Holly O'Neill

Chief Client Care Executive at Bank of America
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Holly is the chief client care executive and head of consumer client services for consumer and small business. Previously, she served as chief operating officer for U.S. Trust®, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, overseeing strategic initiatives, business management, risk infrastructure and control, enterprise partnerships, and sales and service effectiveness.

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  • Our teams are ready to help clients and small businesses, and we are especially focused on the needs of those experiencing hardship due to the current situation. If you have been negatively impacted by coronavirus and need additional assistance related to your account please visit our website or you can give us a call.

    28 April 2021
  • Our main goal and really where we've shifted pretty significantly over the last few years is really trying to put our 66 million clients in the middle of everything we do. The biggest improvement opportunity and the biggest driver is really culture. How do you put clients at the center? And for us, it really goes hand in hand with our teams and how we invest in our people. It’s also core to our strategy, which is high-tech, high-touch.

    28 April 2021
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