TBA, Downtown Toronto, ON, Canada

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Event Date Mon Jul 26 EDT - Fri Jul 30 EDT (3 months ago)
Location TBA
Downtown Toronto, ON, Canada
Region All

About the Seminar
Competition for portfolio management jobs and alpha (i.e., risk-adjusted excess returns) is fierce
Search for value and valuation skills and a deep understanding of what creates value are essential
The Seminar provides the skill set and an understanding of value necessary to beat the competition
This is done by bridging the gap between theory and practice and hands on training​

Seminar Description
• The Seminar explores the underlying principles of value investing and sets guidelines for its successful application
• The Seminar covers
• The search for value process, how to find possibly underpriced securities and why such underpricing exists in the financial markets
• How to determine the intrinsic value of a stock and invest in truly undervalued stocks
• Alternative methods for constructing a portfolio that controls for risk without restricting investment returns
• Applications – Valuing and investing in real life companies

Students Learn
• Simple rules to identify stocks that are possibly undervalued with upside potential
• To put together simple mechanical strategies to form portfolios that in the long run will outperform the market portfolio
• How value is created
• In depth valuation techniques to further narrow down the universe of stocks to those that are truly undervalued with larger upsidepotential than the stocks identified with the simpler rules mentioned above
• To use the concept of “Margin of Safety” to translate market and intrinsic value estimates into actual portfolio choices and limit risk in away that goes beyond diversification

Seminar Structure
• The Seminar, which spans five days (and 35 contact hours), consists of two segments
• The first segment is based on lectures, where the principles underlying the theoretical aspects of value investing are taught
• The second segment provides an opportunity to apply these principles by working on, discussing and demonstrating theirapplication through a number of valuations of real life companies
• Break out groups of students work on each valuation exercise during class time for about an hour and a half
• The class reconvenes for another hour and a half at which time the valuation of each company is discussed and a recommendation of “Invest” or “Not Invest” is made


2021 Speakers


Mr. Francis Chou
Founder and President, Chou Associates Management Inc.