Rick Hammell

CEO and Founder at Atlas HXM
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Rick Hammell is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Elements Global Services. He has extensive experience in HR having served as a Director of Human Resources and Chief Operating Officer before launching his own business. Under his leadership, Elements Global Services has pioneered a new business model for the global employment industry and has become one of the fastest growing, risk diverse and high profit Employer of Record in the sector.

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  • The level of trust between employers and employees is being impacted by the new working landscape. Understanding employees’ concerns offers business leaders a more in-depth look into where the issues are and the opportunity to make an investment to improve internal operations.

    4 January 2022
  • For employers to identify solutions, bridge the gap and ease concerns of employees, employers first need to recognize the growing distrust created in today’s work environment. The key to alleviating distrust is investing in solutions and becoming more flexible, transparent and involved.

    4 January 2022
  • The results demonstrate an increased concern over surveillance and privacy, with it equating to 42% of the top 50 common searches. As more businesses adapt to a global workforce, remote or hybrid work is here to stay, so it is imperative that business leaders and CEOs understand their employees’ worries to create a better working relationship.

    4 January 2022