Business and Technology Editor
As Business and Technology Editor for a startup newsroom, you’ll play a central role in building and editing two small teams composed of some of the most thoughtful and hard-driving reporters in the world, who would be continuously contributing both to regular publications and breaking news. We’re looking for someone who understands both business and technology and the overlap between the two fields, knows the key players, and has the experience and confidence to guide, support, and manage experienced journalists who know their beats. You’ll be a crucial member of our growing team, collaborating closely with the editor-in-chief and executive editor, and will shape some of our most important products. This is a role that will grow and evolve with our expanding newsroom, and we’re looking for someone with deep experience in business or technology journalism; the proven capacity to deliver huge, splashy stories; and excitement to be part of something new and ambitious.
28 June 2022