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Adam Krellenstein
Co-Founder & CTO at Symbiont
Latest: The value in taking a given application and putting it on a blockchain platform is chiefly found in making that application more broadly accessible and trustless. This is of enormous value for a si...
Mark Smith
Co-Founder & CEO at Symbiont
Latest: We are entering a much more realistic phase where people look at this technology and think seriously about where it makes sense to apply it and where it doesn’t. We are leaving the peak of the hype...
David Whitaker
President at Foreside
Latest: We’re committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive and holistic set of solutions to streamline and increase revenue opportunities, as well as to quickly expand and launch new products, a...
Mark Alcaide
Partner & COO at Foreside
Latest: NCS’s current RIA clients will now have access to a full-suite of business solutions. The combined platform will immediately compete at the highest levels, will have a larger geographical footprint...
Kelli Haugh
Vice President of NCS Regulatory Compliance at Foreside
Latest: The custody rule is there to protect the client from the advisor misappropriating or taking client funds without authorization. Some regulators believe having access to that payment information and...
Zil Bareisis
Senior Analyst at Celent
Latest: The idea of stablecoins is an interesting one, getting the benefits of the cryptocurrencies without the downsides of price volatility. The question is whether any of the existing contenders will ri...

Media Jobs

London, United Kingdom

The Wall Street Journal seeks an experienced, news-breaking reporter to cover global aerospace and aviation from London. The beat encompasses one of the world’s biggest and most important industrie...

The Wall Street Journal
Posted today
New York or San Francisco

At Medium, we are launching a new business publication that exists to serve readers and subscribers, not advertisers. We are looking for an outstanding, experienced features editor. You will con...

Posted today
Minneapolis, MN

The editorial internship offers experience in writing and reporting for our newspaper and digital presence with a focus on business journalism. The intern works 20 hours per week, at $12 an hour, i...

Posted today

Media Moves

Nicole Bullock
Nicole Bullock is now Editor, New York Credit Americas team at Bloomberg.
They were previously at Financial Times Live.
Wed May 22
Alastair O’Dell
Petroleum Economist
Alastair O’Dell is now Editorial Manager at Petroleum Economist.
They were previously Editor at Global Investor Group.
Wed May 22
Tara Fitzpatrick
The Kilmarnock Standard
Tara Fitzpatrick is now Reporter at The Kilmarnock Standard.
They were previously Reporter at Lennox Herald.
Wed May 22

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