TBA, Vienna - Online

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Event Date Mon Jun 28 CEST - Thu Jun 30 CEST (5 months ago)
In your timezone (EST): Mon Jun 28 4:00am - Thu Jun 30 11:00am
Location TBA
Vienna - Online
Region EMEA

Establish and review principles, guidelines and limits in treasury management.

A lack of guidelines or inadequate organizational requirements in the treasury area contribute significantly to increased risks or losses. The timely identification, limitation and professional control of operational and financial risk potential is therefore of particular importance. Recommendations from associations, new legal regulations and requirements from supervisory authorities increasingly require the establishment of an early warning system for risk management in the company. The focus of the seminar is the implementation of these suggestions in practice and their operational effects on treasury management in the company.

Main topics:
• Organization and framework for action.
• Fundamentals of financial mathematics (present value, duration, volatility).
• Treasury guidelines.
• Principles, guidelines and limits for liquidity, interest rate and currency risk management in the company.
• Structure / process organization.
• Risk profiles of financial instruments.
• Requirements for reporting, evaluation and systems.
• Limit being.
• Why are many limit systems in the company inadequate?
• What role do cash value, volatility and duration play in the limit system?
• What limits are necessary, what do they protect against (and what not)?
• What should be considered when setting loss or position limits?
• How can you specifically determine profits or losses in treasury and how are they mapped in treasury or accounting?
• Instruments
• What are the risk profiles of the main interest rate and currency derivatives?
• What are the most important usages in futures and options transactions?
• What is particularly important when it comes to mapping them in reporting and processing them?
• What are the minimum requirements for reporting in order to present the financial risks clearly?
• Revision
• What are the most common causes of published treasury losses?
• What can be learned from the most spectacular cases?
• Where are often weak points in goals, specifications or in the organization?
• What mistakes keep creeping into reports?
• How can a treasury area in the company be audited most efficiently?

Group of participants:
Auditing employees, those responsible from the finance department, managing directors and CFOs who need to get an overview of this complex matter.


2022 Speaker

Georg Ehrhart
Managing Director, Schwabe, Ley & Greiner