on learning, matched with cross-vertical and cross-platform sessions featuring the developer tools and frameworks you want to learn.
Brain Food. You'll walk away with new, innovative ways of approaching even your toughest enterprise challenges.
Networking Power. Listen and learn from your fellow community members from around the globe and in your region through this virtual event.
Community Power. You’ll learn and hone your skills alongside a vast global developer community of your peers.

Who should attend?
Cisco DevNet Create is for everyone! Our virtual two-day global event that offers multiple channels and topics that you can pick from to create your own experience. New to coding? Learn about what DevNet has to offer and jump into a coding session. Already an expert? Catch technical deep dives, lightning talks and demos with code tips & tricks, and more. Join us for a fun, interactive learning experience where you can connect with others in the community - we have something for everyone!

What is Cisco DevNet Create?
Cisco DevNet Create is more than a conference - it's a community.

Now in its fifth year, DevNet Create provides a great opportunity to learn from others in the community on a wide range of topics in the software development, cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure automation space. Explore ideas on how to approach design, user experience, and APIs when building applications. Learn tips for increasing performance and security or learn how to design an application to be cloud-first. DevNet Create dives into topics in IoT, Edge and Mobile computing, AI/ML, and how they can be leveraged to increase customer relevance, application performance, or drive innovation.

DevNet Create is a conference that lets application developers learn about, or even co-create, with apps and infrastructure. Discover best practices for working with Cisco APIs, see real-world use case backed by code repos on DevNet Code Exchange and Automation Exchange and learn about efficient ways to use tools, technologies, and sandboxes. Infrastructure developers can explore leading-edge topics like orchestration, DevOps, infrastructure as Code, Secure Access Service Edge, Full Stack Observability, and more.

Come be part of an inclusive, engaging, practitioner-led developer community that inspires and empowers you with ideas that can advance your projects with greater speed and agility.

Why attend?
From year to year, everyone is faced with new projects and challenges. It can come in the form of ideas, tools, frameworks, and methodologies that have to be learned and experimented with to determine effectiveness to a project or organization.

DevNet Create brings together experts to learn from and provides you with opportunities to figure out the tough technologies and explore opportunities to network with those who are already making the most of the new - while getting you to that next level, and beyond.

With a mix of learning sessions including keynotes, tech talks, lightning talks and more - you'll have multiple opportunities to learn something new.


2021 Speakers

Abdelaziz Saidu
Leader, Systems Engineering, Cisco

Adrian Iliesiu
Technical Leader, Cisco Devnet

Adrienne Moherek
Developer Experience, Cisco Devnet

Al Lynn
Vp Of Engineering, Cisco

Alex Manuelian
Systems Engineer, Cisco

Alexey Borisenko
Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Alvin Lau
Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Armon Dadgar
Co-founder And Cto, Hashicorp

Aman Sardana
Digital Transformation Architect, Customer Experience Managed Services, Cisco

Andrey Salnikov
Network Automation Consultant, Nexivity

Anirban Basak
Software Architect, Cisco

Anurag Dwivedy
Security Engineer, Cisco

Ariel Shuper
Cloud Native Security Pm, Cisco

Ash Narkar
Senior Software Engineer, Styra

Ayca Ruppert
Systems Architect, Cisco

Bradford Ingersoll
Systems Engineer, Cisco

Brandon Beck
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Brandon Jung
Vp Ecosystem, Tabnine

Brendan Bowden
Distinguished Engineer (Devops), Presidio

Brendan O'leary
Staff Developer Evangelist, Gitlab

Brennan Bouchard
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Brian Mcconnell
Practice Manager Software Solutions, Cisco

Brian Sak
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Carlos Pereira
Fellow And Chief Architect, Cisco

Chandni Panchal
Developer Advocate, Cisco

Charles Greenaway
Customer Cto, Bt

Christian Wolf
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Christina Skoglund
Programmability Practice Leader North, Cisco

Chuck Stickney
Business Development Architect, Cisco Devnet Partner Transformation

Claudia De Luna
Technical Consultant, Enterprise Infrastructure Acceleration, Inc. (Eia)

Conor Murphy
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Cristina Precup
Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Daniel Eckstein
Technical Marketing Engineering Technical Leader, Cisco

Dan Krantz
Vice President And Chief Information Officer, Keysight

Daniel Behrens
Technical Marketing Engineering Technical Leader, Cisco

Darin Fisher
Security Tools Manager, Influxdata

Darren Parkinson
Cdo, Natilik Ltd

Dave Burns
Sr. Director, Dc Engineering/ops/security/automation, Cox Communications, Inc

David Staudt
Developer Advocate, Cisco

Debasish Bhadra
Customer Delivery Software Architect, Cisco

Denise Kwan
Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Dewan Ahmed
Developer Advocate, Red Hat

Dhanush Gowda Vidyaranya
Site Reliability Engineer, Cisco

Du'an Lightfoot
Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Ed Mcnicholas
Multidomain Security Architect, Cisco

Eduardo Azevedo
Network Support Engineer, Cisco Meraki

Eric Chou
Engineer, A10 Networks

Eric Pylko
Leader, Systems Engineering, Cisco

Eric Thiel
Director Of Developer Experience, Cisco Devnet

Flo Pachinger
Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Freyr Guðjónsson
Network Engineer, Sensa Ehf

Grace Francisco
Vp Developer Relations Strategy & Experience, Cisco

Greg Anuzelli
Principal Architect, Devops, Presidio

Hank Preston
Principal Engineer, Cisco

Hannah Neil
Technical Community Manager, Postman

Harun Mbaabu Mwenda
Devrel Engineer, Mfs Africa

Hayley Knott
Product Marketing Manager, Natilik

Hemaramanan Sivanesan
Technical Specialist, Hcl

Ingvald Lorentzen
Senior Network Automation Engineer, Intility

Jairo Leon
Customer Delivery Architect, Cisco

Jason Davis
Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Devnet

Jason Shaffner
Solutions Architect, Sirius Federal

Jay Riggins
Senior Technical Consultant, Sirius Federal

Jeff Bull
Manager Of Developer Advocacy, Cisco Devnet

Jeff Comer
Tsa - Data Center, Cisco

Jeff Levensailor
Distinguished Engineer, Presidio

Jesse Buschhaus
Sr Lab Systems Engineer, Cisco

Joe Clarke
Distinguished Engineer, Customer Experience, Cisco

Joel King
Distinguished Solutions Architect, World Wide Technology

John Capobianco
House Of Commons, Canada, Sr. It Integrator And Planner

John Kuchta
Product Architect, Cisco Meraki

John Parello
Principal Engineer, Cisco

Jonas Krüger Svensson
Lead Network Automation Engineer, Intility

Jose Bogarin
Chief Innovation Officer, Altus

Josh Hendrick
Senior Solutions Engineer, Rookout

Joshua Ingeniero
Technical Solutions Specialist - Gve Devnet, Cisco

Julio Gomez
Programmability Lead, Emear, Cisco

Justin Labreck
Principal Consulting Engineer And Engagement Manager, Mongodb

Justin Roberts
Network Engineer, Sensa Ehf

Kanwal Z. Komail
Research And Insights Lead, Cisco Devnet

Kareem Iskander
Technical Advocate, Cisco

Karen Huaulme
Principal Developer Advocate, Mongodb

Kelly Jones
Systems Architect, Cisco

Kevin Fraser
Student, Innaplay

Konrad Reszka
Systems Architect, Cisco

Kurt Claes
Engineering Architect, Cisco

Lingjian Shi
Software Engineer, Cisco Devnet

Luis Rueda
Senior Software Architect, Cisco

Mandy Whaley
Partner Director Of Product, Azure Developer Tools, Microsoft

Marcel Neidinger
Emear Api & Programmability Lead, Cisco

Matias Madou
Researcher And Developer, Secure Code Warrior

Matt Vander Horst
Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Matthew Denapoli
Manager, Cisco Developer Advocacy, Cisco Devnet

Max Gerrard
Vp Of Sales Engineering And Chief Evangelist, Eggplant

Maxim Salnikov
Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft

Michal Slowik
Software Engineer, Cisco

Miguel Barajas
Senior Technical Solutions Architect For Cisco Cisg Latam, Cisco

Mike Mikhail
Architect, Customer Delivery, Cisco

Mohammad Al-hashimi
Systems Architect, Cisco

Monica Acosta
Technology Solutions Architect, Cisco

Mourad Cherfaoui
Cloud Solutions Architect, Intel Systems

Nick Russo
Technical Leader, Cisco

Nickolay Belchugov
Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Oren Brigg
Leader, System Engineering, Cisco

Ovesnel Mas Lara
Software Architect, Cisco

Par Merat
Vice President, Cisco Learning & Certifications

Papitha Dharmalingam
Software Engineer, Cisco

Patrice Nivaggioli
Technical Solution Architect, Cisco

Paul Zimmerman
Developer Success, Cisco Devnet

Pedro Oliveira
Developer Advocate, Cisco

Pete Brown
Network Engineer, Autozone

Peter Bosch
Distinguished Engineer, Cisco

Phil Bellanti
Customer Experience Product Manager, Cisco

Quinn Snyder
Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Raghul Prasanth Elango
Customer Delivery Engineer, Cisco

Ramona Renner
Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Remon Gaber
Collaboration And Contact Center Architect, Kytec

Rob Richardson
Developer Advocate, Cyral

Roger Dickinson
Developer Advocate, Cisco

Roman Podoynitsyn
Consulting Engineer, Cisco

Rosemary Wang
Developer Advocate, Hashicorp

Ryan Rose
Sr. Technical Leader, Cisco Devnet

Sayali Patil
Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco

Scottie Klemt
Network Engineer/developer,

Shweta Palande
Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Stefan Braicu
Systems Engineer, Cisco

Steve Greenberg
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Steve Rattacasa
Senior Solutions Architect, Katalyst

Steven Mcnutt
Systems Architect, Cisco

Stuart Clark
Senior Technical Leader / Developer Advocate, Cisco Devnet

Sudipta Debnath
Software Architect Prose, Cisco

Tadeh Hakopian
Developer, Hmc

Taylor Hanson
Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Tehreem Tungekar
Solution Support Associate, Lumen Technologies

Tejo Prayaga
Sr. Director, Product Management & Marketing, Cloudfabrix Software, Inc

Thomas Korn
It System Consultant Network Enterprise Orchestration, Robert Bosch Gmbh

Tim Davis
Devops Advocate, Envo

Tim Miller
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Timothy Spann
Developer Advocate, Streamnative

Todd Nightingale
Evp And General Manager, Enterprise Networking & Cloud, Cisco

Tomer Dvir
Software Engineer, Cisco

Ty Amell
Chief Technology Officer, Appdynamics

Utkarsh Srivastava
Consulting Engineer, Cisco

Veerabhadraiah Shivane Gowda
Software Consulting Engineer, Cisco

Vlad Ungureanu
Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Wayne Cuervo
Director Of Global Innovation, Cisco Innovation Labs, Cisco

Will Knight
Ceo & Co-founder, Showcode

Xinjie Xi
Software Engineer, Cisco Devnet

Zohar Kaufman
Director, Principal Engineer, Cisco