Breaking News Editor - Tokyo
Bloomberg News is the biggest financial and business news organization in the world. We lead the way in breaking news and providing analysis on financial markets, from intraday coverage through in-depth features. We are known for our quality, accuracy and ability to deliver news investors can use. It's what keeps us inventing and re-inventing, all the time. Bloomberg News is looking for a dynamic, versatile, and passionate editor to join our Breaking News Asia team as shifts in global power balances continue to reshape economies, politics and business. Breaking News is at the sharp end of the newsroom; our mission is to deliver news to readers as quickly as possible on anything that could affect a buy-sell-hold outlook for stocks, currencies, commodities or any other stores of value. We don't choose between first and factual, we deliver both together for an audience that expects to stay a step ahead. That audience is both local and global, and your dispatches will be readable and actionable to clients around the world, whether they live in Bangkok, Beijing, Boston, or Berlin. 2022 is an election year in the United States, and you'll contribute to coverage of President Joe Biden's administration and the process by which his allies and opponents seek power.
30 May 2022