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Irwin Kishner
Co-Chair of the Sports Law Group at Herrick, Feinstein
LATEST: Waivers are governed by state law and speaking very generally and in over broad terms, are typically unenforceable depending on circumstances. Fans attending games, though, are assuming a level of ...
Michelle Knight
Branding and Business Coach at Brandmerry
Jeff Holzmann
CEO at IIRR Management Services
LATEST: IRM was founded in equal parts by iintoo and RREAF to serve the existing RealtyShares portfolio. The idea was to help an industry pioneer and one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world ...
Dan Passarelli
President at Market Taker Mentoring
LATEST: Rather, clever traders use what they know about option pricing to trade for an advantage. To stack the deck as much as they can in their favor and try and gain an advantage, or edge, and put on a s...
Bryan Leach
Partner at Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott
LATEST: Through a shared vision with KDT and our expertise in rewards and consumer psychology, we are best-positioned to transform the emerging $100 trillion global payments market. The excitement of cash ...
Daniel Binder
Partner at Columbus Consulting
LATEST: With no end in sight, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to change the items that shoppers prioritize on a regular basis. As consumers continue to spend most of their time at home, retailers will ...
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Microsoft, the second most valuable company in the world, touches nearly all of humanity. Not only has it expanded beyond software and internet applications like Office (365) and LinkedIn to become...

#Microsoft #CloudComputing #AmazonWebServices
Posted less than a minute ago

Private equity firms are taking over a growing share of the tech and media industries. And yet news coverage of this sector tends to be lighter than of any other class of investor. Consider that in...

#PrivateEquity #Equity #TheMorningShow #AOL #DirecTV
Posted 1 minute ago
Arlington, VA

POLITICO is seeking a high-energy, enterprising reporter to cover the policies and politics shaping the American workforce. You’ll chronicle the legal and regulatory changes influencing employees a...

#Politico #AustralianLaborParty #UnitedStatesCongress #TradeUnion #Immigration
Posted 3 minutes ago

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Rosamund Urwin
The Sunday Times
Rosamund Urwin is now Media Editor at The Sunday Times.
They were previously a Media and Technology Correspondent at The Sunday Times.
Tue Nov 30
Bill Varian
Tampa Bay Times
Bill Varian is now Local Government and Politics Editor at the Tampa Bay Times.
They were previously a Staff Writer at the Tampa Bay Times.
Tue Nov 30
Anna Phillips
The Washington Post
Anna Phillips is now a National Cimate Reporter at The Washington Post.
They were previously an Environmental Reporter at The Los Angeles Times.
Tue Nov 30
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