Financial Times

Buenos Aires Correspondent (Stringer)
We are looking for a Correspondent based in Buenos Aires to cover the Southern Cone countries of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. This is a freelance, stringer position that pays a monthly retainer plus lineage. Argentina is a subject of perennial interest for investors as the once-wealthy regional power lurches from crisis to crisis. Debt restructurings and IMF talks are a staple of coverage, along with the travails of the economy, the fortunes of leading companies and periodic bouts of political turmoil, interspersed with the promise of new beginnings. One of the world’s leading exporters of soybeans, Argentina’s main exports are agricultural but the country also has a nascent tech sector exemplified by MercadoLibre, Latin America’s answer to Amazon, and high hopes for its shale oil and lithium deposits. The Peronist government faces midterm elections towards the end of this year, with interest focusing on whether the opposition can recover from the mistakes of former president Mauricio Macri and mount an effective challenge.
23 July 2021