Sid Pailla

Founder and CEO at Sunny Day Fund
On the record

We have a vision at Sunny Day Fund™ - financial well-being for ALL workers, starting with emergency savings. This means we make saving easy, accessible, and rewarding for hardworking Americans with a little help from their employer, leading to better workforce financial well-being and better workplace outcomes. Coming out of the pandemic, nearly half of Americans say they’d have trouble handling a $250 emergency expense, two-thirds say they’ve had their household income decrease, and the vast majority say that they’ve experienced increased financial stress – on top of the fact that money was already their top source of stress. From talking with hundreds, surveying thousands, and having been there myself, I know what that feels like – drowning.

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  • What I quickly learned was this almost silly trade-off, of them investing into retirement and retirement savings, while we were trying to figure out if I could even have a bed. Things like that would always stick out in my mind. There’s a massive gap, where life does happen, where we have kids, where we buy houses, where we buy cars, where we have emergencies. All of that stuff happens, but there’s no vehicle for that. That’s where we’re trying to come in and fill that gap.

    4 February 2022
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