Corporate Communications Intern
 Circle is a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of digital currency and public blockchains for payments, commerce and financial applications worldwide. Circle platforms and products provide a suite of internet-native financial services for payments, treasury infrastructure and capital formation. Circle is also a principal developer of USD Coin (USDC), which has become the fastest growing dollar digital currency in the world. USDC has grown to over 53+ billion in circulation and supported over $1.9+ trillion in transactions in the past year. Circle’s payments and treasury infrastructure services available through the Circle Account and APIs helps bridge the legacy financial system and digital currency and blockchain based finance. Circle’s SeedInvest service brings internet-native fundraising and capital formation to startups and growth companies. Combined, Circle’s suite of services helps companies to participate in a more open, global and inclusive financial system.  As a Corporate Communications Intern, you will help connect the dots between current affairs and trends to help us look around corners, evolve our narrative, and be ahead of what’s coming next. You will have an opportunity to work on projects that will advance your learning and help position you for a successful career upon graduation. Project work will span across public affairs, economics, and CSR initiatives. Outcomes of project work for the corporate communication intern will be a deep sense of networking capabilities, learning to define the narrative around a project and devising and implementing a communications strategy aligned with the initiative. This role will report to the Vice President of Corporate Communications.
24 May 2022