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Founder, Managing Partner at CTM Insights
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Lou Steinberg. Founder and a Managing Partner at CTM Insights, has been at the leading edge of network security and technology innovation throughout his career. CTM is a research lab and incubator/build studio that invests in solving some of the hardest problems in cyber security and then launches companies to bring those solutions to market. Prior to CTM, Steinberg served for 6 years as the CTO of TD Ameritrade where he was responsible for technology innovation, platform architecture, engineering, operations, risk management, and cyber security. Prior to joining TD Ameritrade, Steinberg was the CEO of several start-ups, including Rev2 (operational risk management software), Cranite Systems (cyber security), and NetOps (data analytics and fault prediction). Steinberg also spent several years as CTO of Symbol Technologies (now Motorola), driving a company-wide solutions strategy while also serving as the General Manager of its Software Division. Steinberg previously served as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Warburg Pincus and as a strategy advisor to senior management at companies including Comcast, Citigroup and Fidelity. He was the SVP of Marketing and Market Development at Micromuse (now IBM), a network management and analytics company that he joined through the acquisition of NetOps. Additionally, he spent over a decade at IBM in various technical and management roles— notably contributing to router development for the NSFNet, a second-generation Internet backbone.

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  • Our patent pending approach helps solve the growing problem of deepfakes that are becoming more disruptive to society. We are able to check to see if a photo is a known ‘bad’ image even if the image was changed. While Allure Security is licensing the software to detect fake websites, the core of this technology can be used to combat other issues like child pornography and fake news.

    30 August 2022
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