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Founder & CEO at Trainual
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Chris is energized by progress, and driven by process. He loves producing innovative ideas and making an impact by organizing chaos and getting things done. Chris' experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker has afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, meet amazing people, and absorb diverse perspectives that continue to fuel his imagination.

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  • Scaling a service-based business requires being able to profitably deliver the service the same way, every time. This comes down to two things: profit and process. First, you need to be sure that your margin on the service is high enough to cover the labor expense of delivering it at scale. Invest in training so that you can hire entry-level team members, and try anchoring your price to value rather than time, so that you can get more efficient and thereby more profitable over time. Next, create standard operating procedures to ensure consistency in how the service is delivered. Map out your step-by-step workflow, provide written or video instructions and ensure your team is trained on the best practice so that your customers receive the same result each time.

    9 April 2021
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