Hilton Hotel
Hilton Hotel, Mama Ngina St Nairobi KE, Kenya
Event Date Thu Jul 11 EAT (3 months ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Thu Jul 11 1:30am - Thu Jul 11 9:00am
Location Hilton Hotel
Mama Ngina St Nairobi KE, Kenya
Region EMEA

New, young and particularly growing businesses are essential to stimulating job growth, salary and wage growth, and raising standards of living. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, trends in entrepreneurship seem to be moving in the wrong direction. For several years, the rate of business creation in Kenya has been falling. Overall economic dynamism—the productive turnover of companies and jobs—has been declining in all sectors of the economy. These negative trends in entrepreneurship can be associated with discouraging economic trends, including stagnant wages and low economic mobility.