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Event Date Thu Mar 24 GMT (2 months ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Wed Mar 23 8:00pm - Wed Mar 23 8:00pm
Location Online
Region EMEA

Among the topics to be discussed at this webinar are:
1. Is there a sound definition of the Metaverse?
2. What does the Metaverse owe to the video-gaming industry?
3. Is the Metaverse best built on blockchain technologies?
4. Are crypto-currencies, Stablecoins, utility tokens, payment tokens, security tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) incidental to the Metaverse or central to it?
5. What financial services use-cases for the Metaverse are there?
6. How do those use-cases vary between (a) banks (b) asset managers and (c) insurers?
7. How can the Metaverse avoid becoming a series of walled gardens as opposed to a decentralised network of parallel but linked Metaverses?
8. How can standards best be developed to facilitate data exchange between Metaverses?
9. How serious an obstacle to progress are the headsets and sensors?
10. Does the technology currently support the production of compelling content, especially in terms of speed and scale?
11. What are the major engineering challenges that the Metaverse poses?
12. Who is best-placed to make money – in the short term and the long – from the Metaverse: equipment sellers or vendors within the Metaverse?
13. How does money enter the Metaverse (as opposed to being exchanged within it)?
14. Does the Metaverse need money-changers or a money-changing infrastructure or can code alone do the job?
15. Does the Metaverse need exchanges to price and trade digital assets?
16. Will the Metaverse support token-based micro-economies (such as local sharing networks)?
17. Is it sensible to buy virtual real estate in the Metaverse?
18. Can the Metaversal model disrupt the large corporations that dominate the video-gaming industry (e.g., by gamers becoming creators, owners and directors as well as customers)?
19. Is the Metaverse a case of Web 3.0 or an entirely new networked digital technology platform?
20. How will the Metaverse fulfil its promise of blurring the distinction between the digital world and the physical world?


2022 Speakers


Dominic Hobson
Co-Founder, Future of Finance