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Founder and Naturopathic Pediatrician at Natural Kid Doc
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Dr. Kiera Smialek is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for children. Dr. Smialek focuses on patients between birth and 21 years of age. As a Pediatric Naturopathic Physician, she specializes in treating many common childhood conditions including, abdominal pain, allergies, asthma, behavioral disorders, colds/flu, colic, constipation, developmental delays, diarrhea, ear infections, food allergies, growth disturbances, sleep issues, obesity, rashes, and teething. Dr. Smialek also performs well baby/child exams, as well as sports physicals. As an alternative vaccine provider, Dr. Smialek advises parents on alternative vaccine schedules.

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  • I typically recommend vitamin D supplementation during cold and flu season. During the colder months there is less exposure to sunlight, which is a main source of vitamin D. It is recommended to be outdoors with most of your skin exposed for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day to receive enough vitamin D from the sun.

    29 November 2021
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