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Steve Davis is the CEO of Total Wealth Academy, LLC where he mentors tens of thousands of people on how to use real estate to build wealth and create passive income to live a life worth living. After working 60 hours a week for five years, Davis came home to a $20K pay cut after winning a national sales contest. He decided to quit corporate America and take control of his finances with no money and bad credit. 30 years later he is focused on helping middle America achieve financial independence through one-on-one coaching and his daily radio show, and he continues to share his insight as a member of the Forbes Business Council.

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  • I think rentals are a little bit high above what they should be. I’m loving it as an apartment owner. But I do recognize that I’m gonna stop raising rents here in a little while, and just let it sit for a couple of years so I don’t end up with a lot of vacancy.

    11 August 2022