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CEO at FitBiomics
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Jonathan Scheiman is the CEO of FitBiomics. Jonathan is a former research fellow at the Harvard Medical School in the Laboratory of George Church. He has worked on transformative sequencing technologies and programmable cellular engineering, with publications in leading journals such as science and nature methods.

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  • As a former St. John’s basketball player, I am excited to offer both NIL as well as leading advances in biotechnology. This is a first of its kind partnership that positions St. John’s University to be a leader in athletics, and overall health and wellness. Nella by FitBiomics utilizes next-generation probiotics, uniquely sourced from elite performers, to support holistic health from digestion to sleep, to energy and recovery. We're bringing the future of fitness to the Red Storm now, and we’re just getting started.

    20 October 2021
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