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Founder & CEO at Trainual
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Chris is energized by progress, and driven by process. He loves producing innovative ideas and making an impact by organizing chaos and getting things done. Chris' experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker has afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, meet amazing people, and absorb diverse perspectives that continue to fuel his imagination.

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  • We live and breathe our product, and success during uncertain times further demonstrates the value of having a playbook in place to align teams and business goals. We know building a company is a privilege and we’re proud to be helping thousands of good entrepreneurs and small businesses across the world to be great.

    5 October 2021
  • As a small business owner myself, I've experienced firsthand the many challenges of onboarding, training, and scaling fast. To really help small businesses when it comes to transferring knowledge, we needed a product that matched exactly how they operate every day, especially when it comes to documenting processes and onboarding new hires.

    5 October 2021
  • In my experience, many businesses don’t have documents stored in a centralized location, creating even more chaos when an urgent matter arises. In a remote setting, it becomes even more difficult to get approvals or information from multiple parties to respond to any matter, let alone a crisis.

    5 October 2021
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