Adams Publishing Group

Assistant Managing Editor
The Assistant Managing Editor is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the newsroom, from making story, photo and video assignments, to laying out pages, posting content online, posting on social media to drive traffic to online edition. The Assistant Managing Editor makes sure each weekly publication meets its production schedule to ensure that press times are met. The Assistant Managing Editor works closely with the Managin Editor and News Editor to plan story projects or story lines to follow up on. The Assistant Managing Editor makes sure News Editor keeps up on assignments, assignment calendar and assists with making sure breaking news is covered in a thorough way. The Assistant Managing Editor edits copy, and/or imports or exports copy to and from the weekly publications and writes editorials.

The Assistant Managing Editor is responsible for making sure pages are completed and meet production schedules. The Assistant Managing Editor assists the editor in fielding and mediating phone calls from the public, meeting with visiting politicians and various community members and handling personnel issues. This position helps to write editorials, with one or two contributions expected each week. The Assistant Managing Editor, with help from Managing Editor, meets daily with the news editor to coordinate assignments and to plan stories, meets individually with reporters to go over stories and holds periodic gatherings with the staff to go over goals and to discuss problems.
11 September 2020