Heeten H. Doshi, CFA

Founder and Portfolio Manager at Doshi Capital Management
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Heeten H. Doshi, CFA, is the founder and portfolio manager of Doshi Capital Management, an independent investment management firm based in New Jersey. His 25+ years of experience as a fixed income trader, equity analyst, equity strategist and fund manager provide him with a deep understanding of the cause and effects from events that impact the global economy, stock and bond market.

The DCM Fund analyzes highly reliable predictive algorithms that generate a high conviction signal to seek strong returns for investors by taking long positions in S&P500 index futures during risk-on periods and long positions in long-dated fixed income during risk-off periods. Doshi Capital Management’s investment philosophy is based on systematic principals – management looks to time the markets for high absolute returns in any market based on a distinct, research-based multi-factor quantitative investment model.

Prior to launching Doshi Capital Management in 2011, Heeten was a senior equity strategist for Brown Brothers Harriman’s Portfolio Strategy team where he focused on the U.S. economy, equity market and sector/industry investment recommendations. Previously, he also worked at Morgan Stanley as a research analyst where he conducted deep-dive fundamental company analysis and at Lehman Brothers as a fixed income trader.

DCM utilizes a data driven approach that combines quantitative methodologies with economic analysis and fundamental research to provide investors with positive, risk-adjusted absolute returns in any stock market and economic environment. DCM’s investment strategy focuses on relationships that drive asset prices to provide true diversification, reduce portfolio risk, and avoid steep market declines, thus enabling investors to remain invested in different asset classes with different return drivers throughout volatile market cycles.

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