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Interior Designer, Founder at at Color Caravan
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Nicole Cullum is an interior designer, color expert, and professional organizer ​in Taos, New Mexico. Nicole is the Creative Founder of Color Caravan, a charming hand-painted line of wallpaper, textiles, bedding, and home decor.

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  • “Decking the halls in an elf-sized space can seem like a holiday miracle. But getting that cozy feel is absolutely achievable with some simple design hacks,” says Nicole Cullum, founder of wallpaper, textile and home decor company Color Caravan, who uses these tricks for her small adobe-style apartment in Taos, New Mexico.

    “Don’t have a chimney? No problem. Drape a festive garland over a shelf or simply tack one on a wall in an arch shape,” Cullum says. “Hang stockings from thumb tacks concealed under the garland for a cute moment Santa is sure to reward.” - U.S. News,

  • What is task lighting, an advice on selecting a task light for DIY projects in the home workshop or garage.

    "Good lighting is composed of three layers, ambient, task, and accent lighting. Task lighting is specifically designed for detailed work. No one wants to struggle to see what they’re chopping in the kitchen, or squint over papers at your desk.

    Overhead lighting alone will not provide enough light for a workspace. If you have a shelf or cabinet over your work area, think about incorporating task lighting to specifically brighten the space where you work. This kind of direct, closely placed lighting will enhance your vision so you aren’t struggling to see your work.

    The color temperature and brightness of task lighting is also different from ambient and accent lighting. Because task lighting is for detailed, up close work, you want a bright, clear colored bulb. Think daylight bulbs with 75-100 watts that will give you a crisp, clear, brilliant light so you can see what you’re working on. Soft white, warm white, and even bright white bulbs with lower wattage won’t sufficiently light your work area as well.

    Task lighting is best placed with smart LED wireless strips under kitchen cabinets, shelves above a desk, or mounted on the wall in the garage over a work table.
    Task lighting is especially helpful in kids' rooms over craft tables and desks to help them focus longer during study time.

  • How to fit a desk into a small space:
    "If you are short on space but need a functional and stylish desk, wall mounted desks are a perfect solution to provide ample work space with a minimal footprint. Stack floating shelves above the desk for additional tech and file storage for a versatile design that holds all of the essentials."

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