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New Posted 1 March 2024 | Remote | Juice

Excited to announce I'm actively hiring 3 more freelance writers to help support my efforts as the Fractional Managing Editor at Juice due to what's shaping up to be a very busy March and Q2!

At Juice, we specialize in building high-impact links that drive our clients' traffic, conversions, and revenue.

We specialize in B2B link building that you can take to the bank.

Here's some background on freelance writers that would be a good fit:

You (preferably) reside in the domestic US or Canada (that said, writers in other regions will be considered)

You have 1-2 years of blog writing experience on various topics (it's a GIANT plus if you've written on topics like sales, marketing, SaaS, software development, startups etc.)

You have a strong familiarity with tools like Google Docs, Slack, Asana, and Notion

Your schedule is flexible enough that you can consistently turn around 1,000-1,800 word articles on a 4-5 day turn-around time

For example, if you were assigned an article on Monday, you could turn around a draft by Friday.

Your writing is professional and polished and requires a light editing touch.

Note: We may not be able to assign you an article every week, but you will consistently write at least 2-3 articles a month on average.

Here's an idea of the typical pay structure:

$200 - article word count: 1001-1500

$225 - article word count: 1501-2000

$250 - article word count: 2001-2500

$275 - article word count: 2501-3000

$300 - article word count: 3000-3500

To apply, complete the form below in the comments.

I am not interested in a 3rd party helping to fill the roles.

Traditionally we receive a high volume of applications for these roles, so I ask for your patience in a response. I will respond to everyone in no less than one business week and sooner if I want to move you forward.

I look forward to your application!

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