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Jon Wolfe
Founder at Juan Lobo Tequila
Latest: I have another career that has been developed over the course of a decade, so the challenge of dedicating the proper time needed to build a brand on top of my current career was incredibly difficu...
Robert "Bob" Boyd
Founding Shareholder/Partner at Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery
Latest: We all have a common goal: to build a firm that has a long-lasting legacy of superior and trustworthy representation of its clients. We have a team here that has the same mindset and dedication. We...
Tom Scaletta
ED Chairperson at Auscura
Latest: Daily symptom surveillance is integral to workplace safety. Checking temperatures at an entrance creates bottlenecks, requires the expense of screeners, and is a clinically-flawed strategy. We ne...
Ronald Leibman
Partner at McCarter & English
Latest: On the one hand, in terms of the capabilities and the complexities involved, this is nothing special. There is a longstanding U.S. vaccine supply chain, of which the cold chain is a key component, ...
Kevin McLaughlin
Head of Liability Risk Management at Insight Investment
Latest: This has put a lot of strain and stress on pension deficits, and it's going to get worse. Pressures that were there before are now magnifying. It's quite worrying.
Amit Aggarwal
Managing Director, Digital Solutions at J.D. Power
Latest: No industry is immune to the consumer shift toward mobile apps, as usage continues to increase across the board. Accordingly, they need to spend the time making sure that this channel is addressing...
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New York, NY

Quartz seeks an entrepreneurial editor with a background in science and tech journalism to shape our coverage of emerging companies and industries through obsessions such as The Climate Economy, Be...

#Quartz #Journalism #SiliconValley #GeothermalEnergy #IPO
Posted 1 minute ago
New York, NY

The Wall Street Journal is looking for an audience interaction producer to help us build community and create multimedia audience conversations on and off platform. We're looking for someone wit...

#TheWallStreetJournal #Multimedia #Journalism
Posted about 23 hours ago
Barcelona, Spain

The role of the Research Editor, State Owned Companies, is to research, record and update detailson companies owned or controlled governments around the world. These details are required for the Do...

Posted about 23 hours ago

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Fred Imbert is now News Editor at CNBC.
They were previously Markets Reporter at CNBC.
#ChiefExecutiveOfficer #CEO #GoldmanSachs #CNBC #MorganStanley
Sat Jan 16
Darla Mercado is now Markets Editor at CNBC.
They were previously Reporter at CNBC.
#HealthSavingsAccount #ItemizedDeduction #InternalRevenueService #IRS #SavingsAccount
Sat Jan 16
Daniel Bernard
Dow Jones
Daniel Bernard is now Chief Experience Officer at Dow Jones.
They were previously SVP at Barron's.
Fri Jan 15
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