Dow Jones

Rewrite Editor, APAC
Dow Jones Newswires seeks digitally proficient financial journalists to write, edit and publish breaking corporate and market news from Asia-Pacific. This is a fast-paced job aimed at delivering real-time news to the professional investors who need it. Candidates will need the versatility and confidence to handle market-sensitive news of all kinds, as well as edits under tight deadline pressure.

We are looking for journalists with experience in a fast-paced news environment and a background in corporate and markets coverage. The successful candidate must have both a strong sense of urgency and a well-honed ability to distill market-moving news contained in press releases, corporate filings, conference calls and other disclosures. Strong communication skills and an understanding of how to collaborate in a team environment are essential. Applications should include a resume, cover letter and 3-5 samples of company news coverage. This role is based in Singapore.
29 April 2019