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Event Date Tue Aug 31 EDT (about 2 months ago)
Location James-Bates-Brannan-Groover Macon Office and Live Virtual Stream
231 Riverside Dr # 100, Macon, GA 31201, USA
Region Americas

According to the Financial Accounting Standard Board, a loan is impaired when, based on current information and events, it is probable that a creditor will be unable to collect all amounts due (Principal and Interest) according to the original contractual terms of the loan agreement. It is implicit in these conditions that it must be probable that one or more future events will occur confirming the fact of the loss.

In the current economic environment, bankers find themselves with a portfolio of loans that are considered “Impaired” and as such, they require special treatment. In managing Impaired Loans, there are two distinct requirements that must be employed as follows:

Proper “Accounting” and management of Impaired Loans under ASC 310 (formerly FAS 114) and proper Trouble Debt Restructure Accounting.
Employing proven commercial loan collection strategies and techniques to increase the probability of being repaid from sources other than the liquidation of collateral.

To accomplish the goal of this session, a several regulatory guidance will be reviewed including those issued as a result of the worldwide pandemic and others including the “Policy Statement on Prudent Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts” dated October 31, 2009. This guidance will be covered in detail during this seminar including several cases illustrating the proper treatment of loans with varying financial conditions and circumstances. Other areas to be covered include in this section include:
• Determining the Amount of Impairment Utilizing the Three Impairment Amount Methodologies under ASC 310
• Determining Collateral Valuation for Real Estate Secured Loans
• Making Supportable Adjustments to the Allowance for Loans and Lease Losses in Managing Impaired Loans
• Understanding Accounting Practices Required to Manage a Troubled Debt Restructure
• Recognizing the Early Signs of Loans that may Become Impaired
• Proven Commercial Collection Strategies to Enhance Successful Results such as:
• Checking All Types of Insurance Coverage
• Utilizing Financial Covenants in a Loan Agreement Effectively
• Capitalizing on Tax Refunds From Loss Carrybacks Which Can be Applied to Your Loan
• Avoiding Pitfalls that Might Impede Enforcement of Rights
After completion of this session, you will have an improved understanding of banking regulators’ and the accounting profession expectations and requirements in managing Impaired Loans. You will also have a better understand of what alternatives are available in order to increase the potential for full repayment by employing proven commercial loan collection techniques and strategies.

• Chief Executive Officers
• Directors
• Chief (Senior) Credit Officers
• Commercial Loan Officers
• Consumer Loan Officers
• Loan Review Personnel
• Compliance Officers
• Credit Analysts
• Bank Accountants
• Bank Legal Counsel


2021 Speaker


Jeffery Johnson
President & Senior Consultant at Bankers-Insight Group