Dominik Pantelides

Co-founder, CEO at PERKS
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Dominik is on the pursuit to improve lives through disrupting the norm and leveraging and developing technology advancements to bring better designed solutions to businesses and consumers.

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  • Traditionally, large enterprises like Google and Apple have been viewed as the dream workplace because they leverage unlimited resources to offer perks. However, now, due to COVID-19 expediting companies’ utilization of tech, job-seekers realize organizations of any size or location have the ability to access and provide perks, virtually.

    18 June 2021
  • Our system was designed to be inclusive by nature, allowing an organization to empower their people to choose the right tools to be productive, perform their best and be motivated and happy. The market has a need to provide culture and support wherever an organization's people are located.

    18 June 2021
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    Co-founder, CEO