Space Reporter
 The international race to dominate space has been shaken up by the entry of deep-pocketed business titans with visions of interplanetary colonization and broadband communications in the farthest reaches of Earth. It seems like every day brings news of an ambitious launch or a demoralizing delay as the new generation of rocket companies -- and some established rivals -- jockey for leadership in an industry that in a couple decades could be valued at $1 trillion. SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, Virgin Galactic, Astra Space and a whole host of startups are attracting investors and creating jobs, though competitive pressure will undoubtedly cause some to founder along the way. The fortunes gained and lost, the scientific achievements and high-stakes bets gone wrong, the benefits and the risks for humanity, make commercial space one of the most exciting beats to cover. We're looking for a reporter to confidently break news, write quickly on deadline, conceive and report enterprise features, and share their findings about this growing industry on the Terminal and beyond.  An experienced journalist who knows how to break news, with a focus on cultivating sources and teasing out tips. This reporter should be able to nurture and sustain relationships with members of the corporate C-suite while simultaneously earning the trust of the rank-and-file engineers and other staffers who know the real ins and outs of their employers. Our ideal candidate is versatile: capable of breaking news on a fundraising round, churning out a quick hit on an earnings report, offering up a reflective piece for the weekend, and championing innovative story-telling across different platforms. You'll work closely with teams worldwide – from the diversity and tech teams to Quicktake and radio – to map out the future of the commercial space industry.
27 June 2022