Smita Sahoo

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A uniquely creative voice in the design profession, informed by a diverse background in architecture, interior design and environmental psychology, Smita thrives on designing spaces that strengthen our emotional connections to the places we live, work, and interact. Smita’s design methodology starts with a compelling design concept, a story narration for the users and their goals in mind. Smita's signature creations present a considerate blend of design innovations of the west and the rich culture and timeless elements of the east.

With over 16 years of design experience, Smita has a diverse project range from King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital (1 million sq. ft.) in Saudi Arabia to a Chicago Café Corner (600 sq. ft.). On July 4, 2020, Smita decided to launch her own design business. Marking her own Independence Day, Smita begins her new journey that embraces a true independence of mindset, breaking the traditional ways of doing business and being ethical with our code of conduct.

Growing up in Mumbai, India, Smita is trained as a classical Indian dancer and a painter. In her spare time, Smita loves cooking, experimenting with different cuisines and hosting friends. She enjoys traveling around the world and immersing herself in different cultures, mindsets, and lifestyles. Practicing yoga and mindfulness are essential parts of her life.

Bachelor of Architecture - University of Mumbai, India, Ranked No. 1 India
Master of Interior Design - University of Florida, Ranked No. 5 USA
Hotel Planning & Design Certification - Cornell University, Ranked No. 1 USA

National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) No. 25008
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED-AP)
Certificate in Hotel Planning & Design
Well Building Certification (Pending)

2018 - UFAA Outstanding Young Alumna Award - University of Florida, FL
2017 - NAIOP Chicago awards for excellence: Multifamily Development of the year Wolf Point West
2017 - Friends of Downtown Best New Building Award - Exhibit on Superior
2017 - CAMME Award: Two/Three Bedroom Model Unit - Exhibit on Superior
2016 - CISC0 project of the year award: new construction - Wolf Point West
2014 - IIDA Global Design Award - The King Abdullah Specialty Children’s Hospital
2013 - Building Industry award for the US Bank – Private Client Reserve office in Naples, Flrorida
2005 - Diane Fisher award - Outstanding Student Service to the University
2004 - Witter’s Design Competition,1st Runner up, University of Florida, Florida
2000 - HUDCO Design Trophy at the National Association of Student Architect, University of Mumbai, India

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  • My main cause is to be a champion for women’s empowerment, particularly for women in underprivileged countries who may not have access to the education or resources to unlock their potential. My dream would be to help more women realize their dreams; and therefore, give them financial and emotional freedom to move mountains and recognize their value.

  • Each project tells a story — that’s what I find so interesting about design and how I begin my creative process. When I first take on a client and they are describing to me what they’re looking for in their space — that’s the exciting part for me. That’s the initial spark of creativity that lights our way. I take those initial ideas that we collaborate on and draft a complete persona for the space — using words and images to inform the journey we’re about to embark on. I’ve been very fortunate, as of late, to work with developers who’ve recognized my creative vision and allowed me free reign as we work to create and test different design concepts throughout their business projects — delivering art that’s mindful and considerate of those who’ll be using it, while also successful for them from a business perspective.

  • Improve your lighting — Lighting will heavily influence your mood and either inspire joy or steal it. Take care not only to pick lighting based on its aesthetics, but how it can be incorporated into your space to create the moments in your home or place of business that make you feel more relaxed or inspired. The interesting thing about light is its ability to smooth the edges, warm a moment, and enhance everything around you. What vignettes are you looking to create in your living space?