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Amanda Agati
Managing Director & Co-Chief Investment Strategist at The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Expert on: Chartered Financial Analyst Asset management Investment strategy Hedge Funds Portfolio Management
Latest: Just because you're scoring a portfolio doesn't mean the underlying data is sound, or that it meets your overall goals.
Arthur Hogan
Chief Market Strategist & Managing Director at National Securities Corporation
Expert on: market strategy Market analysis Equity Markets Financial services
Latest: The good news is the reaction shows how much of a headwind the trade situation is on the market right now. It's like a coiled spring ready to react to a whiff of good news. The bad news is it needs...
Kim Forrest
Vice President, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager at Fort Pitt Capital Group
Expert on: investing Portfolio Management Stock market investment analysis Equity Research
Latest: Today's information is super important, not just for Netflix, because these are our most discretionary dollars. How is that being spent? Is it being spent the same way it was last year? I think tha...
Mandy Xu
Director, Equity Derivatives Strategy at Credit Suisse
Expert on: Equities Derivatives market strategy ETF volatility
Latest: Right now, investors aren’t betting on a fresh breakout in outsized price moves, with a measure of expected swings in the VIX index plumbing multi-year lows. That may be a sign of complacency. Mark...
Nancy Davis
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer at Quadratic Capital
Expert on: Economics Alternative Assets Credit Portfolio Management Hedge Funds
Latest: We’re in a new regime in the markets with less liquidity and many institutional investors going into the private sector since the financial crisis.
Colin Rusch
Managing Director & Senior Research Analyst at Oppenheimer & Co.
Expert on: Investment Research Technology Research Analyst Fintech Stocks
Latest: It's not a huge surprise to see this. This looks to us like a mix of a proactive move in terms of cutting costs, but also a bit of cleanup on the kind of massive push to get the Model 3 out this year.

Financial Media Jobs

New York, NY

Inc. is looking for a data reporter to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and startups by using data to connect the dots for original reporting and visual storytelling. The ideal candidate is a self...

Business journalism
Posted 1 day ago
San Francisco, CA

The Wall Street Journal is seeking a reporter for one of the most fascinating and challenging business beats in journalism: covering Google and its parent company, Alphabet. Candidates should have ...

The Wall Street Journal
Posted 1 day ago
London, United Kingdom

Business Insider is looking for a full-time reporter to join the team in London. This reporter would help to grow our Markets Insider site, a global real-time markets data destination. The ideal...

Business Insider
Posted 1 day ago

Financial Media Moves

Vito J. Racanelli
They were previously Senior Editor at Barron's.
Dow Jones & Company The Wall Street Journal Barron's Impact investing Asset management
Fri Jan 18
Bob Currie
Funds Europe
They were previously Technical Author at British Airways.
Fri Jan 18
Connor Lovell
Reorg Research
They were previously Analyst, Aviation Finance at Ishka Ltd.
Fri Jan 18

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MarketWatch , Inc.
Published: 18 January 2019
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    23 November 2018, about 2 months ago
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    Deadline: Fri Jan 18
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