Financial Times

Economics Leader Writer
The FT is looking for an economics leader (editorial) writer, one of the most challenging and stimulating jobs in the organisation and one that is at the heart of international debate on economic issues. The leader column – the official voice of the FT – covers topics including global politics, public policy, economics, business and technology. Subjects for each day’s columns are chosen at a meeting led by the editor, Roula Khalaf, of the Editorial Board, which brings together leader writers and senior columnists. The opportunity to work closely with journalists from across the FT is one of the unique benefits of the job.  We are looking for a candidate with expertise in economics and public policy. Experience in covering financial, business, markets and/or foreign or political news is an advantage. A high level of intellectual curiosity, willingness to take and defend strong positions, a clear prose style, and an ability to work as part of a broader team are also important attributes.

20 January 2022